Trump: A dictator who could win big in the Middle East


Donald Trump’s first & last term in the White House has revealed beyond any reasonable doubt that “America” … one of the leading democracies in the free world could be ruled by a potential dictator


By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat (VT – Egypt Bureau)

He was deemed & hailed as a populist when this whole thing of running as President of the USA ­­­­kicked off back in 2016. He held no public office before, had no political experience whatsoever, people only got to know Donald Trump when he appeared on reality shows on TV. That’s it, nothing concrete we knew about the man except being a millionaire & a golf player.

It was not an easy job for analysts to try and affiliate Trump with any established sect on the political arena, for simply he belonged to none of them. Not that he was some sort of an avant-garde revolutionary … but rather because the man who was running for the top office in the US government was simply a political illiterate.

But to Trump’s luck, being referred to as a populist injected vigor to his campaign and added some kind of (false) validity to all sorts of nonsense rambling that came out of the man’s mouth in his Orwellian speeches during his presidential campaign.

Imagine Tump is the new voice of the people. I could swallow that provided I’m told first, what kind of people are we talking about here. Back then I was a bit skeptical that Trump could be the voice of the ( average/middle class) American people, but now I’m not at all skeptical that Mr. Donald Trump could very well be the true voice of (any) people who will yield to authoritarian rule. In other words, people who will accept to be ruled by a dictator.

Trump was never a populist nor an anarchist for that matter, he was simply a dictator in the making. So much for the American democracy model.

It’s not just me who suspected that western democracy could very well be the back door through which dictatorship could slip and take over. The great Greek philosopher, Socrates shared the same skepticism. ­­­­­­

Well, to be precise, Socrates did not hate democracy as an ideology, but he feared that it could lead to demagoguery/dictatorship once the political practice is mismanaged.

Socrates’s point is that “voting in an election is a skill, not a random intuition. … And like any skill, it needs to be taught systematically to people.”

Letting the citizenry vote without an education is a hazardous and irresponsible undertaking that could lead to catastrophic results. It could very well give birth to the complete opposite of democracy. It could help create a potential dictatorship.

Amid that atmosphere of demagoguery, you can’t think straight, you can’t make up your mind and you definitely can’t see through the fog of propaganda and misinformation. So, the supposed to be democratic process ends up in a way that you don’t get to elect but only select. It is like being thrown in a forest veiled in the darkness of false electoral promises. And in 2016 America selected the man who promised to build the wall and make America white ( great ) again.

In a nutshell, and to simplify things, the democratic process could give power to a dictator in disguise like Mr. Donald John Trump (the current President of the USA who lost the 2020 elections to Mr. Joe Biden.)

Like in the third world countries, Trump refuses to acknowledge the result of the 2020 elections claiming that it was rigged elections. First time to come to my knowledge that the US Presidential elections could be rigged. Everything is possible. But then, if true, why did Hillary Clinton, a staunch pro-establishment candidate, fail to win the elections the easy way? why let a complete & unpredictable outsider have that kind of power.

Trump won’t concede defeat … I’m not claiming that Mr. Biden will be a better option/ president for the US. But one thing I’m sure of, Biden will not be a potential dictator. That seat in the White House won’t make his head spin.

As for Trump, he can’t let go … he won’t let go of his power in a peaceful transition ( but eventually he will be forced to) … Trump can’t play by the (agreed-upon ) rules of western democracy, exactly like what usually takes place in the third world nations. Civil unrest & violence could be looming near in Trump’s America.

Mr. Trump, the USA is not by any stretch of mind a third world country, but you are sir … You are a third world president … I mean, you have the making of an arrogant, intolerant, ignorant authoritarian ruler … actually, you have what it takes to be a third world dictator

How do I know? … Because I come from what they call a third world country … so I speak from first-hand knowledge … first-hand experience and suffering.

I can simply tell … I can easily recognize a dictator when I see one, and I have seen many. And you are obviously one of them, Mr. Donald Trump.  

Though I’m not very fond of American elections & politics, I have been watching you, Mr. Trump, throughout the last 4 years … I have been watching you closely, For I have sensed something about you that weirdly resonated with our Middle–Eastern culture of authoritarianism … and frankly, I couldn’t believe what I was watching nor what I was hearing coming out of the mouth of the president of a world superpower like the US. You somehow reminded me of the late ( rather slain) colonel Gaddafi of Lybia.. A dictator who paraded on the world stage with a style so weird and unpredictable that the words “maverick” or “eccentric” scarcely did him justice

From day one, Trump has turned the White House into a circus run by a clueless clown ( I remember the Former vice-president, Joe Biden calling you a clown at your first 2020 presidential debate)

At first … I thought Donald Trump had no proper education …

Trump’s language … reflects a very shallow mentality and poor education

…I thought maybe he dropped out of high school and got involved in some sort of “easy-money” business that eventually (and somehow) made a millionaire out of him …

You might be rich Mr. Trump … that is an undeniable fact … but you are also like a big orange balloon … filled with a lot of air …. Once touched with a pin/ a needle (a needle of truth/criticism/challenge/pressure/facts/logic… it will instantly explode and fades away. Maybe the explosion makes a bit of a noise … but no one will remember it soon after.

Mr. Trump … there is a very famous line of poetry written by a renowned Egyptian poet, the late Amal Donqol … it says “there are things in life that money can’t buy”


Money can’t buy respect

Money can’t buy credibility

Money can’t buy accountability

Money can’t buy critical thinking …

Money can’t buy a democratic president

Mr. Trump, you are a third world public figure/official

… Sorry I can’t say it … can’t utter the word president

For throughout the last 4 years … I haven’t witnessed anything presidential about you…

Your words don’t sound presidential

Your vocabulary is mundane and oftentimes downright vulgar

Your manners are rude

Your psyche is extremely narcissistic

All your actions (or rather tour tweets) are all about inflating your ego

Your policy, that is if you had any, is not presidential…

And indeed your actions are anything but presidential.

You know, here in the Middle East and North Africa (I’m a proud Egyptian by the way, not of our modern so-called democracy but our ancient Egyptian history and culture) … we never liked (to put it in another way)/ trusted the American foreign policy and American politicians and presidents. We have a long history of distrust and suspicion ever since the western colonial era and the never-ending Israeli /Palestinian conflict.

But make no mistake, that doesn’t mean we don’t like the American people. On the contrary, we love the American people and culture.

As I mentioned before, and for example, I did not particularly like former president George Bush … for he has the blood of millions of innocent Iraqis on his filthy hands. And his Israeli-controlled administration is fully responsible for the destruction and chaos that engulfed the whole region afterward.

Former US President, Barack Obama

Though we had great expectations for President Obama, he turned out to be another disappointment for us here in the Middle East … but there is no denying that Mr. Obama was president in every sense of the word.

Foreign politics aside, Mr. Obama was not only charismatic but eloquent, smart, educated, and showed exquisite presidential etiquette. A thing, you, Mr. Trump don’t know anything about …

You don’t use your brain cells, politically speaking, that is … you don’t plan …You don’t listen … you don’t consult … you just show off … a lot actually, if not all the time.

You only talk or rather open your mouth and start rambling on and on … with no consistency or meaning, whatsoever … with no pre-written text or any preconceived idea about what you are supposed to be addressing/delivering at any point in time.

Mr. Trump, Covid -19 Pandemic is not the prime reason why you lost the 2020 Presidential elections, but rather your dictatorial leanings & practices.

At first, the American people liked the way you talked. They were fooled into believing that you are a visionary who never gives a damn about political correctness.

A lot of Americans were excited when they voted for you back in 2016. They were under the impression that you are coming from outside the mainstream political establishment. They saw in you a new president who will not yield to the pressures of dirty politics run by giant corporates and hidden oligarchs. But little did they know that Trump is not about making America great again, but rather making Tump great & more powerful again and over again.

Trump will not stop at anything; withdrawing from international binding agreements or losing long-standing allies, or even reshuffling/firing most of his aides and administration staff every 6 months or so and eventually putting the whole United States of America on the verge of civil/racial violence by ordering his “Proud boys’ militias” to stand back & stand by.

Trump did not pull off all those authoritarian actions to make America great again, for the US was already a great country long before he held office, but he did all that and more for the silliest of reasons; to cater to his narcissistic character.

Simply, Donald Trump finds tremendous pleasure ( almost addictive) to spit in every body’s eyes. Maybe that reflects some hidden inferiority complex – that sits at the root of his (hard to sweep under the rug) dictatorial behavior.

The US was run, for the first time, by the whims and midnight tweets of Donald Trump. The man was turning the White House into a black House … so dark inside you can’t see or even predict what’s coming your way … nor what on earth will happen the next day.

Realizing that building the wall on the borders between Mexico and the US is damn hard & a foolish political joke …Donald Trump focused on the easy and applicable electoral promises he made during his presidential campaign. So, by an uneducated and the clumsiest decision, he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem to appeal to his base of (Zionist) evangelicals. That was a big mistake as far as the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict is concerned. It was also another blatant proof of Trump’s political illiteracy.

Mr. Trump, you are not a Republican … nor a Democrat … I believe you have no idea what democracy is all about in the first place …

You, sir, are merely a lucky man with no substance … be it political, intellectual, or whatsoever

You are a businessman by mere luck

A lousy golf player and a terrible speaker …

A womanizer accused of sexual harassment by multiple testimonies

A tax-evader who is supposed to lead by example

A racist substantiated by documented statements

A divider by employing your apparent bigotry

… Mr. Trump,

Likewise, you have become the president of the United States of America by mere stupid luck … and this is one of the loopholes in the structure/mechanism of western democracy which in the last century produced figures like Adolf Hitler

You’re not even a politician …

Mr. Trump … those last 4 years have been wasted trying to carve out a (false) powerful image on the world stage for yourself. 4 long years during which you did not serve the United States of America but you only served Donald Trump & Israel. Who knows maybe a second term for Trump in office could have meant sending the Yankee troops for yet another Israeli-proxy war in Iran. However, there is still a bright side to this gloomy picture, for it revealed a very sobering fact.

It revealed that democracy, especially in the digital era, can easily turn into demagoguery. That’s exactly why Socrates had his doubts about the efficacy of the mechanism & process of democracy when the masses are uneducated and misinformed

Donald Trump’s first & last term in the White House has revealed beyond any reasonable doubt that “America” … one of the leading democracies in the free world could be ruled by a potential dictator.

Mr. Trump, concede to president Biden and get on your private plane & head to the Middle East/ or North Korea or even the Republic of Belarus where you could run for presidency …. not for one or two terms, rather for a lifetime. You will surely have fun playing the Middle-Eastern game of democracy (theocracy, autocracy, or whatever they call it around here. That’s what you are fit for, and that’s where you belong.

Mr. Trump you are born to be a dictator … And if that won’t be an easy job for you in the US … it will not be as hard in what you refer to as the third world countries where you still enjoy a bit of popularity … people here like you for you are a funny guy …  almost a clown.

  • Author’s note:

This article was not meant, by any means, to sound derogatory, but Mr. Donald Trump hasn’t left me, nor himself, much of a choice. And to add a surprising point, I was a bit excited myself when he won the 2016 Presidential elections, because of one sobering fact. Trump was an outsider and yet he managed to penetrate the clandestine circle of world power, or so it seemed at the time. I was hoping that for once, America would be ruled by a strong American leader who will not yield to world Zionism; serving Israel more than the US and sending American troops to fight Israel’s wars. But what do you know, the outsider turned out to be Israel’s most favorite US puppet ( or so-called President)

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


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