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[ Editor’s Note: The note below that ‘the war has only just begun’ just screams that the command structure will have to have its feet held to the fire to get anything done.

The brass historically would prefer to investigate the ranks, and less so the officer corps. VT already sees a potential cover up, with the Pentagon’s Generals Flynn and Piatt being cited by top Army attorney Colonel Earl Matthews for filing a false timeline report on their activities to deploy (actually to not deploy) the National Guard.

This bought the rioters and Trump three hours to put the squeeze on Pence while Donald watched on TV, and then the idiot gave us the dumbest closing line to the tragedy with his brain dead “we love you” as he sent them home.


No one seemed to notice, even in MSM, that Trump did not say “we love you” to the Capitol Police, or the staffers who successfully barricaded themselves in their offices. This is why we need a public trial for Trump, to have the video history for future wannabe despots to watch.

If this saga ends without a very credible deterrent in place, our efforts will have been a failure. And we can’t wait to try to fix it in November. It has to be full bore counter attack from this month onward. Thus ends my cheery missive for todayJim W. Dean ]

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First published January 4, 2022

One year after a few dozen military veterans took part in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon has responded by tightening regulations to combat extremism in the ranks.

But the war has only just begun, according to Defense Department officials, lawmakers and experts on extremist movements. Military leaders say they are still struggling to determine how many troops are engaging in extremist behavior and refine what activities should be barred.

They have yet to develop recommended training for commanders and senior enlisted leaders to spot white supremacists, as well as anti-government or other radical elements hiding in their units. And proposed reforms to the military justice system to make extremism a crime are the focus of a new review mandated by Congress.

…But perhaps most of all, the Pentagon needs to avoid the mistake it has made too many times before: losing focus on an enduring threat once the public and high-level attention fades. But there are serious doubts leaders have the staying power to make the new efforts stick.

“The past 40 years has basically been a history of some sort of crisis that illustrates extremism in the military and then there’s some sort of patchwork measures taken to try to deal with it,” said Mark Pitcavage, a leading authority on extremism at the Anti-Defamation League.

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. At the very least: The fact that Gordon Duffs’ article ‘The Secret History of 9/11’ exists and HAS been reviewed by the Pentagon tells me all I need to know. There is no hunt for extremists. Hell the Pentgram created extremists. You can’t tell me they don’t know how to use a computer to track all that they need to know.
    ~”They have ^ developed recommended training for commanders and senior enlisted leaders to ^enlist and train^ white supremacists, as well as anti-government or other radical elements hiding in their units.”~ The review mandated by congress is merely a diversion to quite public outcry.
    Bring on the Full Bore Counter Attack Jim. It is time to strike while the ‘lights’ are still on.

    • We have a developing situation where the Insurrectionists may fall via over playing their hand, and thinking that with protectors like Trump, Flynn, and their Congressional supporters, plus tons of money behind the effort, thinking they were untouchable. I also feel they felt that by getting Trump back into office he would sprinkle them around into all kinds of government security orgs, on the federal payroll, to be in great positions for the ‘future work’ planned. This is why the conspiracy charges are so critically needed, as they are a serious deterrent. Withour a serious deterrent…we lose. The jailed Trumpers will simply be replaced by new ones, like socks or underwear.

    • Pat. It’s called cutthroat politics. It’s what really makes America great. And, yes, Tel Aviv is always pouring gas on these fires.

    • After a year in which BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder) was literally ENCOURAGED by Democrats, Democrats are freaking out over a far less violent, far less destructive January 6.

      A Black cop in the Capitol actually shot an unarmed woman to death — in a far less justified manner than the career criminal George Floyd OD’d on fentanyl while being constrained (NOT “choked to death”) by a White cop.

      BTW, I’m no “MAGA” enthusiast — Trump is just another in a long line of willing war criminals acting on behalf of his Zionist masters.

      Of course VT will censor this, but the censoring will not go unnoticed.

    • If I were running ‘the cleaning’, I would over all Insurrectionists in the military 30 days to resign. If they don’t, are are later found to have been engaged they will face a court-martial and loss of all benefits so they can go enjoy themselves living on one of Trump’s properties somewhere, as he did say he loved them, right?

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