by Phil Hunter

If you think in these times that you should be preparing for the war then you need to think again. The worst time to prepare for war is when you are in the middle of one.

As I listen to the news around the world I hear nothing but war talk. There are armed conflicts, including American shooters, all over the planet. The Russian actions are the least of your worries in this battle space.

The battle lines were drawn up in the good ol’ USA a long time ago. Don’t see them? Ask yourself if the Republicans and Democrats are not at war with you. Every trick in the book, including murder, is available to those in the parties. BLM, ANTIFA, Proud Boys, Vax/AntiVax, ProLife/ProChoice. Think about it, who benefits from the internal strife? Who benefits from the suppression of speech and thought? You think they’re not ready.

The Army announced as noted in the Stars and Stripes that the pre-basic training program was being extended, meaning they got more money. This is the program where the Army spends weeks preparing someone for the physical rigors of war prior to their entry into basic training. Now follow this.

If I were a state’s Governor and there were no Regular, Reserve, and National Guard troops to call upon in a time of tribulation I would have already identified a large group of fit individuals for the state’s duly authorized militia. Or all the able “legal” aged individuals have been drafted. We move the age to 16 and all those pre-training individuals are moved to a uniform. They are prepared and execute plans.

The power behind every deadly issue we face as individuals and as a species comes from those who wish themselves more power over others. They will threaten, coerce, and if need be enforce their decrees with their “agents” coming to take you to their jail or kill you.

If you don’t see a body count then you aren’t looking. How many people were shot in Chicago last weekend, or in Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA, DC, or Memphis? What is happening in these US cities is happening in every population center in the country and around the world. Guns, knives, bombs, or machetes all work.

Ask yourself why there are such shortages happening. War brings shortages, full stop. Food, energy, manpower, and resources are shifted to storage or sent to those who are “defending” your way of life thousands of miles away, or maybe that bread is unloaded around the block into the big fancy house.

This is currently a worldwide low-intensity conflict between the power brokers and the rest of humanity. And they are winning. How many people were convinced to take the clot shot? How many millions will die because of it? How many will die when Taiwan is reunified with mainland China? Just the threat of it is worth billions to the military-industrial complex. When asked on the CBS 60 Minutes news show if US troops would be involved in support of Taiwan the US President had a simple answer.  “Yes”.

With Russia and China, both claimed adversaries everyone in the industry of war keeps their national economies going and their shareholder’s pockets lined with big money.

Enough is enough was the cry at the Bohemian Grove. The writing is on the wall. We must reduce the insolence of our workers and slaves. The evil ones have decided that most humans, every self-directed being, every soul, and every individualist who believes in freedom and individual sovereignty must die.

So, we’re being bombarded by wartime propaganda from all the media to “prepare”. Prepare for energy shortages, prepare for food, shortages. It is ludicrous; the horse is already out of the barn. Preparation for war is what the masses are being put through around Europe, China, and even the USA without anyone considering the war has been going on for a long time.

It is a war for the very soul of each individual. Those crazy, wonderful, unpredictable pieces of the creation in all of us, the spirit within which makes us what we call human; those who populate the globe we call home.

We are at war! And you can’t prepare to fight when you need to fight.

This war like all wars will end. Will there be anyone left when all the bullets are gone and everyone is too weak from hunger to fight anymore? I hope so. Preppers have always thought they were preparing for the big one. In reality, they are preparing for peace.

Being alive in this great diverse world is amazing. Others need to see it. My offspring should be heirs to the wonders I have seen around the world. Everyone should be able to meet caring like-minded humans all across the land. On every continent, I’ve visited and in every country, the same thing occurs. When you sit down for a cup of coffee, tea, chi, a beer, or a glass of wine, the talking starts. The things we have in common surface first. The conversations can get long because we have so much in common.

Also, ask a combat veteran sometime what tops his thoughts about what he did: if you dare. Topping that old soldier’s thoughts no matter where or when he fought, he must believe somewhere in his soul that the fighting was for peace.  Strange but true. Comes out in many ways yet there it is.

Think now, what is peace? I think it is the absence of the fear of one’s death being purposefully caused by the hands of another human.

I do believe that the strife between peoples of this wonder-filled world will come to an end. I don’t know if any will survive. Or will those that make it only be the data programmed into a cyborg which thinks it is the remnant of humanity? Yet I hope, and I prepare for that peace. I do this by looking for the common in all of us. The good and the bad.

Whoever comes out on top in this war, (I know I have utopian ideas of peace) will likely have many disparate pieces of humanity, infrastructure, industry, and agriculture to get going again. It will not be easy for any who survive.

A framework for bringing about a lasting peace must be in place long before peace breaks out. When all is said and done the preparation and planning for bringing lasting peace, where all are free to be their individual best and encouraged to do so, must follow the heavy hand.

I have spoken with friends about the time it will take to see change when there are but a few. How many years, or generations, to reach that time where there is peace, and it’s an easy peace, not at the end of a gun?  One friend thought 20 years, another 2 generations. I do not know the time frames but I do know the coming generations need to be self-sufficient and able to live in the community.  They will need to know their land’s culture, reveling in the good to be found there while seeing the same things in humanity everywhere. We must look for and build up one another’s souls.

I mentioned framework, well that is something you can find the beginnings of in Jack Heart’s Conversations from the Porch episodes 6 and 7. All referenced of course. There are a lot bigger brains than mine that will be needed to build a transition plan where the individual souls that make humanity remain intact.

I do, however, know that there are documents the world over that lay the very foundation, the ideal, of what a nation or a state is to be based upon. Documents of that which is good a culture sees in itself.  In the United States, it is called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Behind that most states within the federation of states have a Constitution or similar document which brings order to the people of that state. Given that many states the world over have such documents it behooves us to say win the war quickly people, celebrate our differences of culture and speech and break out the peace for those who survive.

There are signs all around us of unknown civilizations and ancient peoples lost. Are we to be another one?

If the absence of war is peace, then the opposite must be true.


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  1. Phil Hunter is right. There is a war going on here in America. Actually it is a covert operation that was implemented to “drain the swamp”. Most of us “anons” at the time who were followers of Q back in 2017 have known this for some time. In drop #26 they say “Think about it logically.
    The only way is the military. Fully controlled. Save & spread (once 11.3 verifies as 1st marker).
    Biggest advanced drop on Pol.” Duel meaning on 11.3 which could be the date 11.3 or the section 3 in Chapter 11 of the DOD’s Manual of War referring to DC which is actually a foreign territory under the Organic Act of 1871.

    Anyway Q and Q+ which is the code name for the CIC warned us that a storm was coming and in the following drop #55 Look to Twitter:
    Exactly this: “My fellow Americans, the STORM is upon us…….”
    God bless. Many of us waited and watched twitter for this tweet while Q was telling in many drops to prepare for the storm which came exactly on 1/6/20. The Storm had arrived and most Americans hadn’t noticed except a few. One who wrote about this “Storm” was Derek Johnson in a series of articles here

    God bless.

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