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Florida Governor Desantis will not Extradite Trump for Soros-Backed Manhattan Prosecutor

A New York grand jury has voted to indict Donald Trump following a lengthy investigation into alleged hush-money payments to adult film actress Stormy...

Biden’s Grants of up to $500,000 to “Promote Atheism Worldwide”: Republicans...

Republican Study Committee (RSC) chairman Jim Banks of Indiana led the letter on July 15th with 14 of his GOP colleagues regarding the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor’s (DRL) grant program promoting atheism and “humanism.”

The American People, Unlike US Congress Leaders, Are Not United for...

While 48 percent of polled Americans stated they have a favorable view of the Israeli government, nearly as many — 44 percent — said they have a negative view.

A ‘NATO for the Pacific’ Is Madness

China’s growing economic and diplomatic influence in the Pacific is not a threat that requires a military alliance in response.

‘Forever audits’ emerge as Republican endless chaos and fundraising tool

Jim W. Dean - The election fraudit scam is actually a continuation of the January 6th insurrection attempt.

Time to put America back in charge of America

“The Rothschild family and politics have been intertwined for generations, ever since Nathan Rothschild, who founded the English branch of the family business, financed Britain’s war against Napoleon two centuries ago."

Ann Coulter: Biden did the right thing in Afghanistan

It seems like Neocon pundit Ann Coulter is slowly but surely catching up with what most Americans have been saying since the beginning of time: that perpetual wars in the Middle East are not and have never been for America and much of the world.

Constitutional Scholar: Trump was Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda

After almost 3 ½ years of Trump’s disingenuousness, degradation, duplicity and double-tongued rhetoric, evangelicals are still in love with the man.

Israel, the Big Lie

Israeli leaders cannot fool everyone anymore with their stupid, mindless, pathetic, and impressively incoherent statement that they are just defending themselves.

Trump: A dictator who could win big in the Middle East

Trump was never a populist nor an anarchist for that matter, he was simply a dictator in the making.

COVID-19: No Worries for Washington’s Politicians

Public health experts are aghast at the way the administration is approaching the spread of Covid-19 within the highest echelons of the government and the Republican Party.

Shocker: 57 Percent of Rep. Think Over 177,000 COVID-19 Deaths Are...

Republican participants were also more likely than all voters to say that the U.S. death toll is actually lower than what’s being reported.