Five of world’s most powerful nations pledge to avoid nuclear war

US, Russia, China, the UK and France who are permanent members of the UN security council agree ‘nuclear war cannot be won’


Guardian: Five of the world’s most powerful nations have agreed that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought” in a rare joint pledge to reduce the risk of such a conflict ever starting.

The pledge was signed by the US, Russia, China, the UK and France, the five nuclear weapons states recognised by the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) who are also the five permanent members of the UN security council. They are known as the P5 or the N5.

Such a common statement on a major issue of global security has become a rarity at a time of increasing friction between Russia, China and the west. With Moscow threatening to invade Ukraine and China signaling its readiness to use military force against Taiwan, the joint statement represents a renewed commitment to prevent any confrontation turning into a nuclear catastrophe.

a Russian rocket launches as part of tests of a ground-based intercontinental ballistic missile
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A senior US state department official said the wording of the statement had been hammered out at P5 meetings over several months, despite the high-tension environment.

“At the base level to be able to say that this is how we think about these risks, and this is an acknowledgement that it is something that we want to avoid, particularly during a difficult time, I think is noteworthy,” the official said.  Read more..


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  1. Its like that moment where 8 master carpenters file in and sit at the front facing the crowd, shuffle papers for awhile, adjust their mics, and then announce , “From this point on, we are recommending that no person should hit themselves in the head with a steel hammer.”
    Thank you. That concludes the wisdom dispensing for today.

    • Dave. Great analogy. But I think by the looks and demeanor of most reps sitting in the General Assembly, a lot of head hammering has already occurred.

  2. @sarge…. Correct…once enough Americans wake up from their zombied non thinking sleep,they should realize that destruction of Aipac is all American priority…..BY ANY MEAN NECESSARY

  3. It’s quite a good idea and plan. But I couldn’t nit have a good good hearty New year laugh 😂😂😂😂……. UK, France….being referred to as POWERFUL NATIONS??🤣🤣These two chattel houses still living in the past century and a half

  4. It is a meaningless gesture if Israel refuses to be in the NPT.
    Israel must be dis-Armed by the “Big 5” and submit to inspections.
    I think the Majority of Israelis would welcome a Nuclear Free Middle East.*
    *(I have this opinion because I check out the comments of “Haaretz”
    every day.)

    • I concur Sarge. But the problem is that apart from Russia and China, isrealhell OWNS AND CONTROL the US, UK and France

    • Dicksonrp-
      Thank You for the kind words Sir, but I am just one of those low IQ Grunts that was sent to Vietnam, so I am not smart enough to know what to do about.
      I think maybe encouraging people not to vote for politicians that take bribes from AIPAC would be a good start?
      Your friend, Sarge.

    • @Sarge:
      Our vote no longer decides anything. Politicians will draw votes and ratings for themselves. To overcome this system, the country needs a party of authoritative and honest politicians (did I say honest?) Patriots. With political will and broad support of the people, as well as independent media. That from every microwave or electric kettle across the country the truth was pouring out. Your country will be saved by mass arrests. Whom to arrest, you yourself will understand better in your American political and economic sour bouillon.

    • @Dicksonrp
      I’m just wondering why apart from China and Russia? Russia already has very good relationship with the Zionists and the apartheid regime…… the war of Russia and the US is just about “collision of benefits” while so many things show that even Russia is infiltrated with the secret Zionists.

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