Very sadly Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth I of Scotland, was called home to God at Balmoral Castle on Thursday, September 8th, plunging Britain into deep mourning. 

by Michael Shrimpton, VT’s Correspondent in the U.K.

Her Majesty’s long life of service to the Nation and Commonwealth came to an end quite suddenly, leaving many people in shock. Determined to do Her duty to the very end She received Her outgoing Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, only last Tuesday. She was seen smiling when welcoming Her new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

In the space of just two days, Britain had a new Prime Minister and a new Sovereign. In accordance with the British Constitution, King Charles III ascended the Throne immediately upon the death of His beloved mother.

Queen Elizabeth II pictured here with her husband, Prince Phillip, the future King Charles III, and his sister Princess Anne (circa 1951)

Some idiot republicans, if that is not a tautology with respect, have complained that they didn’t elect King Charles. Of course, they didn’t! As her name (the United Kingdom) implies the UK is a kingdom. In a kingdom, the Head of State is a hereditary monarch. In fact, Parliament approved the succession, by means of the Act of Settlement in 1701. The country isn’t known as the ‘UR’ for a reason!

Stability and orderly transition are of course two of the great advantages enjoyed by monarchies. As we saw in November 2020, when the election was stolen from the winning candidate Donald Trump, transitions in republics can often be difficult.

Not everyone is mourning our departed Sovereign. A silly professor at Carnegie Mellon University, if that is not a tautology with respect, Uju Anya, unaware that the British Empire was a nice empire, tweeted some nonsense about it being genocidal. We must find some way of upsetting Professor Anya. One suggestion would be to rename the Chief of the General Staff the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, the old title. That should cause her to blow a gasket, no offense intended.

The speed of Her Majesty’s decline took many people by surprise. I wept when I saw the photographs of Her meeting Liz Truss – She seemed so frail. Even so it never occurred to me that She had barely two days left to live. As anyone following my Twitter feed will know I was initially hopeful on Thursday. I had a routine hospital appointment and there didn’t seem to be any cause for alarm when I left the house.

By the time I returned it was clear that Her Majesty’s long life of service was drawing to a close. According to my sources, which are usually reliable, Her Majesty died at 1437 British Summer Time. The Cabinet Secretary, Simon ‘von’ Case, however, did not inform the Prime Minister until 1630. The odious little man, no offense intended, is going to have to account for every one of those minutes.

The lovely gorgeous young Queen Elizabeth II

The duty of a Cabinet Secretary is clear. Upon being informed of the death of the Sovereign he should immediately inform the Prime Minister, wherever he or she might be. What is more, the Cabinet Secretary must refrain from interfering with funeral arrangements agreed with the departed Sovereign. On Tuesday Queen Elizabeth’s casket was flown to London when it had been understood that Her mortal remains were to be conveyed to St Pancras Station in the Royal Train, hauled by a steam engine. That would have been magnificent, and entirely suitable. The cargo hold of a military airlift was not.

The explanation put out by the authorities – that the railroad tracks could not be secured – was obvious gibberish, no offense intended. Her Majesty’s casket was driven nearly 200 miles by road from Balmoral to Edinburgh without incident and roads are far more difficult to secure than railroad tracks. Apart from one idiot in Edinburgh, who shouted at HRH the Duke of York and was very properly arrested, the public was solemn and respectful.

Her Majesty’s casket could not of course have been taken from Balmoral to Edinburgh by rail as some idiot had ripped up the tracks between Aberdeen and Ballater. Controversially Her casket was carried in a German hearse, again something for which the Cabinet Office will need to provide an explanation, since the State Hearse, a Jaguar, could easily have been flown to Dyce, the airport for Aberdeen, in an RAF C-17 Globemaster.

The near two-hour delay in informing the PM wasn’t the only delay. The aircraft carrying Prince William, the Duke of York, and the Earl and Countess of Wessex didn’t land in Dyce in time for them to reach the dying Queen’s bedside. Depriving the children of a Sovereign of the right to say goodbye, and the dying Sovereign of the last opportunity to see His or Her children is a grave misdemeanor.

It’s likely to be man overboard time as far as ‘von’ Case is concerned, I’m afraid. If he fails to resign I understand that there are a number of ways in which a Cabinet Secretary who has become surplus to requirements can be moved on. However, I can scotch the rumor that the RAF are planning to throw him out of a helicopter.

The RAF do not throw people out of helicopters. They leave that sort of thing to the Argentine Air Force. Inviting someone to step out of a helicopter for a few moments at 5,000 ft without a parachute is a different thing altogether, of course.

Then Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen (circa 1949)

Her Majesty’s Life

Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born at 17 Bruton Street Mayfair on April 21st 1926 to Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of York. The Duke of York, later King George VI and Emperor of India (I put that in to annoy Professor Anya) was King George V’s second son (His other sons were King Edward VIII, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, and Prince George, Duke of Kent, assassinated by the Abwehr on August 25th, 1942) the young Princess was not expected to inherit the Throne.

The result was a carefree upbringing, at least until King Edward VIII was caught in a honey trap by the German spy Wallis Simpson and forced to abdicate. (The official reason was that Wallis was a divorcée.) The Duke of York ascended the Throne on December 11th, 1936. At that moment Princess Elizabeth became Heir Presumptive. Had a son been born to George VI and Queen Elizabeth he would have become Heir Apparent of course.

World War II Mechanic, Princess Elizabeth working on an engine.

The Royal Family stayed in London throughout the war, even after the Luftwaffe tried to murder the King and Queen on September 13th, 1940, when the part of Buckingham Palace They were in was bombed at a low level. The then Cabinet Secretary, Sir Edward Bridges, was of course a German spy and was able to brief in the Abwehr as to when the King and Queen would be in residence and where in the Palace They would be.

Her Majesty served in uniform, in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. She was the last world leader to have served in World War II. She remained a good driver almost until the end of Her days, displaying excellent taste in Her choice of automobiles. A friend of mine in the Intelligence Community used to brief Her in at Balmoral – She would drive to a pre-arranged spot on the border of the estate, alone, in a Land-Rover.

Princess Elizabeth served her country during World War II.

Princess Elizabeth met her handsome future husband at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in 1939 and fell in love straight away. She and Prince Philip were married on November 20th 1947. Their years on Malta, when Prince Philip was serving in the Mediterranean Fleet (he was the First Lieutenant of the destroyer HMS Chequers) were amongst the Queen’s happiest.

HMS Chequers, a C class destroyer.

Prince Philip’s wicked uncle, the German spy Lord Louis Mountbatten, encouraged the match, in the vain hope that he could control the young couple. He met his match however in Prince Philip, a combat veteran who had served at the Battle of Matapan in 1941. Essentially Philip told ‘Dickie’ Mountbatten where he could go.

Sadly however the happy days in Malta were not to last. The DVD had other plans. On Admiral Canaris’s orders their London operation, GO2, assassinated the King. An asset in Buckingham Palace reporting to Sir Norman Brook, the evil and supercilious Cabinet Secretary, if that is not a tautology with respect, arranged for a radiation source to be covertly placed in the King’s bed near His lungs. Because He was a heavy smoker nobody at the time suspected a thing. Sir Norman should have been hanged for High Treason, nicely of course.

Princess Elizabeth changing a tire. She served as a mechanic during World War II

The Germans hugely underestimated the young new Queen’s resilience. She rose to the challenge magnificently, going on a successful tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1954. Her Majesty went on to visit more countries than any previous British Monarch, including the United States. Hugely popular, She set an example of what a constitutional monarch should be.

She gave birth to four fine children, Prince Charles, now the King, Princess Anne, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. In Her last years, She was forced to suffer the distress of seeing Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, subject to a false allegation of sexual misconduct with an American prostitute, a woman he had never even met.

Her Majesty was discretion itself, even when forced by poor ministerial advice to entertain evil dictators like Idi Amin, Nicolai Ceauşescu, and Tony Blair (just kidding, Tony!). None of Her Prime Ministers saw their private advice to their Sovereign appear in the newspapers, not even the posh ones.

Her great sense of humor shone through in the 2012 James Bond Olympics sketch and the famous Paddington Bear sketch for Her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year:

The 1981 Assassination Attempts

On June 13th, 1981 Marcus Serjeant, a teenager, fired six blank shots from a starting pistol near the Queen, who was riding Her favorite horse, Burmese, a gift from the Mounties. There was no danger of Her Majesty being shot of course but had Burmese panicked She could have been thrown and either killed or seriously injured.

Serjeant was prosecuted for a lesser offense under the Treason Act 1842 and was lucky enough to get only five years, although he failed to thank the learned Lord Chief Justice, Lord Lane, who sentenced him, for his mercy. The Met failed to find out who he was working for. Almost certainly it was GO2. Serjeant was disturbed and fitted the profile of German assets.

The Queen on her Throne. She served the longest of any monarch in the long history of the United Kingdom

Assuming it was GO2 they not only underestimated the Queen’s ability as a horsewoman but also Burmese’s courage. She was not only the mount of a Monarch but knew that she was. She was a fine horse and lived to a grand old age.

Just three months later another disturbed teenager, Christopher Lewis, a devotee of another half-crazed German asset, Charles ‘von’ Manson, tried to shoot the Queen in Dunedin, New Zealand, with a .22 rifle. Thankfully he missed, possibly because his hands were shaking so much. He eventually topped himself whilst in prison awaiting trial for the brutal murder of Tania Furlan and the kidnap of her infant child, Tiffany. Lewis was almost certainly working for the powerful DVD station in Wellington, which had successfully penetrated the Kiwi bureaucracy, which covered the attempted regicide for years.

The 1982 attempt

The next attempt on the Queen’s life was made the following year. On July 9th, 1982 an intruder armed with a knife was allowed by police to enter the Queen’s Bedchamber in Buckingham Palace. The Queen showed great courage in facing him down.

Sadly the Met Commissioner, Sir David McNee, and the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Robert Armstrong, were not hanged for High Treason, as with respect they should have been, nicely of course. Sir Robert was the sixth German spy in succession to hold the post. It’s one of the reasons why it took so long to defeat Germany in both World Wars and Britain struggled so badly in peace. The Queen was badly let down with respect by MI5, the Cabinet Office, and successive governments.


The 2012 attempt

I am pleased to say that I had a hand in foiling the next attempt on the Queen’s life, which targeted not only Her Majesty but the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, as he then was, and his sons Prince William and Prince Harry. That of course was the Olympic nuclear bomb plot, in which the then Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, was deeply implicated. Sir Jeremy ordered my wrongful arrest, asking that I be detained until the first nuclear device had safely been exfiltrated by the DVD. He was not hanged, which was a pity, but he was very properly, albeit unofficially, executed in 2018.

Queen Elizabeth II was a magnificent Sovereign. Her father, the murdered King George VI, would have been proud. She might have preferred the quiet life of a countrywoman, with Her dogs and horses (if you see any reference to Her corgis being bad-tempered it probably comes from a bad-tempered journalist – they only bit the Bad Guys). It was not to be, but when She was called She did Her duty. God Bless Her.

I had the privilege of seeing the late Queen on four occasions – at the 1975 Derby, in 1980 when She decorated my late aunt Zita Barnett with the OBE in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace, in 1990, on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and at Windsor Castle in 2002, when I drove past Her and Prince Philip in my Bentley as part of the Golden Jubilee Parade of 500 Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles. I waved and She and Prince Philip waved back, a memory I shall always cherish.

The Most Lovely Queen in History

The new King and Queen

I have no doubt that King Charles III will be a fine King and a credit to His beloved mother. Queen Camilla will be a wonderful Queen and great support to the King. He comes to the Throne with vast experience – how many other world leaders can claim to have met President Nixon in the Oval Office?

I was surprised with respect at His choice of Regnal Name, however. I was hoping that He would reign as King George VII, something discussed with the Queen Mother (Whom I saw unveil the statute to that lovely man Bomber Harris). However, it was a matter for Him and I respect His choice.

Presenting King Charles III

Hopefully, the Treasury won’t water down the plans for His Coronation. An austerity Coronation was fine in 1953 when we were still getting over the war, but I think we can do better in 2023. I am concerned at the rumor going around Whitehall that no provision at all has been made for elephants. What are they expecting the Indian Maharajas to ride on? Shetland ponies? E-scooters?

There is no word yet from the Indian Government regarding the timing for the Durbar in Delhi. No doubt they are waiting on the date for His Majesty’s Coronation. Of course, they’ll want to allow for the monsoon to arrive early.

God Save the King!


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  1. The papers have noted that at HMQ’s funeral, The Lord’s My Shepherd was sung, with traditional words and sung to the tune Crimond, the same one that HMQ had at her wedding to Prince Philip. I grew up in Canada with several sung versions of Psalm 23. My favorite is the French version, Tu es mon berger, O Seigneur. It would be perfect in the French-speaking parts of the Commonwealth, imo… Instead of the formal Vous, it employs the very intimate “tu” that one would use to address a close friend. Our church always used either organ or keyboard. I chose Tu es mon berger, O Seigneur for my Dad’s funeral years ago. But I have always believed the music would be perfect as an instrumental for an Andean pan flute, as it would be haunting. So for my wedding, I had a sister-in-law play it on her flute. But the result was hilariously unrecognizable, as the sheet music I had given her had omitted the timing, which she had guessed at and speeded up greatly. I will try to find a copy of the original sheet music or a video link for you all.

  2. Durban should be Durbar of course!

    King George VI led Britain and the Empire to victory in World War II Adrian! The Royal Family were only connected to the German royal houses by marriage. King Charles III is a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce and King Edward the Confessor. The Spencer and Windsor blood lines merged with the Prince of Wales, our next King.

    • Furthermore, on Prince Philip’s side, Charles’ grandmother Princess Alice (Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark) was born in Windsor Castle. She was born deaf, but learned to speak and lip-read 4 languages. Confirmed in the Anglican faith, she converted to the Greek Orthodox faith. She became a nun after the failure of her marriage, and is a genuine heroine of both WWI and WWII. She is buried where she had wished to be, at a Russian Orthodox convent.

  3. I can find also some way of upsetting to you, Michael, her casket was carried in a German hearse and that was very suitable because the House of Windsor they are not britons, they are germans from House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, her father George VI was a Hitler sympathizer. Lady Diana she had more blood rights to be Queen of England as member the House of Spencer than Elizabeth. London bridge has fallen finally.

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