Ukraine War: Intel Brief from Cuban Analyst by Anderson Petrovich Komarov Felix

VT's Jack Heart files this report sent in from Cuba about the Theater of Military Operations in Ukraine on this October 3rd day of 2022


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Theater of Military Operations (TOM) – 10/03/2022

“…The first duty of a Cuban soldier is not to die for the homeland, the first duty is that the enemy dies for his…”

by Anderson Petrovich Komarov Felix in Cuba, Translated by Geog Stien

Good morning comrades. Havana, Cuba. First free territory in America. 08:23AM, hello Fidel.

One fine day, in a work meeting with Fidel, I asked what happened if someone did not understand what was being said. Very simple, Fidel replied, explain it again, until they understand. And I have spent my life explaining everything that can be explained.

It is true that before this present world, there was the era of fire, of bronze, etc., today’s era is the digital era, the fastest and the most vulnerable, and it is vulnerable because it is extremely subjective. As any convinced in Marxism and materialism, and not superficial, this subjective tangle does not affect me, it only bothers me, indeed, the doubts of those on the side here. They bother me more than the “advances” of those on the side there, for a very simple reason: from those over there, one does not expect anything, from those here, one expects everything.

Well, let’s turn to Ukraine and the current military situation. Why is it called a special military operation? Because it is what it has been, and it has been determined by the number of men and means deployed on the ground. Yesterday I explained, but apparently, it was not understood, the number of men involved in this operation. 170,000 men on the Russian side and about 250,000 on the Ukrainian side (they have lost 101,000 men, not counting several thousand which they have additionally lost between 06/09/2022 and 02/10/2022).

Of those 170,000, the Russian forces themselves have not exceeded 80 or 85 thousand. the rest have been the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s militias, Wagner, Chechens, etc. And in turn, within these 80 or 85 thousand, there are several bodies or various institutions, National Guard, Land Army (450,000 troops, 1,700,000 reservists), Navy (150,000 active troops), Aerospace Forces (165,000 active troops), Airborne Troops (170,000 troops, 90,000 of them active troops), Strategic Missile Troops (81,000 troops).

We are not talking about any partial mobilization, much less general mobilization. We are talking about the effective and active personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Of those 80 or 85 thousand, let’s assume that a little more than half are from the ground forces, let’s say 45 thousand, these are barely 10% of the Russian Ground Forces, not counting the reservists, only the active ones.

And why is this? For two fundamental reasons: because Russia is conducting a military process within the framework of a special military operation and not a war. And the second reason is that Russia needs to win three parallel conflicts:

  1. With the West, it is long-term, especially what we understand as the new world order, and for me, it is more important than a military operation.
  2. Militarily, to put an end to Nazism and all anti-Russian expression in Ukraine.
  3. And, above all, it must win a Russian-speaking population in the east, south, and north of Ukraine, and for that, it cannot develop military actions that affect the civilian population in these areas. During the Second World War, Russia had no intention of annexing Germany, and particularly Berlin, to go and see how the city was left behind.

The conditions have changed today in Ukraine, Russia accepted the incorporation of 4 former Ukrainian territories, adding to a fifth that was already in the Russian embrace, since always, but administratively, since 2014.

Russia woke up 118,000 km² larger, not counting the 18,696 km2 of the various provinces still occupied by Ukrainian troops.

Cuba measures 110,860 km2. Do you think it would take the US 7 months to take all of Cuba? They would spend a lifetime, and they would not succeed. Because here we would fight until the last Yankee, none of that until the last Cuban. “…The first duty of a Cuban soldier is not to die for the homeland, the first duty is that the enemy dies for his…” (FpS).

Russia will begin, this month, not right now, but rather at the end of the month, a different phase, with a different character, it will leave aside the special military operation, and will begin a war without declaring it.


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  1. “…The first duty of a Cuban soldier is not to die for the homeland, the first duty is that the enemy dies for his…” That’s basically what Patton said too. The chances of America invading Cuba are pretty slim. “Bay of Pigs” anyone? Unlike Taiwan which is basically a cakewalk for the Chinese which has probably already begun since there’s been a virtual black out of news from that region. Russia on the other hand is involved in an existential battle against the Nazi New World Order. Actually a continuation of WW II. NATO being the Nazis which for them will end like the Bay of Pigs only on a grander scale.

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