My Fellow Americans, You Own This and You Will Pay for It

The Russians are readying a major offensive


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

By Jack Heart

I am not a military expert, nor am I an intelligence analyst by trade, but on the other hand, I’m not a windbag nor is my keyboard for hire under any circumstances.

The latter has made me a lot of enemies over the past eight years, as any of our regular readers can attest to. But it’s also made me a lot of friends in an intelligence community that could not be more disgruntled than they are right now. I have contacts in Poland and in Asia and these are not the guys who sweep the floors. This just came in from Asia this morning:

“The 2 Brits and the Arab muppet were executed by firing squad early morning Friday ZULU time, Jack. In the Donbas. You’ll hear about this soon, I’d expect. But everything is being distorted coming from Novorossiya.  Huge losses of life. Carnage. Biblical scale and Russia is done killing fellow Slavs, we’ve gathered. They’re going to end it. Soon. 

Now we’re starting to see some new developments and they’ll be coming fast. They also have two US generals and some Canadian faggot sequestered in Moscow. They’ll be getting the same treatment after a very public show trial. I’m excited, I know you are, too. And word is in that Russia will be launching a major– repeat, major– offensive aimed at finishing Ukrainian fantasy world for keeps. Within the month, certainly. Watch out for that. They’ll be going to the Polish border, for sure. And will then be focusing on the source of the rot very shortly thereafter instead of wasting time-fighting with inconsequential muppets.”

The consensus is the worst places in the world to be right now are Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland, in that order. My friend in Poland does not want to be there but these guys got jobs to do, and unlike the cowardly Americans who they may be throwing their lives away to serve, they will do their job even if it means death. Putin and the Russians are coming, you can take that to the bank and my guess is they will be coming through Lithuania, then Poland.

Your apathy as an American, and your failure to live up to your second amendment obligation has just about sealed your fate. While you have been watching imbeciles and sexual deviants cavort on television and laughing at the antics of “Joe Biden” Russians have been dying on a battlefield created by those very same imbeciles and deviants that amuse you. If I was you, I would run for the hills. I’m already there and I got nothing to be ashamed of. Most of you on the other hand are guilty as sin and you will pay for your cowardice with everything you ever knew and loved.

Some combat footage below courtesy of the Chechens and their cell phones. Remember it’s all been faked, these guys got nothing better to do than level an entire country just to fool you…

Twitter avatar for @Nikolai11449196Nikolai 🅉 ☦️ @Nikolai11449196

Akhmat Sila ! Chechens liberating Donbas. Even injury doesn’t deter them.

Twitter avatar for @Nikolai11449196Nikolai 🅉 ☦️ @Nikolai11449196

Russian artillery destroyed UAF in Gorlovka area. The Ukrainians are caught in the open with limited cover.

Twitter avatar for @Nikolai11449196Nikolai 🅉 ☦️ @Nikolai11449196

Brutal footage. 200 Ukrainian ‘Aidar’ battalion ambushed leaving Seversk. Only 12 survived.

Twitter avatar for @Nikolai11449196Nikolai 🅉 ☦️ @Nikolai11449196


Twitter avatar for @Nikolai11449196Nikolai 🅉 ☦️ @Nikolai11449196

Just needs some paint and it’ll be good as new.


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Russia’s Lavrov talks about Ukraine, sanctions, and nuclear war with RT (FULL VIDEO)

The Russian foreign minister sat down for an hour-long interview with RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan

Russia’s Lavrov talks Ukraine, sanctions and nuclear war with RT (FULL VIDEO)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speaks to RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan during an interview, in July 2022. © Russian Foreign Ministry

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke about Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, sanctions, and the confrontation with the West in an interview to RT and Sputnik on Wednesday.

Speaking with RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan, the minister explained why, despite a promising start, peace talks with Ukraine effectively broke down in spring.

He shared his views about the risks of a nuclear war with the West and how Western-supplied heavy weapons affect the fighting on the ground in Ukraine, as well as decision-making in Moscow regarding the conflict.

Lavrov also discussed the effects of the sanctions on the European economy and the delivery of Russian gas to EU member states.

To watch the full interview, click here.




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  1. “With independent investigations, he collaborates with Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza in important investigations that conclude with the arrest of Camorra entrepreneurs or corrupt politicians”.
    Carisio wrote this only on VT and for you because he considers you little above cultural illiteracy. And if no one sees it it means he is right.
    On his Italian blog you will never find him has ever written it because he knows he is a braggart and he knows people would pity such colossal nonsense. Ridiculous
    A matter of Principle to all and Ace Heart: if I write to Carisio that he is a spy for the Italian government, and preyed upon by those he always puts smiling in his repetitive posts, and he DELETES, to my country it means that the recipient of the accusation confesses to being responsible for what he has been accused of. And if he deletes without responding he knows that i have certificates that he does not have. I don’t know what happens to your countries.

    • Bebbe I don’t know why you don’t take this stuff to Fabio, he covers Italy. I am not kidding you Italy does not read me. On the Human I had 1800 reads from France and 11 from Italy last week, on the Google analytics Italy is consistently lower than all the other country’s that read us, it burns me up because I am Italian, I get more reads from Japan and Singapore than I do from Italy. Take it to Fabio

  2. The Jews will win.

    90% of the white people are incapable of recognizing that ZOG exist.

  3. I don’t think a wack religion spewing Putin will change the trajectory of the evil you know.

  4. Meanwhile: back in the jungle, drugged, taken, missing persons harvested for organs. Began in Croatia now in Denver and New Orleans and beyond??? This ain’t conservative vs liberal shit Jack. But you know better than I about what is going on. Listening to what you said in ’15 or right now makes no never mind. What controls Controls and only hundreds of thousands of “Woke” deaths have any chance of shining the true light on what that means. And only a slim chance of prevailing.

  5. The only species on this planet that kills their own for neither food nor survival? It’s not a colony of red ants either. All this talk about the future of humanity is just hopeless spin. Sit back and enjoy the show. Nothing new under the sun.

    • The white species is the problem for life and for the planet. North part of the globe is the one wrecking avoc on the planet, the one´s who enslaved tens of millions. The wars fought and the life´s lost with western interventions, one can say that for centurys, the rest have been eating the bread that western society tookm from the devil and foorced over their throat. Let alone the genocides.

  6. Who owns what in times like these?

    DARPA ‘wants’ to use the ancient organisms that can live on and in you, to control you.
    DARPA SynBio, the engineering of your very own synthetic microbiome, turning you into a synthetic, artificial being.
    It has an on/off switch.
    That they operate.

    Then there’s this-
    Jul 16, 2022
    Bacteria-based biohybrid microrobots on a mission to one day battle cancer.
    A team of scientists in the Physical Intelligence Department at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have combined robotics with biology by equipping E. coli bacteria with artificial components to construct biohybrid microrobots (Science Advances, “Magnetically steerable bacterial microrobots moving in 3D biological matrices for stimuli-responsive cargo delivery”).
    From Nanowerk News website.

  7. I am er Black Cavajere (if you want I will even write about this to you alpha wolf and alpha lion, ninja, threatened with death by Italians, French etc.).
    I ask, I repeat I ask: do you want me to transcribe what I wrote to the Italian spy?
    If you live on Mars (USA) what do you know about Italy?
    I repeat: do you that I transcribe to I what was written to the Italian spy, which disproves all your cerebral lucubrations? This is the certified pec address of the Quirinale, if you have the balls write and ask if it is true. Then I point out to you that J.A.L. has restored the posting procedure, which you objected to.
    What are you talking about? And to what end? Bifurcated tongues.
    The Italian Patriot
    (see Draghi on Biden’s leash and Draghi is holding Di Maio’s leash hyper Atlanticist , the perfect circle)

  8. Please do not say that Draghi has resigned. Go and read in the post before this to which the alpha lion and the alpha wolf left the scene even having to this his post be first.
    It is also a problem of the Americans, not of everyone but of the blah blah blah who only know how to write and not read what the spy of the Italian government writes: Italian political govt. crisis to launch Draghi as Nato General Secretary. Ipse dixit, so don’t say anymore that Draghi has resigned. Is a tabù.
    Moreover the fantasy of having alien contacts exceeds reality but never translates into real fact.
    A matter of Principle to all: if I write to Carisio that he is a spy for the Italian government, and preyed upon by those he always puts smiling in his repetitive posts, and he DELETES, to my country it means that the recipient of the accusation confesses to being responsible for what he has been accused of. And if he deletes without responding he knows that i have certificates that he does not have. I don’t know what happens to your countries.

    • If I am correct, and don’t make me go back and look because I will take it out on you, I said some semi mainstream news show said Draghi’s government would not last another 24 hours, I never said he resigned. And if some commentator I featured said he did their bad not mine. I know he ain’t resigned, as usual I am very disappointed in the Italian people, just what I was trying to tell you in the last comment…
      I don’t know where you got aliens from, but I think you’re a little out of your league there beppe.

    • And if you want chronological order, you’ll need to go to my Substack, VT has all it can do fending off cyber-attacks because that’s what happens when you tell the truth and to many people read it. Again, dues you know nothing about.

    • this is a nifty link.. i think its RIA Novosti..


      the itilian job resigned..

      >> there is a clip/telegram of combat – not shure where… could B maripol orr’ from the vid-start severnsk w the tip of the city outlined.. –>> looks like a gathering of the Nasties -w- human shields


  9. )>>
    Jappnology !

    A large monster attacks Japan, but dies suddenly. While the people rejoice and bask in relief, the giant corpse left behind begins to slowly rot and bloat. If it explodes, the nation will be destroyed. <<(

    NATO is fiting w junk – rabble…. A10 wathogs ?

    the comedian will cut the gas when the ninjas take the train to the Dpnier

    "" What to Do with the Dead Kaiju? ""

    if the ninjas come thru Kursk – they will takee 100km each side of that gap @ lith – making a new canal to kalingrad -4- belaruse…

  10. Jack I figured the Russians would be going to Kalingrad via Lithuania. The Polish border regions are going to be getting swarms of Kinzal missiles because that’s NATO’s main staging area. Not only will a lot of SAD knuckle drawers and PMCs ( really NATO troops sheep dipped as mercs) will be dead but so will Article 5 when NATO countries run to the nearest exit in terror. Putin already said f around and find out. The find out phase is coming soon. Word is that the Russians are going to expose the full extent of the DNC’s involvement in Bioweapons especially the one used here to rig the election and terrorize the rest of the planet known as Covid 19. Of course with NATO in total disarray and the US totally politically destabilized the crafty Chinese will make their move on Taiwan. I mean who’s gonna stop ‘em?

    • Adair, I made my bones writing about the occult starting in 2013, around 2016 someone from the highest echelons of Russian society, a man well-schooled in the occult became my friend. That was when Russia just wanted to be friends and thought they could build a beneficial relationship with the United States, I told him to tell Putin back then to forget it, there is something very wrong with Americans and they are not to be trusted. And I wasn’t and still am not talking about a psychological condition, I am talking about biological. The pestilence had already begun to sweep through this nation, and to myself it was plain to see. We wrote about it in the Tookie Memorial Post II. It’s in VT go read it. The vaccines have only exacerbated it. Just turn on the TV or any form of media, its plain to see now for all sentient beings. The gates of hell have been swung wide open here and the devil deals the cards. He has dealt America a pair of black eights and pair of black aces. Its Putin’s play now…

    • That is why they call it nuclear war JS, they are all mad as hatters, isn’t that plan to see yet?

  11. Russia won’t stop until Brussels has fallen, not just the EU but NATOstan HQ too. In the interim, all the pawns of the Cabal are being eliminated, Bojo, Abe, Draghi and lest we forget, the Georgia Guidstones were reduced to gravel. Payback is coming to the malevolent ones on the Potomac and she’s a big scary hairy b*tch looking for adrenochrome-tainted blood.

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