The Russians are still winning. They’ve had a reverse at Kherson, although Western media are almost certainly exaggerating the effectiveness of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. As expected, Russia has not deployed chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, Western scare stories notwithstanding. It’s now clear that there was a DVD plot to assassinate Russian President Putin early in the war, which thankfully failed. In my estimation the war is likely to drag on until spring 2023 at the earliest.

Russian losses

Ukraine War

This is almost the only media outlet in the Western world willing to report on the war objectively. Rodney Atkinson is also doing his best with, but his readership, sadly, is in inverse proportion to his intellectual honesty. Anti-Russian propaganda organs like the BBC and the Guardian have persistently over-reported Russian casualties and under-reported Ukrainian ones.

It would be enormously helpful, frankly, if the Russian government reported casualties in the way that Britain did, for example, during the First World War, sorry Special Military Operation. However transparency, I’m afraid, is not the Russian way. This in turn makes it easy for Russian losses to be exaggerated.

My sense is that the Russians are taking heavy casualties, sadly, but nothing like the numbers being reported in the West. I also sense that the Ukrainians are taking heavier casualties than the Russians. Kiev is even less transparent than Moscow. There’s no chance of anyone in the Ukrainian government coming clean about the funding of President Zelensky’s political comedy show, for example!

Alleged war crimes

There have been no credible allegations of Russian war crimes. There have been lots of allegations but none has been proved. Disturbingly, the setting up of the Russians has involved a number of war crimes being committed by the Ukrainians themselves.

It is not a war crime to attack a residential building if that building is being used to mount attacks, nor is it a war crime to cause collateral civilian casualties. There were a large number of collateral civilian casualties in World War II for example. A large number of the 18,000 Jerries knocked over in the great Anglo-American raids on Dresden in February 1945, for example, were civilians, but that didn’t make the raids a war crime, since Dresden was a legitimate strategic target. It was a wizard prang, by the way – dead Jerries everywhere, no offense intended.


There is no doubt that Western publics have been shocked at the levels of destruction and casualties. They shouldn’t have been. The war was made inevitable by the aggressive expansionist policies of NATO and the EU, driven of course by Germany, the controlling power of both organisations. The Biden Administration fully supported Ukraine’s illegal bio-weapons program and almost certainly signed off on the plan to attack the Donbas Republics.

Once NATO and the EU went down the path of war heavy casualties were going to be inevitable, sadly. Supplying advance weaponry to Kiev was a nonsense. As I have observed before the Russo-Ukrainian War is in effect a proxy war between Russia and Germany. Leaving German intelligence in place at the end of World War II made the resumption of large-scale hostilities in Europe inevitable.

The casus bellum

The Russians are also being secretive about their casus bellum for attacking Ukraine. It’s now clear that the Ukrainians were planning an offensive against the Donbas Republics, with covert support from Germany, the EU and the Biden Administration. Since they are arguably sovereign and were under Russian protection Russia was justified in moving first, as Israel did in the Six Day War.

It’s also clear that the covert Ukrainian bio-weapons program involved developing DNA-specific weapons targeting ethnic Russians. DNA weapons are both dangerous and illegal, involving automatic violations of the Genocide Convention. Public international law does not require a state faced with such a threat to sit still and wait for a genocidal bio-weapons attack.

However the Russians are not making the case. In fairness it would not be easy, given the low ethical standards of Western media organisations, most of which are willing to distort the truth in order to promote the Ukrainian cause. I think the Russians should try however.

Moscow are probably still hung up on the West’s decision to wage war against Iraq without declaring it, on the basis of a casus bellum known at the time to be false. As I warned at the time the failures to declare war and go public on what we knew about Iraq’s links to 9/11 were hugely damaging. Neither Britain nor America has any standing to criticise Russia.

Russian war aims

The West is being left to guess at Russia’s war aims, which with respect are somewhat opaque. It is entirely possible that Moscow would have settled at the start of the war with the liberation of the Donbas Republics and the retention of Crimea. Piling weapons into the Ukraine however has been a huge mistake. They have driven up Russian casualties and hardened Russia’s position.

I suspect that Moscow is now looking at breaking the Ukraine into two, down the Dnieper River. That would give eastern Ukraine a defensible frontier. Western Ukraine would have to agree to neutrality – there is simply no way that Russia could ever permit NATO to deploy nuclear weapons in any part of the Ukraine.

Aerial view of Kiev and Dnieper River

The good news is that EU support for the Bad Guys is likely to drain away as winter approaches. Natural gas rationing in a warm summer is one thing. Gas rationing in winter is quite another. What’s more, with global cooling we could be in for a slightly chilly winter. General Winter may come to Russia’s aid once again!

The Tory leadership battle

The Bad Guy, Rishi Sunak, is losing, thankfully. As a number of commentators have picked up, whilst he was well prepared for the Parliamentary stage he seemed less well prepared for the party membership stage. Since he never wanted the membership stage that’s unsurprising.

Rishi Sunak

I think it’s quite clear that ‘von’ Sunak, who is close to the sinister World Economic Forum, was planning on raving moderate, no offense intended, Penny Mordaunt, making the final two and cutting a deal. Since she’s economically illiterate, again no offense, she would have been seen by Cabinet Secretary Simon ‘von’ Case as an ideal Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Sunak, with every respect, is a BRINO – a Brexiteer in Name Only. As Chancellor he failed to abolish VAT, opposed scrapping the hated Northern Ireland Protocol and was happy to see the British economy crushed under the weight of the huge EU regulatory burden and massive taxation. My assessment is that he supports the evil Cabinet Office plan to install Re-joiner Sir Keir Starmer as Prime Minister and have the UK re-join the EU in two stages, the first being membership of the single market.

Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP have struck a deal, whereby the first two enter into coalition, bringing in proportional representation, without a referendum, in order to lock the Tories out of power for a generation. Re-joining the single market would make it easier for the SNP to win a second referendum on breaking up the UK and becoming a German client state inside the EU.

Sunak has said nothing about forcing ‘von’ Case to resign, indeed it’s clear that he intends to retain him as Cabinet Secretary. The desperation of Germany to crush Britain should never be underestimated. Nothing’s changed since 1939. They hate us, they fear us and they want to destroy us.

Short Sunderland

My prediction is that the result will be similar to that of the Women’s Euros soccer finals: England 2, Germany 1.

Well done to Leah Williamson and the girls by the way on their splendid win at Wembley! It wasn’t easy.

Germany’s players dived faster than a U-Boat which has spotted a Sunderland overhead, no offense intended. The ‘Lionesses’ nickname is well deserved.

The Lionesses


No column next week as a friend has kindly paid for a short holiday in Ireland, although I’ll be doing the driving and paying for the gas! If you think that gas is expensive in the States you should try filling your tank over here. Even low octane fuel, which thanks to the EU is horrible muck, with 10% ethanol content, is about $10.11 per Imperial gallon.

Bernard Cribbins (1928 – 2022)

Bernard Cribbins

Much loved actor Bernard Cribbins sadly passed on Wednesday. One of the greatest children’s actors of all time, he starred as Perks in the original movie of the Railway Children. He had a wide range as an actor, on the stage, radio and TV as well as in movies.

Aside from great children’s movies like the Railway Children he was best known for starring in famous British comedies like Two Way Stretch (1960), the Wrong Arm of the Law (1963) and Crooks in Cloisters (1964), which is a hoot. He also starred in three Carry On movies., including the finale, Carry on Columbus (1992).

His most noted TV performance was probably as Mr Hutchinson, the obnoxious guest in the Hotel Inspectors, one of the funniest episodes of Fawlty Towers. Bernard Cribbins was loved for a reason and he will be greatly missed. He and his actress wife Gillian were married for 66 years, until she sadly died last year. He must have missed her greatly, indeed he seems to have gone into a decline after she went.

Treorchy Male Choir

I neglected to include a link last week for the Treorchy Male Choir. This is them singing Joseph Parry’s hauntingly beautiful love song Myfanwy:

Now tell me those boys can’t sing!


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  1. In Dresden Churchill killed 80 000 woman and children, the most culturel city of Germany the same for the nice old port Hambourg +/- 30 000 cityzen killed, Churchill hated Germany, and this happened when the war wash ending, Whe the Dutch never forget wath he dit with the woman and children from the Dutch Boers in south Africa, an real English Gentleman !

  2. Unrelated to this column, I find it slightly curious that Mr. Shrimpton comes out with a commentary on a Documentary by Netflix, of marginal importance, right when Hulu outs Les Wexner, Maxwell, and Epstein as Mossad assets in a documentary for the public at large.

    • trumpisms… probably B worry – what me worry ! that Xi keeps his cool or jumpin joe will sanction the commies thru the EU..

      Need a special spark plug for that buggy – regulator – hard drive for the computer to keep up ?

      what a shitt show the EU presidents sitting in Wash DC hav line up for late fall winter

  3. On track for historic triumph: The Russian Army entered Peski and Krasnogorovka – In the center of Soledar the Russians – Bakhmut is counting down!
    Ukrainians run to escape amid heavy fire
    02/08/2022 – 02:19 in Main topics , Ukraine

  4. Actually you can get the latest updates on the war from Sorcha Faal at what does it mean dot com. The Russians are annihilating the AFU and the Azov Battalion. Any weapons and ammo that aren’t destroyed by the Russians are useless as one AFU officer complained about the HIMARs that they are “firing blind” which is probably why they prefer civilian targets as they’re easier to hit.

    • himars is simply a grad – barely punches a hole in a bridge tarmak..

      its JUNK’ – design is over 30 years old w a Cat-Diesel Jet Engine (maint >?).. when the operators do turn on’a functional nav sis.. the russian come in and blow the holy the reds will hav a chitt chatt after they takehell out the sites… i.e. trashed everyting that few a bird.. they hav less than 6 left — toss in the two sold; down to 4 rock chukers

      spring 2023…. the reds’ whii hav a chitt chat after they reach moldova; anything/bordering countries – that has NATO JUNK sittin on the uki borders.. will not B open for discussion..

      >>> elensky will cutt the pipeline – thats when it will get serious..

  5. Though Shrimpy is mostly correct in his view of the Ukraine/Russia SMO, he is tragically wrong in repeating only 18,000 civilian casualties resulting from the Fire Bombing of Dresden. His countryman, the great historian David Irving, can educate Michael. I recommend he read Mr. Irving’s book “Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden”. The actual death count is not known, but estimates are 100,000 possibly more. The other error I see is his view of Germany’s role in the current war. I don’t doubt there are some Germans involved, but we can’t forget: Germany is an occupied country and hasn’t been sovereign for 77 years. I won’t discount that there may be sons and grandsons of German secret police who immigrated to the USA under operation “Paper Clip”, and who are now following their father’s footsteps and working for the CIA, and such orgs. There are some who believe that WW2 never really ended, that the 4th Reich is alive and well, and HQs just moved West. With the level of surveillance, we’re all under growing every day, this country is looking a lot like 1932 Germany. There may be some truth to the rumor.

  6. Dear, Mr. Shrimpton,

    as usual your germanophobic fairy-tales. Again as usual in those finals, as in 1966, the Islandsapes only can win by cheating. Yesterday it was the english captian, Williamson, played with the hand in the box without any penalty. Have the triumph of unfair victories. And about Dresden, in Dresden was no military. Your rogue- & pirate nation, mainly with the instrument Royal Navy, executed more than 20 holodomors in 300 years, with more than 80 Mio. civilian victims. Maybe you will find a motivation to write a book about it. Or let’s pray for a quick climate change to scuttle the City. About the Ukrainian-Russo-War, which is nearly a kind of Civil War, at least similar to a war between Bavaria & Hesse or England against Wales, your words are not so bad. But in this case we are sitting in the same boat. Both of our governments are diving through the rectum of the US admin.

    • Mister Langshanks:
      Have You not yet grasped that Shrimpton’s use of the word “Germans” i just a ploy so as to not be accused of anti-Jewish words? (It’s easy to get along in those areas of Palestine occupied by cleptocratic Jiddisch speakers of you can speak German — speaking any real Semitic language nobody will understand it among the local Jids, however.)
      Just go thru his postings, and you will see someone who writes “Germans” when he actually means meaan gays like the Rothschilds and the founders of the opium export business to China.

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