COVID-19: No Worries for Washington’s Politicians


Wash. D.C. Politicians Have Truly Lost Their Minds!

Health Editor’s Note: D.C. politicians continue to believe they are immune to contracting COVID-19 and if they have it, they need not be concerned about spreading it to others.  Maskless and non adherence to physical distancing is the dress and mode of the day.  Is there a message that has somehow gotten lost on these people who do not seem to have two brains to rub together?  Mask wearing and physical distancing if you are not infected with the virus is how we do it.  But…..if you have tested positive for COVID-19 you are to be isolated for at least 14 days….that means you do not go to work, do not meet with others, do not go to political functions, YOU STAY HOME! 

As it is going now, there will be no one left who is not coronavirus positive in the White House or Capitol building or any where else the politicians gather. 

And then we had Trump, leaving what should have been strict isolation, at Walter Reed and doing a drive-by to wave at his supporters in front of the hospital. Sure, Trump and his Secret Service agents were wearing masks, but come on, we know that Trump was spewing coronavavirus with every breath he took or cough he made. Literally, common sense is no where near D.C. right now. Those who aspire to all things political think COVID-19 is a joke.     

This from James Phillips, chief of disaster medicine at George Washington University School of medicine and an attending physician at Walter Reed: “That Presidential SUV is not only bulletproof, but hermetically sealed against chemical attack. The risk of COVID19 transmission inside is as high as it gets outside of medical procedures,” Phillips tweeted. “Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary presidential ‘drive-by’ just now has to be quarantined for 14 days. They might get sick. They may die.”

I feel for the healthcare professionals and workers who will be bearing the burden of caring for these idiots when they are hospitalized…..Carol





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  1. What we do know about COVID-19 is this: It’s a bioweapon that’s being used by the real “powers that be” to totally reset the world’s economy, transfer untold trillions of dollars from the 99% to that infinitesimally small fraction of 1% that worships the god Mammon above all else, and cull the human population of “useless eaters”, the elderly, the unemployable, and especially people of color. As Henry Kissinger said in 2016, “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world…” If it isn’t performing up to expectations, it’s back to the lab to come up with one that will.

  2. I see Trumpers posting on Trump’s “No Big Deal” tweet (that I predicted from the start) that – using “the CDC estimates 10 times the number of confirmed cases could be infected” – it is indeed no big deal: a death rate of 1-2%.

    Nevermind the fact that’s still 3.2 – 6.4 million people, but…

    don’t the low transmission rates preclude “10 times the number of confirmed cases infected”?

    Low: 0.8 (South Carolina)…

    High: 1.34 (Wyoming.)

  3. Trump saying he’s being discharged from hospital at 6:30PM. He also said he feels better than he has in 20 years, and that the rest of us shouldn’t worry about COVID. Of course, the rest of us don’t get the level or quality of care he’s gotten. Beyond that, what a wave-of-the-hand dismissive comment, as concerns the families of all those woh have died from COVID. The buffoonery and ignorance of this man continues to astound!

    • Edward Dodge, There are a lot of dead people that would disagree with Trump on how minimal this virus is. Cannot believe anyone takes him seriously, I have cats with more purposeful thoughts and actions.

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