By Adam Dick

A Pew Research Center poll conducted in March indicates that Americans have rather evenly divided views in regard to the government of Israel. While 48 percent of polled Americans stated they have a favorable view of the Israeli government, nearly as many — 44 percent — said they have a negative view.

In contrast, among United States Congress top leadership members — both Republican and Democratic, the support for the government of Israel appears unanimous and over the top.

“The United States takes great pride in our ironclad bond with Israel,” proclaimed US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in a May 4 press release concerning the anniversary of the Israel’s Independence Day.

Meanwhile, in the House minority, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) issued a February 21 press release touting McCarthy being on a trip in Israel with over two dozen Republican members of the House “to reaffirm the special relationship” between Israel and the US. Also visiting Israel at the same time were 14 Democratic House members. In his press release McCarthy proclaimed:

America supports Israel. And Israel supports America.

The story is much the same with top Democratic and Republican leaders in the US Senate.

“Israel is a staunch and steady ally and we must work with our ally to ensure it has the means to sufficiently defend itself from deadly terrorist rocket attacks aimed at Israeli civilians,” stated Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a December 20, 2019 press release announcing the Senate’s approval spending a half billion dollars on weapons for Israel.

Then there is Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republicans’ leader in the Senate. McConnell made a May 17, 2021 post at Facebook including video of him praising Israel. The post started with the following printed statement by McConnell similar to some of McConnell’s comments in the video:

I’m proud to support Israel. Let’s leave no doubt where America stands. The United States needs to stand four-square behind our ally.

This statement by Sen. McConnell seems to well describe where he and his fellow congressional leaders stand, but it is not an authentic description of where the American people stand.



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  1. There are no more Lee Whitnums in the US congress. She was the last WASP to say it like it is.
    Watch on YouTube:
    “Lee Whitnum Connecticut’s pro America candidate vs The Others – Who would you trust?”

  2. Bennet’s comments: 90 percent of the USA war monger in DC are Jews! He also said some BS about he did ascribe to any ethic racist ideologue… Is tellin g the truth about any race of people that do what they do a wrong thought? Best to see the truth for what it is…

    the WEF and friend frendly to Israeli war crimes and genocidal behaviours are in what league of delusional perceptions of truth! If the Truth cannot be told… we deserve out fate as losers in the enviroment we know find ourselfs in an a country rune by Jewish politial influence!

  3. Like the late Congressman from Ohio James TRAFICANT said: “Our Congress is a BROHEL!” He was right on the MONEY! Our senators, representatives are prostituted by the close to unlimited funds $$$s, at the disposal if the Israel Lobby ‘AIPAC’ and dozens of other Zionist-Jewish Organizations, the ENEMIES Within, who not only dictate, control the US Foreign but also our DOMESTIC Policies! For telling the Truth Mr. Traficant was framed, jailed by the ‘Powers That Be’ and after 7 years He was released, but within a short time DIED under suspicious circumstances on his farm in Ohio! Don’t step out of the ‘Christian-Zionist’ line, don’t try to be a real Patriot, you will be ELIMINATED! Pray for America? Remember the “USS LIBERTY”-1967? NEVER forget, Forgive!

  4. “I’m proud to support Israel. Let’s leave no doubt where America stands. The United States needs to stand four-square behind our ally.” A prime example of Epstein’s work. As for PEW, who trusts them? Likely their research is cherry-picked to come up with a result that shows Americans ‘evenly divided’. Most people I talk with have no use for Israel and see them as a leech. Then there is their involvement in 9/11 which they have been unable to erase, as well with their attack on the Liberty. If ever there was a dichotomy between the people and the gov, this is a prime example. Just how many of these ‘staunch supporters of Israel’ are in Epstein’s little book?

  5. The synagogue of Satan owns the entire U.S. government, and most of the “religious’ sects in America as well. It’s a wonder anyone in the USA is wise to ZOG and its ownership of America.

  6. The American people are Not United on issues: On those that we are united, we are denied our will. The will of The People has not prevailed since the Civil War, in the most horrendous of bloody “majority rule” fashion. Based on the limits of our understanding of life alone, not even bringing science or religion into the conversation, we will never agree upon when it begins: yet the majority agree that a woman with her Dr. should be allowed the sovereignty to make personal health decisions. Sure there are many who believe or are told to believe that this issues should be determined at a state level citing government over-reach. I digress. The majority believe natural plant products should be legal though regulated, yet corporations and lobbyists always prevail. It is becoming more evident every day that to be a traitor to this American government in it’s Republican/Democrat controlled form, a form which has become corrupted Through and through, to be a traitor is the most American thing we can do. Of coarse this leads to chaos. Which than allows the “Deep State” to prevail. ‘The road goes on forever and ‘The Party’ never ends.

    • Don’t worry, the synagogue of Satan has a firm grip on all the “American” ZOG worshippers.

    • The Zio parasites aren’t your “country”, so if you’re against them, you’re not a traitor, those who let the Zio parasites suck the blood of the Americans and gobble up their money are the real “traitors”. Being a patriot doesn’t mean being a sheep.

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