Today’s Brief: Gonzalo Lira on the Joys of Pragmatism and the Fall of the West

I am including authentic combat footage with our Ukraine posts; you better watch it fast because Google is taking it down as fast as I put it up...


Gonzalo Lira here doing an interview with God only knows who. At least the interviewer is banned by Patreon. Show me an independent journalist who still has a Patreon site, and I will show you someone whom you should pay no mind.  What bothers me about Mr. Lira is he stays in the shadows away from the scrutiny of people like myself, who have the means to see who he really is.

Why doesn’t he do an interview with the Sage of Quay, or for that matter VeteranToday’s own Jonas Alexis? Three thousand hits in the first two days, Mike or Jonas could do better in their sleep. Then there is the whole sketchy episode with his kidnapping toward the middle of April by the Ukrainian Nazis and release a few days later unharmed. I am suspicious of him, and I stated that the first time I brought him to the attention of our readers early on in April in Z Plan part 2, Z is for Zombie. The video used in Z plan has since been taken down by the disgraceful YouTube, which just like being thrown off Patreon is a validation of content.

Lira was calling exactly how this war in Ukraine would turn out as far back as March, he knew the objectives and the outcomes of the battles long before any of the so said experts.  So, we’re gonna stick with Mr. Lira even though he’s a bit furtive for my tastes in journalism…

At seven minutes or so Lira brings up western “journalists” most absurd talking point, that the war is weakening Russia’s military. Nothing could be further from the truth; Russian troops are being rotated in and out of combat. They can go home to Moscow for a week, have dinner and sleep with their wives or girlfriends, then be back in Ukraine the next week to hone their skill as killers while American troops are learning to play with barbie dolls and salute their transvestite admiral.

The Russians are field testing their weapons, and their use will quickly be replaced with the money Russia is making hand over fist from the West’s suicidal sanctions. Meanwhile, American arms manufacturers are finding out fast on Ukrainian battlefields that they have been outclassed by their Russian counterparts. Russia is building a war machine the likes of which have not been seen since the Wehrmacht walked the earth while the West teeters on the brink of open revolt…

About eighteen and half minutes in Lira explains exactly why the pentagon knows they cannot win a war against Russia; in March Russian cruise missiles were fired from 400 kilometers (248.6 miles) away at a NATO training base near the Polish border. American radar gave no warning that the comparatively slow missiles were on the way. Russia’s new hypersonic missiles are over six times faster. They were jammed completely by Russian technology and resultantly five hundred NATO soldiers and four hundred million in the latest weapons, in route to Ukraine were blown to pieces.

At this point, the war was over for America’s bloated and now useless army. The only martial option open now is nuclear war, which Lira feels America will inevitably instigate. He theorizes the punked Americans will use a tactical weapon in order to save face and Russia will respond with an all-out attack on American cities.

“The war will grind on. Ukraine will fall completely to Russia. Russia will take Ukraine apart and there will be a small ethnic Ukraine state that will remain a rump Ukraine that will be poor. That will be demographically broken because all the best people will have left and fled to western Europe. This small broken rump Ukraine will be a shithole, quite frankly. And eastern and southern Ukraine, what is called today eastern and southern Ukraine. I’m talking Karkov, Poltava, Lugansk, Donetsk, Mariupol, Curson, Zaporizhian, Odesa, all these regions will all become part of Russia. Probably… [incoherent]. They will all become part of Russia, the Russian federation because after all, they are ethnically Russian. The people who live there and the people who fled, the ones that fled were ethically Ukrainian. The ones that remained are ethnically Russian or pro-Russian and so they shall remain. They will get their Russian passport and they will become a part of Russia.

And Russia, what it’s going to do is pump a lot of money into these regions to bring up the economies quickly. Not because the Russians are such great guys but because the Russians realize that if they put a lot of money into the infrastructure of these regions that they have conquered and if they treat the population well then, that population will think that this is a good thing. They will feel loyal to the Kremlin and the region will grow. A lot of people will have lots of babies and all of sudden you’re going to have a vibrant part of Russia. I think that that’s basically what’s going to happen.” – Gonzalo Lira (50:48 – 52:41)


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  1. Gonzalo Lira says the West will fall. Italy is already Kaput. The government, to which Biden, Nato and Lagarde BCE wrote “stay with us,” has resigned. Need I say of all the partisan Italiots who have said the same?
    I wrote it to you, J.H., with links of Draghi and Majo on Biden’s leash on murals of an Italian patriot. You such post kept it one day in moderation and when you published it you said I suck machine translation on the demonstration of who Draghi was and who Mattarella was. To a logician, that means you first intended and when you posted then apologized that you hate machine “translation.”
    A matter of Principle to all: if I write to Carisio that he is a spy for the Italian government, and preyed upon by those he always puts smiling in his repetitive posts, and he DELETES, to my country it means that the recipient of the accusation confesses to being responsible for what he has been accused of. And if he deletes without responding he knows that i have certificates that he does not have. I don’t know what happens to your countries.
    I will stop here and ask J.H., do you want to cancel as a boss as well? To Your Honesty.
    No one really knows what experience I have for 25 years of judicial persecution.

    • Beppe, Pizano, ca pasa. The Alpha lion and Alpha wolf don’t resign they have to be overthrown, and none of these faggots got that in them, so nature dictates I stay right where I am. Do you have any idea the dues I paid to get here? Anyway, you’re sending me stuff I have to translate. I have run all Orages information drops and whole data bases from the NSA and their German partners through Google translate, yes it now gives me a fucking headache, sorry if you can’t understand that. Are you afraid? Well, I’ve been laughing at them for eight years now even before I knew what I was laughing at. Death? Please kill me, I go to Valhalla then, but alas an honorable death amongst swine and the worms that feed on them just is not possible. I ran your facebook stuff through the translator, its worthless to me and my readers without citations. Italy as not supported me, and I am three quarter Italian. I have over a hundred times more French readers, and not one single that know off paid subscriber from Italy. Nevertheless, I like a good fight, give me something, with citations, I can use…

  2. Thanx Jack for summarizing Gonzalo he tends to go on especially when he has an audience counting on some Apocalypse. He is right the Russians are going to win and there is nothing the Bidan Administration can do about it short of nuclear war. Yet as one astute commenter has said we haven’t even gotten to the main event and that is China moving on Taiwan. Stay tuned.

    • Biden has a more than a few screws loose. Actually, his whole head sounds like a bucket of bolts when he tries to babble the US “position” in Eastern Europe. Biden: “That’s a stupid question.” Reporter: “Yeah, well let’s hear another stupid answer. Mr. President.”

  3. The Chilean Embassy received many inquiries regarding Gonzalo’s disappearance in Ukraine from myself and others. With His return online he has been careful to present moderate yet factual analysis.
    My perception is that he has been successful in money management during his career and is self funded.
    If he is a performer his writers are genius.

  4. Good article. Thank you Jack Heart.
    Btw, many people from the West created their new accounts on vk dot com Russian social media. It has no censorship and has english language groups and info-channels. My friends from the US radiostation even started their podcasts there and have great success and lots of new followers (international). Many people like Patrick Lancaster, Graham Philips, etc are also there. Just for information, Jack.

    • vk dot com, got it; thanks, Andrew. Jack has been on fire, lately. Trying to bring it all home to the stateside readership still trying to figure out why the US establishment is plunging 10s of billions of dollars into a border dispute between two former Soviet territories; a strategic black hole formerly known as ‘the Ukraine’, now Novorossiya. Those folks on the ground in Novorossiya don’t know how lucky they are. They just have to hold out until that psychotic dwarf and his D.D. handlers are sent packing. Probably by end summer or mid-fall, latest. With extreme prejudice. Next headline: China does Taiwan. Winter Special. Stay tuned for that show. Word is the equipment is already wharfside– packed tightly in ‘cruise ships’– in relatively sleepy Southern Taiwan and waiting patiently for disembarkation orders. Media watchers will, of course, be the last to know. (Anybody thinking Han Chinese will side with the pink, big nosed devils against their own kind when push comes to shove has a screw loose.)
      As for the two disgusting creeps in dresses above? Yeah, the Taiwanese and normal (former) Ukrainians see that, too. And that is the last thing they’re gonna let anywhere NEAR their children. Count on it.

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