Why was it important for Biden to start War in Ukraine?


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The Nazi Azov Marches

by Jan Westh, EU-Correspondent for VT

In 2014, Joe Biden was the Vice-President of the Obama government and John Kerry was the Secretary of State. They worked in the same direction when it came to Russia, but Biden was the driving force when it came to bringing about a coup d’état in Ukraine.

That’s why he willingly stood up when things started to tighten up on Maidan Square in Kyiv. He ran around there together with, among other things, John McCain and handed out candy to the paid right-wing extremists who were responsible for the violence. These had for many years been brought up and brainwashed mainly by the care of the United States. Famous Nazis from the Hitler era were seen as role models.

Viktoria Nuland, the USA’s Europe representative, was able to say in connection with the coup d’état that took place in Kyiv, in February 2014, that since 1991 Washington had spent USD 5 billion in Ukraine on “democracy-promoting measures”, in fact, it was a matter of the majority of the support went to subversive activities through so-called “Front groups”, which worked with Nazi leader Stephan Bandera from the Hitler era, as an example. You cannot say that you are working for democracy while carrying out a coup d’état.

The guiding star then became a burning hatred of Russians and anyone who was not considered to be genuinely Germanic. These were referred to as the “Untermenschen”. The state was a democratic but oligarchic system where economic development was non-existent and where power was not with the politicians but with rich oligarchs – there was still a struggling democracy.

That democracy was predicted and overthrown by the Washington gang of which Viktoria Nuland was a part. Then, as an American politician, Nuland was able to appoint a person from the extreme right, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, as prime minister, in one of Russia’s brother countries, Ukraine. The road to war can hardly be laid out more clearly than that. Yatsenyuk, in turn, appointed several Nazis to his government.

But the economic and moral support that the USA served never went to fighting undemocratic oligarchs, but to fanning Nazi-style racist sentiments against the Russian population and other minorities who liked to be called “Untermenschen” and who were considered clearly different from the Germanic race. This form of mental rot was found mainly in the western parts of the country. “The Russians are so stupid that they don’t understand why we want to kill them.” In these circles, they were not ashamed of similar vomiting.

Already from the formation of Ukraine, the United States worked to sow a dragon’s seed of ignorance and genuine hatred, which after the coup d’état spread eastward with the help of, among other things, a Nazi Azov battalion towards the Russian border. So against a country that during the Second World War had to experience how more than 20 million of its citizens were slaughtered by the Nazis. Can you imagine a more unpsychological and satanic strategy?

It is truly pitiful that the Ukrainian soldiers do not realize that they are not fighting for their motherland, but they are fighting for Uncle Sam to retain power over Ukraine. It was there, on February 24, 2014, that Ukraine lost its independence and became an American vassal state. And why does Uncle Sam, Biden, want to keep the power over Ukraine that he acquired through a coup d’état 8 years ago? Well, he can then use the country as a bat in his goal of fragmenting and destabilizing Russia.

On September 26, 2014, Carl Gershman, head of the American NED, which with enormous support from the United States works to overthrow and destroy various regimes, could describe Ukraine as, “the biggest trophy, and an important step on the way to overthrowing Putin.” There you have it, that’s where it sat. And there you got the question answered; Why it was important for Biden to start the war in Ukraine? And the presidents who have been in power in Ukraine since 2014 have all been Uncle Sam’s lapdogs.

But you can perhaps also talk about another important reason. Ukraine has always been Europe’s most important center of Jewish Zionism. And already during the last years of the Second World War, Jews in the Soviet Union began to process Stalin in order to take over all of Crimea. The former Soviet spy chief, Pavel Sudoplatov, has carefully detailed the tours in his book, “Directorate”. However, Zionist greed ultimately destroyed the entire project. But the interest in Ukraine as, “the new Zion” has never died out.

When we then examine the people behind the coup d’état in 2014, we find that it is 100% the case of Zionists with Joe Biden, John McCain, Victoria Nuland, Ambassador Pyatt and John Kerry at the head. Ukrainian Zionists led by the oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky had prepared the ground for them in Kyiv, and he came, among other things, a. to eventually appoint his soul mate Volodymor Zelensky as president. Armed snipers with a Nazi ideology were just waiting for orders from these gentlemen to create chaos at the right time.

The war in Ukraine began eight years ago. And as soon as the coup d’état was completed and a government with several Nazis as ministers in important positions could then unleash para-military groups against an almost unarmed Russian minority in the eastern parts of the country. There started the hell that the US has been working to make happen for many years. The fact that the United States thereby creates hell for more than 40 million people is seen as unimportant. The United States has never taken responsibility for holocaust machinery that often had to work at high speed.

Back to the title question! No, the US never had the ambition that Crimea would be united with Ukraine. In their plans, Crimea would become an extremely important naval and military base that could easily put the knife in Ivan’s throat. Also, a nice Israeli colony.
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In looking for clear reasons for the war in Ukraine, we absolutely cannot ignore the demonic role played by the Western mainstream. That institution has long since played out its role as an objective informant and has instead indulged in an insatiable war hysteria and pointer of the power or state that should be eliminated. In the end, you reach your goal and the public understands who is the next man to be hanged, in this case, Putin. Then you can beat your chest smugly and stubbornly. Remember that Franklin Roosevelt needed two extra years of extreme media to hate speech to get the American people to understand that a war against Hitler was absolutely necessary. His allies in Europe gladly took on the job of managing the first phase. Without a mass media war agenda, the cannons will be unemployed.

Then there was the money thing. The US is the only country that is profiting multi from this European war, which they finally succeeded in bringing about.

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  1. Excellent article. What most people don’t understand is, the Biden administration is not supporting the people of Ukraine. They’re using Ukraine as a tool to weaken Russia. I laugh at the charities collecting aid for Ukraine, because I know little, if any, of it will actually reach people who need it.

  2. You can add George Soros who used his NGOs for various color revolutions in the FSU and ME. Also here in America during the late spring and early summer of 2020 which could be considered the real insurrection. There are also other reasons that Biden coveted Ukraine and those involved making money through his son Hunter who with Kerry’s son cornered the energy market there later diversifying into human trafficking and producing bioweapons. One designed to cause the recent “pandemic” and help steal the election for dear ol’dad AKA the “Big Guy”.

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