By Chuck Baldwin

No! Russia is not one of the two gravest threats to our liberties. In fact, a Russian threat is not even in the top ten—or twenty. If anything, the way the War Party in Washington, D.C., and other Western capitals are exacerbating and extending the conflict in Ukraine, we can thank them for the risk of global conflict. 

The two gravest threats to our liberties today are 1) The Covid tyranny, and 2) Red Flag gun confiscation laws.

The most serious attacks against our liberties ALWAYS come from within our own government.

I’ve spoken and written copiously regarding the Covid tyranny. Today I’m focused on the burgeoning Red Flag gun confiscation laws.

While the U.S. Supreme Court last week handed down two laudable—and constitutionally powerful—rulings, overturning Roe v Wade and affirming the absolute right of the people to keep and bear arms by overturning New York State’s tyrannical gun control law forbidding New Yorkers from bearing arms, the U.S. Senate, with the assistance of 15 neocon Republicans, passed the most draconian gun control bill in decades: a bill that in effect creates a national Red Flag gun confiscation law.

Not only does the bill infringe upon the freedom of 18 – 20-year-olds to purchase and own a firearm without excessive government restriction, it provides millions of taxpayer dollars to BRIBE states to enact Red Flag laws.

Make no mistake about it: This is backdoor gun control of the most nefarious kind.

This law allows police personnel to raid your house and seize your firearms without you being accused of a crime, without you threatening to commit a crime, without you committing a crime, without an investigation as to why your firearms are being seized, without legal representation and without due process.

All that is needed to precipitate the confiscation of one’s firearms is an ACCUSATION. An unverified, unproven, unconfirmed ACCUSATION by almost anyone who doesn’t like you—or your guns. And once those firearms are seized by the State, you will have a  better chance of winning the lottery than ever seeing those guns again. And if they are returned, don’t expect them to be in the same condition and working order that they were in when they were stolen from you by government agents.

Please understand that this law is about MUCH MORE than firearms. This law infringes on the entire Bill of Rights. This is about Due Process. This is about the right to legal counsel. This is about a man being innocent until proven guilty. This bill attacks the very heart of American Liberty and Jurisprudence and is the beginning of an Orwellian pre-crime society where a man is presumed guilty until proven innocent.

And never forget that since this law authorizes police to raid and confiscate guns from innocent people, the criteria determining such a raid is totally subjective to the local authorities who authorized the raid.

This means the criteria could be anything. It could include some kind of a social media “score” for expressing politically incorrect ideas; it could include your association with unpopular groups or organizations; it could include the personal anti-gun bias of local judges or police officials; it could include personal or political vendettas.

Take the case of a 60-year-old Anne Arundel County, Maryland, man, Gary Willis, who was accused by a relative of being unstable. That prompted police being sent to confiscate his firearms under a Red Flag law—despite the fact that the man had committed no crime, had threatened no one or had never been charged with a crime and by all accounts was a threat to no one—and when the man resisted having his guns seized (with no intent of harming the officers), police shot him five times and killed him.

If Gary Willis was wrong to resist a tyrannical raid on his home by authorities set on seizing his guns, so were the men on Lexington Green.

And, of course, the killer cops were never charged with a crime or reprimanded in any way.

Here are the 15 Commie Republican senators who have given license to Gestapo-minded cops to raid your home and seize your guns without you having done anything wrong:

  1. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Senate minority leader

  2. Roy Blunt of Missouri (retiring at the end of his term)

  3. Richard Burr of North Carolina (retiring at the end of his term)

  4. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia

  5. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana

  6. Susan Collins of Maine

  7. John Cornyn of Texas

  8. Joni Ernst of Iowa

  9. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina

  10. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (up for re-election this November)

  11. Rob Portman of Ohio (retiring at the end of his term)

  12. Mitt Romney of Utah

  13. Thom Tillis of North Carolina

  14. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania (retiring at the end of his term)

  15. Todd Young of Indiana (up for re-election this November)

Here are the 19 states that have already passed Red Flag gun confiscation laws, thanks in part to President Donald Trump’s enthusiastic endorsement of these tyrannical laws:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.

Now, the rest of the states are going to be bribed with millions of dollars from Washington, D.C., to enact Red Flag gun confiscation laws of their own.

Every freedom-loving citizen in the 31 states that have not enacted Red Flag laws must let their GOP legislators, senators and governors know in no uncertain terms that they will NOT TOLERATE any attempt to pass a Red Flag gun confiscation law in their State.

If we have to defend our freedom ONE HOUSE AT A TIME, our politicians—and especially our local law enforcement personnel—need to know that that is exactly what we will do

And if your GOP senator—or in the case of North Carolina, BOTH senators—was on the list above who voted for this tyrannical bill, you should make it part of your life’s mission to make sure that that senator is never re-elected to political office again.


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  1. Anyone who is aware of their surroundings would never doubt that that we are not only sending billions in cash to Ukraine but sending an endless supply of the most modern and deadly weapons. When the Biden regime said they were sending Himars and Zelensky gave his word they would not be used to attack Russian territory, this was just a nod and wink ruse. They knew that was the purpose of sending those weapons. Republicans and democrats are both in favor of sending what ever Zelensky wants. Senator Blumenthal said that we should send Zelensky what ever type of weapons he wants in large quantities. So Putin have to decide if he is going to keep tiptoeing in Ukraine or abandon his mission.

  2. So if our own Government is Americans biggest threat and Israel owns and operates most of our government, Congress, White House, State Governors, Supreme Court, Federal DA’s and Courts, military, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc, then yes, Israel is Humanities and Americas greatest threat.

    Why does no one question Zionism (Israel First Policies) and it’s dominance in all things USA? Hundreds of High Political offices are held by Israelis with dual citizenship, their primary loyalty being Israeli and no one objects?

    America is a province, a subject state of Israel that works, fights, and dies for the benefits of our overseers, the Israeli’s. Why is there no discussion of this?

    • They have created a perfect police state. Over years I put together pieces from particularly disturbing sources. Largely missing people, and reports of kids from the MK Ultra program.

      In a short summary, the Rothschilds and the Rockefeller are the two main satanic bloodline families getting orders from the Ciakahrr empire. They take orders at the UN in New York from three big nose grey. These are not the tall Nebu greys, but a different group of grey insectoid humanoids with large noses. They work for the white reptilians, or Draco, who are the military commanders. The big nose grey is like the galactic administrators of the Ciakahrr (Draco) empire. They created a hybrid race of human/big rose grey called Khazars to be the earth bitches who answer to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other Satanists, who in turn take orders from the big nose greys at the UN, and they in turn bend over for the White Reptilians.

      Below the little bastard parasites known as Khazarians, you have different races of humans and blends that go about their daily lives without caring if Larry Silverstein caused 9-11, if kids are being abducted by Mossad for Epstein-level blackmail projects, or if Adrenochrome and human body parts are being exported to the dark fleet at Diego Garcia spaceport, etc. They just don’t care.

      Most Americans are happy to live a useless existence in a DNA-destroying 5G and Covid environment so their kids can get the chance of becoming reptile meals.

  3. Does anyone else remembers several months ago when I said on here that the Biden Admin. was supplying Ukraine with MLRS systems and Mr. Duff was like: “Hahaha, nice try. Hahaha, nice try.”

    Most recent news this week is: “The United States will send more High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) to Ukraine as part of a new $400m weapons package, a senior defence official has said, to help Kyiv confront heavy Russian artillery bombardments”

    Is this the 13 or 14th weapon package the Biden Admin has sent to Ukrainian neo-nazis recently?

    By the way, what happened to the: “hahaha, nice try” line? Is that being saved now for red flag laws and Covid mandates?

  4. The country in whole world with the most unarmed population and most restrictive guns legislation is Japan and that did not avoid one japanese citizen build his own home made gun and kill with two shots to former prime minister Abe few days ago.

    • Even if smb skipped the physics and chemistry at school, internet has lots of ways to make weapons (even primitive). Sindzo Abe could be killed by the arrow from the bow.

  5. Surely the reason for all these ‘mass shootings’ that occur is not connected to this. Not much they aren’t. When did they ever pass up (or create) a chance to get some sort of ‘foot in the door’ so to speak? Who would argue against preventing mass shootings? Gotta hand it to them, they play the people like a fiddle. That inch will become a mile…just like every other ‘solution’.

    • If everyone has guns, then everyone has to be nice!
      But if only “some” have guns, then only the “others” have to be.

  6. I’m an American and proud to be so. About Washington Foreign ‘Policy’? Modern Russia has held out the hand of friendship and cooperation for decades only to have it slapped away and have insults and injury heaped on them. Americans and much of the West are indoctrinated to hate and fear Russia and Russians though it’s likely a Virginia Coal-miner or Iowa farmer has more in common with their eastern Ukrainian/Russian counterparts than anyone in San Francisco or New York. Both parties in the US have piled on this harmful grandstanding and agenda. Imagine where we could be today if we had quickly disposed of the ‘Russia did it, Russia is coming’ HOAX and narratives? No war to begin with. Energy security. What else? Washington and London especially are at war.. but it’s not just on Moscow. They want to own and despoil most everything. That’s my view. Thanks.

    • If you’re “proud to be an American” you’re either not too bright or a homo pedophile? 21st Century “America” is a cesspool of f*ggots, pedophiles, mental deficient’s, and virtue signalling n*gger lovers. The best we can hope for is an asteroid that will burn it all to hell. Just sayin…

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