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Blockbuster: Congress Outlines Criminal Charges Trump and Cohorts Will Face

DB: Former President Donald Trump personally engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the very nation he led and then obstructed an official proceeding of Congress, the Jan. 6 Committee argued in a legal brief.

Biden accuses Trump and his allies of holding ‘a dagger at...

Jim W. Dean - America stands on a precipice, one that cannot be wished away, or the task sluffed on to someone else to deal with.

The Pentagon’s next front in its hunt for extremists

Jim W. Dean - If this saga ends without a very credible deterrent in place, our efforts will have been a failure.

‘Almost schizophrenic’: Judge Beryl Howell rips DOJ approach to Jan. 6...

Jim W. Dean - What the DoJ is creating is an 'Insurrection Two' in 2024, where these January 6 people are all front line campaign celebrities being used to put Trump back in.

WaPo – Opinion: Merrick Garland is right to be wary of...

Jim W. Dean - Guessing what Garland is going to do is a waste of time, and trying to goad him into telling us is also, as why would he want to clue in the other side what his grand plan is.

‘Forever audits’ emerge as Republican endless chaos and fundraising tool

Jim W. Dean - The election fraudit scam is actually a continuation of the January 6th insurrection attempt.