‘The No. 1 issue’: Trump whips up election falsehoods after flawed Arizona report

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: The Trumper response to the Arizona audit fizzle is emerging as an planned one, as in they knew there was no fraud and that spectacle was a tool to use to jump start their nationwide ‘fraudit’ campaign.

We can easily see now that the purpose was to create a fake problem to justify rigging all future elections to ensure the Republicans win via all the new voting restriction changes being made.

The vast majority of Republicans could not care less if the fraud charges are bogus. If the tactic leads to their taking power they are all for it. But it also tells us something worse, deeper, and more sad.

The election fraudit scam is actually a continuing of the January 6th insurrection attempt, the back up plan, but there is a silver lining. It’s called sedition. Plotting to overthrow the government of the United States, the Repubs have left themselves exposed via their overkill tactics.

Proving sedition involves looking carefully at not only the actions taken during the event, but the motives and purpose of them, including quite reasonably, wanting to cover up their true motives by cloaking them in a veil of legitimacy, aka…political activity.

This is a tactic that the politicians would not have dreamed up alone, but a plan only huckster attorneys could have done, and they will be paid quite well for their work.

The investigation into January 6 has the DoJ looking to pull in a vast amount of material to carefully document every word that was said and transmitted in the insurrection planning.

The DoJ already has all the information on the Trump Whitehouse machinations. Those folks are fully exposed here.

It is just a couple of more steps to tie in the fraudits as part of the conspiracy AND the plan to rig all future elections by putting Republicans in the positions of authority to certify all future elections.

So what we now have to do is to get the word out that the January 6 insurrection was just the starting point of the sedition. It is still in progress, and an expanding network of conspirators, including those running for office who have never considered becoming part of the biggest sedition conspiracy in US history.

The seditionists do not care how many people die or go to prison in this effort as long as it is not them… not the Covid deaths, hoping to make Biden look like he failed, or trying to lay Afghanistan as his loss, or trying to frame General Milley as a traitor with their silly claims of conspiring with the Red Chinese by giving them classified information.

I am seeing here the devolution of the Republican Party being done in at their own hand due to hubris, by their own excess. And they will be running for office on how loyal and effective they will be in the cause of insuring permanent control of our government.

They will be able to install their hacks in all key positions and run the show exactly like an invading power would do after defeating us in a traditional war. Thus ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … September 25, 2021

Republican candidates up and down the ballot in state after state are adopting former President Donald Trump’s phony claims about fraud and stolen elections.

…“This is a huge win for the 3 November movement to get to the bottom of the 2020 election,” said Boris Epshteyn, former special assistant to Trump who has been tracking efforts in Arizona. He said “the next step is a full audit and canvass of all Arizona counties and including a full canvass in Maricopa County.”

…Trump made questioning the 2020 election results a major rallying cry, even calling it the “crime of the century.”

…“The takeaway is that this was a colossal waste of time,” said Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat who is now running for governor, in a brief interview on Friday. “And anyone who is considering replicating it in their state, or taking further action based on this report, should not be considered a serious leader.”

…Trump’s obsession with the 2020 election and his efforts to undermine the results, said a Trump aide, “will never be dropped. I think he believes it, and number two, it is a rallying point for the base. It’s something a lot of his supporters believe in.”


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  1. General Milly has very good instincts; and even better “intelligence.”
    He had Trump pegged as the unstable “Hitler-esque” type of character who would sacrifice a hundred of million people just to stay in power.
    Milly’s check on that move forced Donald to play the insurrection card.
    When that didn’t work, the only option he had left, as a last straw at regaining power, was to cast himself in his current starring role, as a symbolically martyred “stolen election” President in political exile, propagandistically leading his loyalists to their own inevitable Waterloo.

  2. The ReTrumplican Party has totally given up on democracy, Jim. Changing US demographics and mail-in voting has made it such that they will be winning fewer and fewer elections in the USA. Arizona is about to flip blue, as did Wisconsin and Michigan. Instead of having to wait for hours in line at pitifully-few polling stations voters in big cities like Phoenix, Milwaukee, and Detroit are availing themselves of perfectly legal mail-in voting. That’s why they’re looking to put Trump back into office by “other” means, like a military coup, or in the case of crazy US evangelicals, WWIII. A redo of 9/11 coming right up.

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