PLAN A: The Untold Story Of Jewish Revenge against Germany

A True Story Never Told Before – The Stirring And Shocking World War II Drama...PLAN A The Untold Story Of Jewish Revenge - Opening in NYC on Oct. 7 - L.A. and additional cities & VOD on Oct. 14


In 1945, a group of Jewish holocaust survivors planned to poison the water system in Germany. The film tells the dangerous and bold secret operation which was called – Plan A


Menemshia Films will open PLAN A in NYC at the New Plaza Cinema on Friday, October 7th. The following Friday, October 14th, the film will open in theatres in Los Angeles, Boston, Phoenix, Seattle, South Florida, and other cities around the country.

On that date, it will also be available on numerous VOD platforms such as Apple TV, Prime Video (to buy/rent), GooglePlay, Vudu, Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, Verizon, DIRECTV, Frontier, and Dish.

PLAN A is based on the incredible true story of the “Avengers,” a group of Jewish vigilantes, men and woman, who after surviving the holocaust are vowing to avenge the death of their people by poisoning the water supplies in German cities and to kill six million Germans, one for every Jew slaughtered by the Nazis – “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

Max, a Holocaust survivor has lost all his family in the camps. Full of rage and with nothing left to live for other than the revenge he helps the Jewish Brigade soldiers under British command who, on their own accord, find and execute Nazis accused of leading positions in the system. When the British realize ex-Nazis are disappearing, the Brigade is sent away, Max follows Anna and a group of former partisans to Nuremberg, where they soon realize that they will not find redemption in the upcoming Nuremberg trials.

Led by charismatic leader Abba Kovner, they formulate the biggest revenge operation in history – ‘Plan A.’ They infiltrate German water companies as undercover engineers with only one goal: to poison the drinking water in Nuremberg, Munich, Cologne, Weimar, and Hamburg.

‘Plan A’ fails, and Max realizes that living a life, having children, and building the State of Israel is his, and the Jewish people’s true revenge.

Inspired by the events featured in the book “Nakam,” (Revenge in Hebrew) by Prof. Dina Porat, the chief Historian of Yad Vashem, PLAN A stars August Diehl (Inglourious Basterds, A Hidden Life), Sylvia Hoeks (The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Blade Runner 2049) and Michael Aloni (Shtisel, When Heroes Fly). PLAN A was written and directed by brothers Doron and Yoav Paz, the directors behind Jeruzalem and The Golem. PLAN A is a German-Israeli co-production that runs 109 minutes and is in English.

“We believe that PLAN A is a gripping true story that deals with the most primal and natural human instinct – pure revenge,” state the directors Doron & Yoav Paz. “It gives the audience a new perspective about the holocaust and confronts powerful feelings of revenge, justice, and morality”

By the way…there was a “Plan B,” but that’s another movie.

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  1. Jewish-Zionist Propaganda Machine at work! Never forget, that the ‘World Holocaust’ was done by the Jews, who under the “Flag of Marxist Bolshevik-Communism”, what I call the ‘Jewish Plague’, that DISEASE of Theirs, that They Spread from St. Petersburg, Russia to Shanghai, China, to Cape Town, S. Africa resulted in the DEATHS of some 200 million Human beings in the 20th century!

  2. All those so called ” plans ” from Jews are simple bullshit to smoke off peoples around their unceasing misdeeds . If you work a little about jewish mind and moral , you’ll find few things , but first a lot of mental sickness ( which S Freud could have to solved , if he had not been stripped of his work by the ashkenazian crowds to turn it into a scamm called two-pence psychiatry ),. But you’ll always find those ones :
    = want more money but never by any work . Which induces lots of specific jewish means called thieving by other peoples..
    = never enduring to be compared to others breeds of mortals as being équals ! They feel it as insult . Which fully self ties to the nazi racial system.( just Youtube ” jewish girl prank call her parents “, you’ll get all fresh & eatable )
    = The life of a non jewish is a non value compared to theirs . And all the basic rights tied to this life are fully légitime to them = they kill palestinians kids , but it can’t be called a criminal action unless the one who says that is called antisémite .(look at the criminal trials reports in Israel ! you’ll fall on your ass )
    So , to them : building & managing wars between non-jewish folks = cheapest way to get rid of annoying people that consume O² , foods and all they consider their rightful ownership = all that they say god had given them .If not taken serious enough, not less than a mortal sickness for mankind

  3. The sub-title should be: “In 1945, a group of revolutionary Talmudic Jews planned to poison the water system in Germany.” The only “Holocaust,” or planned genocide in Europe was that of the German people, almost a million civilians killed in terror bombings and close to 2 million killed after the war, mostly in the crypto Jew Eisenhower-ordered open air prison camps. See James Bacque’s Other Losses, and Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm, also documentaries on them.

  4. shoah…what shoah…look at the red cross records

    try and find the ash/bones of each supposed victim.

    where are the mountains of coke allegedly used to cremate…

    ina time of war transported by rail…

    utter (((filth))) bullshit.

  5. @ Johnny
    “Yet, they exacted their “revenge” against poor agrarian indigenous peoples who had NOTHING to do with their terrible horrific suffering in Europe.” I’m with you on that. I think that emanates from their very deep sited sense of revenge against any member of human race (Goyim) specially the ones that are incapable of fighting back. Perhaps, 70 years ago Germans or European in general were too big of an adversary for the tribe to tackle on, as we see they’ve carried that revenge and exacted it in 2022, a war in Ukraine that will crash the European economy it unfolds along with their other satanic objectives.

  6. The Avengers also targeted German prisoners. I have reason to think that my dad, who guarded German prisoners of war all during WWII, might have been inadvertently poisoned by the Avengers at the end of the war. He did not die, but he became extremely sick, with poisoning symptoms. He spent months in a Veteran’s hospital, and then was dumped out of the Army with no pension. Several years later, he had to have a shriveled kidney removed… I also saw online that the Army used DDT in heavy amounts on all clothing at the prison camps (and barracks?) at the end of the war, to kill lice. Could have been an Army screw-up, but could also have been sabotage. They never told him or his wife anything. In his old age, when he no longer needed the pension, they suddenly decided to give him 100% disability pension, with no explanation.

  7. Holocaust was horrific! Unbelievable! But NOT ONE Palestinian murdered a Jewish European Citizen during the Holocaust! NOT ONE! Yet, they exacted their “revenge” against poor agrarian indigenous peoples who had NOTHING to do with their terrible horrific suffering in Europe. To this day, millions of Palestinian peoples people suffer under the weight of their inability to cope and deal with the perpetrators of their suffering. These European Jews did NOT exact an Eye for an Eye but an Eye for a Why? Maybe they should have poisoned the waters of Germany. Maybe the world could have been saved over 70 years of Zionist occupation of a people that had ZERO to do with their plight!

    • Brilliant post, really. That’s exactly what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was saying when confronted with the zio media pundits drilling him, pinning him down, then twisting his answer of “let’s say it happened as exactly as it’s reported, where did it happen and why another population who had nothing to do with it have to suffer ?” as holocaust denial.

      Then again the hasbara trolls have it covered with “but the grand mufti of Jerusalem met with blah blah” etc.

  8. I studied the WW II , I studied all the Hitler Books , I was living inside the Jews, I was watching all Jewish Anti German Films……….The real Murder were the Zionist Nazi Jews behind all wars, since Theosophical appearance of madam Blavatsky and the Protocol of Elder of Zions. We never buy any other stories made by IRGUN Jews, Azov Mass murder. Jews are responsible for all wars, mass murdering in Palestrina in Greater Palestinia called Ukraine ! We don t buy anything out of the mouth of Jews !

    • Iran had 250,000 and in 1979 they fled with their money to Beverly Hills.

      The 25,000 or so left in Iran who have always felt Iranian first, refused Likud’s offer a few years ago to come and kill the Palestinian kids for more land theft.

      Those enjoy the 63 synagogues of Iran, their parliamentary seat, their legal protection etc … but if you listen to Wolf Blitzer he will paint you a different picture.

      Now Likud is working overtime to bring back Trump and have their war of fighting Iran to the last US serviceman among other suckers.

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