Today’s Brief: Does Joe Biden Really Have Cancer


President Biden Says He Has Cancer In What Could Be Health Announcement or Monumental Gaffe – Imagine this, the crusty old bastard is so demented no one knows whether he really has cancer, or he’s just rambling like when he was a truck driver or graduated at the top of his class with 3 degrees. How convenient now that he has throttled the economy and left this country on the brink of a catastrophic war with a militarily and economically superior opponent, he will play the cancer card. Poor old Uncle Joe let’s pray for him. This is an ideal way out for the scumbags at the CIA who sold this country out to the globalists and installed as the head of state perhaps the most corrupt creature that ever prowled the DC swamp.

I’ll tell you this right now, they may tell you he died but he won’t die. He’ll spend the next twenty-five years of his life sequestered on a tropical island high on designer drugs and flush with a pump-up penis, torturing preteen girls, the same thing he did as Vice president. These fucks got about hundred-year shelf life, Rockerfeller, HW Bush, and Kissinger all attest to that. Cancer is not a fatal disease to them it’s their internal organs that finally give out.

There are six hundred and ten unfortunate “accidents” with the global food supply chain in the last couple of years. Here is a complete list.




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  1. That looks like a Biden double in the pic. And carrying a plastic gas container? His Chosenite handlers get sick pleasure at what they can get the goyim to believe and to do. Watch, next we’ll see tranny “Big Mike” Obama selected as fake president in 2024, if we survive that long.

  2. The problem is that the Democrats’ personnel policy of gathering under one roof all perverts, drug addicts and simply incompetent freaks with dubious ideas has borne fruit – the party has practically no at least some representative candidates for the presidency.

  3. It is not unusual at all to have confusion with COVID-19. Nearly anyone over 65 has this.

    Give Joe a break. He probably confused “covid” with “cancer”. So yes, it is going around. The Whitehouse may have issued a quick statement to allow him some grace for this mistake. They say he had a skin cancer removed a few weeks ago. But was this in the news at that time? He was in Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    My vote: Joe was confused. But due to Covid-19 mainly, perhaps dementia secondarily. That being said,

    HE SHOULD NOT BE CARRYING THE NUCLEAR FOOTBALL. Please, those around him realize that COVID-19 is a very confusing illness and his physician should recommend a temporary replacement until he gets over the COVID-19. Otherwise, the physician will be held liable by the people if Joe makes a bad mistake. To President Biden’s Physician – it is your duty, remember the Hippocratic oath. It is easy to determine if he is fit for the job….make a decision or make a statement that he is fit. Please!!!!

    We risk nuclear conflict with Russia and we need someone sane holding the nuclear football!!

    • Joe Biden was never elected by anyone, except the homosexuals that run the CIA, of which I have a strong suspicion you are one of them. You cannot possibly be as stupid as your comment so what else am I supposed to believe? I got nothing else to say to you except you want to discuss it further, look me up, I ain’t hard to find, I will give you the details…

    • Give Joe a break ???

      while U were eyes shut ! the Eu/Nato siezed the ENTIRE US Feral Goverment..

      jumpin Joes isn’t running Wash..

    • Carlson had an hilarious skit on it last night, maybe I’m getting soft but I really like Carlson and Glen Greenwald, if I could I would have everybody in the mainstream media executed tomorrow, no trial no questions, no eulogies. I would leave Greenwald and Carlson to rebuild it, they are the only ones in the MSM who have shown any compunction about what is right and what is wrong.

  4. I don’t know if he has cancer but he went to show his gratitude to that cancer of the Middle East, the Shitholistan known as Israel.

    Republican presidents are all lodged so deep in the derrière of Israel that they do their dirty work willingly and with commitment and pride, but Democrat presidents are always yanked very hard by their cojones to show gratitude to that shithole.

    • They ALL can’t wait to put on the Yamaka and kiss the wall. While the rabbis give stern looks and check their watches. Never in modern history has a group of “leaders” from a sovereign nation kissed the asses of those from a smaller shit hole country like this. Mass hypnosis? Or psychosis? Or just plain prostitution.

    • Tel Aviv must be full of honeypots. Think of it as a Little Saint James where they pay you to attend. And they definitely have male version spies for the huge amount of Republican closet case losers called congresspeople.

  5. Jack, that’s an amazing list! I’ve seen lists like this before, but nowhere near this extensive. Kudos to whoever, or whatever group, compiled this list.

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