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[ Editor’s Note: These stories about the DoJ and its apparent modest fervor toward prosecuting the insurrectionists is more complicated than it appears. The low hanging fruit was a volume challenge, both in terms of those arrested and the huge evidence compiling work that was required. They effectively offered themselves up for prosecution.

As for the higher up targets, it is a totally different situation. With the rioters there was a ton of video and audio evidence, plus their social media. With the higher ups, we only had what they said at the Trump rally basically.

And surprise, surprise, the Trump White House people are not volunteering to divulge all of their planning to overthrow the election. They are focused on slowing the process down so they can make it to the 2022 elections where, by all accounts, they could control the Senate and the House and squelch the Jan 6th investigation.

Step two would be to get Trump back in with a 2024 win, where he could pardon all the insurrectionists, who would then become a lifetime Republican commando thug army to use as they wished, and probably put on the public tab somehow, maybe making them all FBI unspecial agents at large.

Guessing what Garland is going to do is a waste of time, and trying to goad him into telling us is also, as why would he want to tip off the other side what his grand plan is to defend our democracy on the court side of the battle, or what his legal strategy would be.

We have the Georgia DA who could be first to bring criminal charges against Trump for his idiotic phone calls in front of several witnesses to flip Georgia to Trump.

And we have a double header, in that we have the widely reported attempt of Trump’s trying to slip in a shill as acting Attorney General who would help turn over several other key states besides Georgia.

My bet is that Garland will work his own investigations quietly, while watching what the January 6th commission is coming up with, and he will makes his move when he feels it is the appropriate time… Jim W. Dean ]

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Attorny General Merrick Garland

First published … October 25, 2021

One of the most difficult issues facing any democratic leader is whether to prosecute a predecessor for alleged wrongdoing. Imprisoning a rival can look like vindictiveness and spark a violent backlash (as in South Africa).

But not prosecuting a corrupt leader can be an invitation to even greater abuses. “Our research on prosecuting world leaders,” write three University of Washington researchers, “finds that both sweeping immunity and overzealous prosecutions can undermine democracy.”

That is the thorny dilemma confronting Attorney General Merrick Garland now that the House has voted to hold former Trump White House aide Stephen K. Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with an investigation of the events of Jan. 6.

Whether or not the Justice Department prosecutes Bannon will signal whether Garland will remain content to target the rank-and-file terrorists who invaded the Capitol — to date some 650 suspects have been arrested — or whether he will go after the capos who incited the insurrection.

So far, Garland has been pretty restrained in the exercise of his prosecutorial powers when it comes to former president Donald Trump and his confederates — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Justice Department has indicted Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a Trump friend and fundraiser, on charges of being an unregistered foreign lobbyist, and it is investigating Trump lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani’s tangled ties to Ukraine.

The Justice Department might be pursuing other investigations in secret, but many observers think that Garland is deliberately deferring to local prosecutors, where he can, to avoid politically vexatious cases.

You can read the full Washintong Post artical here.


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  1. “Donald Trump,” seen by one side as the personification of evil, and seen by another side as some type of saviour with certain undesirable qualities to be overlooked.
    There’s a lot of overlooking of various qualities for various reasons by various factions.
    But are the sum of the variables greater or lesser than the whole?
    Bottom line; Trump wouldn’t have made it through his first term alive if he had been upsetting the Apple cart too much.
    So, “The Big Show” goes on, and all options (except a meaningful solution for the people) are still on the table.

    • He supports the assassins, that is why he made it alive.
      Clearly, it should be overwhelmingly obvious who kills their own people and who does not.

  2. “The Justice Department might be pursuing other investigations in secret, but many observers think that Garland is deliberately deferring to local prosecutors, where he can, to avoid politically vexatious cases.”

    It must be obvious to everyone at this point that Merrick Garland is just biding his time, waiting for the next shoe to fall. There is no constitutional way Trump can come back into power. The Cult of Trump at this point has given up on democracy and the rule of law. That’s why bipartisan poorly-hidden corporatism will soon morph into out-and-out fascism. Wing-tipped jack boots will be exchanged for MAGA caps and assault rifles as Trump’s thugs go on a rampage the likes of which we haven’t seen since Germany in the 1930s. It will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of… May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  3. ” pretty restrained in the exercise of his prosecutorial powers when it comes to former president Donald Trump and his confederates — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

    It is politically advantageous to protect the office, but it is not justice. They stormed the capitol and beat the police half to death in an attempt to steal other peoples votes. There is no consideration as to whether arresting the instigators is “politically vexatious”. This is never considered when “applying the law” to the poor. As soon as Garland was selected , it was known, the sappy emotional coverup was coming with lots of excuses. And crying, there will be crying. We need a hammer, not a shoulder and a pillow.
    The inaction is indicative of NEO Liberal enabling, weakness and priority. Meanwhile the opposition is willing to murder, start wars, and throw anyone into jail for being inconvenient.
    Garland is not a fighter, he is an interpreter with a flair for the submissive.

    • Garland secretly admires Lindell, because he has a pillow. Garland is terrified of Trump and his goons. He might as well hold up a giant sign to that affect.
      The 4d chess thing was already used, and it does not apply. This is very simple. Trump and goons, are on tape inciting a riot. They are arrestable. This is where the captain brings their best fighters and throw everything at them including the kitchen sink. Win or lose. Anything less, is cowardice. Plain and simple. What we are watching is,…{courtesy extended}

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