First published 4 March 2022

JEA: The Washington Post has been shocked because Russia has blocked many of its citizens from accessing media outlets such as BBC and Facebook! These people have got to be kidding. Should that really be a big problem for the entire Zionist media and oligarchic institutions in much of the West? Don’t those outlets have a history of blocking things they don’t like as well? Do these people forget history that easily? Don’t they remember Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya?

The last time I checked, Facebook has blocked VT. The last time I checked, BBC was perpetuating anti-Russian propaganda with respect to what is happening in Ukraine. The last time I checked, it was a BBC journalist who asked Vladimir Putin a completely dumb question with respect to what was happening in the world. Putin, thank God, humiliated the poor fellow.

The BBC has recently reported that Russia “has launched a devastating attack on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million people,”[1] without mentioning a single word about what NATO has been doing for the past thirty years so!

It is even more disturbing when the BBC has put out articles such as “Why is Russia invading Ukraine and what does Putin want?” without even discussing the deep things that make up the crisis in the region. The article mentioned two things about NATO. The first one is this:

“Russia has long resisted Ukraine’s move towards the European Union and the West’s defensive military alliance, Nato. Announcing Russia’s invasion, he accused Nato of threatening ‘our historic future as a nation.’”

Really? That’s all there is to it? How stupid can we be? And then this: “There is no immediate threat to Russia’s Baltic neighbors, but Nato has bolstered their defences just in case.”

To understand the lunacy of the BBC statement, imagine some Chinese or North Korean warships circulating around the coast of California or Florida. Wouldn’t the United States eventually declare war if the Chinese or North Koreans leaders don’t immediately remove their warships?

Well, NATO has been circulating its troops around the Russian periphery for over a decade! And this has been in violation of international law. This is not some kind of conspiracy theory dreamed up by writers at VT. Scholars of all stripes have been saying this for years. John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, for example, has been writing about this since 2014. Mearsheimer in particular has recently reformulated that thesis in the New Yorker.

In any event, the BBC article did suggest something which Brother Nathanael Kapner will discuss below. The BBC seemed to suggest that Putin is in a war with the Khazarian Mafia in the region: “There has been no genocide in Ukraine: it is a vibrant democracy, led by a president who is Jewish.”

Now we’re talking.

…by Nathanael Kapner

The blitz on Russia is unhinged. It’s a study in ‘moronology.’

When US liquor stores are told by hacks to dump their already-bought Russian vodka, you know Russophobia is just a psychotic shot away. They dropped COVID just for this.

And when Fox News says ‘Putin is the Antichrist’ you know that whoever squawks the loudest gains the ear of lamebrain Americans. Rev up the heart rate.

Don’t you need somebody to hate. Today Putin, yesterday Sadaam, tomorrow whoever stands in the way of the Khazarian Mafia.

Ukraine is just a pawn in the Khazarian Mafia’s game to ‘contain’ Christian Russia.

With joint efforts of the Mossad and CIA clandestinely funding Ukraine’s nationalists—”Natz”—as the locals call them, short for “Nazis,” a Ukrainian deep state was created.

These “Natz” are descendants of the “Banderites” of World War II fame, with whom Hitler, due to their fanatical viciousness, shunned.

With the help of US State Departments’ Jew, Victoria Nuland, (born “Nudelman”), the Banderites executed a coup in 2014.

Straightaway an American puppet, known affectionately by Nudelman as “Yats,” a fellow Jew, was installed.

Today’s neo-Banderite battalions, fueled by manic hatred of anything “Russian,” got the lion’s share of military aid from the Khazarian Mafia in America that bolstered them for future attacks on Donbas then ultimately on Russia.

And with military bases, run by Nato and funded by international Jewish banks—achieving lethal pressure on Russia’s western flank—Putin protested of being squeezed.

Today, via surgical attacks on Ukraine’s military infrastructure, not civilian, Russia now controls all Ukrainian airspace.

One complex, a Nato/US Naval Base in Ochakov, masqueraded as a Ukrainian Naval Base between Odessa and Crimea, was just annihilated by the Russian Air Force.

So far Russia has hit some 1,500 Ukrainian military targets.

Thus “demilitarizing” covert Nato bases and their manic Banderite stooges.

The Russian bear will maul his way all the way west of Kyiv. Creating a line of demarcation as “peacemaking endgame,” the bear will split Ukraine in two.

What’s left of the “Natz”—most will be zapped—will be contained in a sequestered administrative zone bordering the EU.

The greater eastern portion with its new government will sign a non-alignment agreement with Russia under the umbrella of a Russian protectorate.

Let me pose a Jewish kind of question: Do those “Natz” hate Jews?

No, not at all.

But they love their Jewish Ukrainian oligarch enablers.

Jews like Ihor Kolomoyskyi, Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, and Zvi Hirsch—who changed his name, like many Jews do—to Gennadiy Boholyubov.

All of these oligarchs have lineages that can be traced to Jewish Bolshevik families

The same families that financed the overthrow of Czarist Christian Russia and the Christian monarchy of Nicholas II.

Yes, Putin’s calling for the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. He’s calling for its “de-communization” too.

”As a result of Bolshevik policy Soviet Ukraine arose which even today can with good reason be called ‘Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s Ukraine.’ He is its author and architect. This is fully confirmed by archive documents also including Lenin’s decrees regarding adding the Donbass to Ukraine. And now grateful descendants have demolished monuments to Lenin in Ukraine. This is what they call de-communization. Do you want de-communization? Well, that suits us just fine. But why stop halfway? We are ready to show you what real de-communization means for Ukraine.”

A two-fold blow:

1) Purging the corrupt Jewish Ukrainian oligarchs who will be forced to flee just as they did when Putin purged them in Russia in 2003.

2) Purging the Ukrainian Parliament infested with Jews like Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, and Culture and Information Policy Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko, all Jews.

Zelensky, the Jew President of Ukraine, by asking Nato for a no-fly zone to shoot down Russian planes—which the Khazarian Mafia in America rejected—shot himself in the foot for any bid for bargaining chips in talks with Putin.

Concerning the Rothschild/US Jewish FED cutting off Russia from financial markets and interbank payments, this is nothing less than assisted-suicide.

Russia and China long ago set up their own “SWIFT” interbank payment systems.

Nations needing Russian wheat, fertilizer, steel, aluminum, and oil, will pay not in dollars but in Chinese yuans that’s increasingly rising as the reserve currency replacing the dollar.

Once the Khazarian dollar (I mean, with no “productive” value) takes a dive, buying your jeans at Walmart will be like shopping at Nieman-Marcus on steroids.

Poking the Russian Bear has always been a Khazarian affair.

Curl up, they say, in a fetal position, when faced with a charging bear.

The bear is striking back and the Khazarians don’t have a prayer.

First published on March 4, 2022.

[1] Paul Kirby, “Why is Russia invading Ukraine and what does Putin want?,” BBC, March 4, 2022.


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  1. IRAQ-Saddam Hussein! LIBYA-Moamar Ghaddafi! SYRIA-Assad – NO Putin stepped in! Putin must be pushed out of the way! How can the ‘Spreading of American Values’- “Spreading Democracy” continue, with Putin in the way??

  2. Excellent article, Jonah….I think for Russia it is more of a Nationalist war, than a Christian vs. Khazarian Mafia..but those are all players..Both follow the narrative in Revelation, oddly..So, aliens..heh. Or, God..

  3. One couldn’t contradict themselves as much as Russia’s doing these days… Russia might be anti-America but it’s clearly not anti-Israel/Zionism… Russia blocks George Soros’s Zionist media, while its own media are totally Zionist, RT is even worse than CNN and FOX… and the problem right off the bat was not America itself, but the Zionists who controlled everything behind the scene… if the Zionist America is going to be replaced with a Zionist Russia, nothing much is going to change…. birds of a feather…. nobody ever asked how possibly a so-called Russian State media, repeats the lies of CNN about many issues….
    WWII was not a real war, that was a farm for the Zionists, and the fruits were America, Holohoax and Israel… the Ukraine war is fake, too…
    It’s funny how Russia’s war on Ukraine is similar to America’s war on Iraq, and Israel’s war on Syria… Saddam was a Zio puppet himself… Lol…

  4. The irony is that Ukraine was the original seat of the Khazarian Empire and that Zelenski wants Ukraine to be a second Israel. Their problems is that unlike the poor Palestinians who only have rocks and stones the Russians have advanced weapons that NATO has no defense against. Did I mention nukes?

  5. Sharing a claim stated in dutch newspaper Trouw, MSM, about Joos, i was banned to make comments on Children’s Defense, a site about vacx by Robert Kennedy jr. I sometimes wonder if they are all of the same pack, controlled opposition spinning us into captivity as much as those openly banning and controlling us from speaking our own opinions.

  6. “Russia Slaying Khazarian Mafia in Ukraine”
    Truth is abused. There is no dead khazarians. Only russians, ukranians…some foreign mercenaries.

  7. *The exception was Mr. JFK. I imagine the planning on his assassination had already started in 1960-

  8. Essential reading to understand the engineering, well prepared and implemented with the multi-purpose WWI, and the second phase, WWII:
    Douglas Reed
    Antony Sutton
    Carrol Quigley
    Gary Allen
    And a few more of course. Today, Whitney Webb has revealed quite a few current operatives, as well as those who were groomed and controlled, especially during the prohibition era.

    Douglas Reed’s book was written in 1956, considered un-publishable until it was, in 1978
    Robert Wilton was in Russia in 1917 when the violence started. The “old evil” as they themselves call it, was used to kill and torture people and gain power. Robert Wilton’s employer, Lord Northcliffe, owner of various publications/papers in England, was killed after a “nerve doctor” gave him an injection on a train, after publicly declaring the “man was insane” or “not well”.
    The book reveals the US and England were already submissive to the khazoos by 1917, and few were able to reveal it. From Woodrow Wilson onwards, all US presidents were owned and controlled. Patton found out.
    MacArthur found out and Harry Ass Truman offered him a parade and retirement. Better than getting run over by a truck-

    • The connections to World Jewry are complicated and well “masked” by current propaganda. The motto “We make War by Deception” ( Mossad Motto) is very apt for duels between Christianity and an overridingly important covert and competing modern Worldview that goes back centuries. ( See Commander Guy Carr’s book “Pawns in the Game”).

      Modern “Zionism” is not the Zionism proposed by Herschel back in the 1890s when this ideology was first conceived. It has morphed its meaning into a dangerous Ideology that determines Washington policy through the Neocons, inspired by the Ideologies of Saul Alynskin and Leo Strauss, themselves following on from Moses Hesse. ( all Jews).

  9. I downloaded that video of the married couple live streaming and sent it to friends. It’s horrific, many have no idea.
    There are many more hidden videos.
    I managed to find and save the early ones, scrubbed by google and youtube long ago. It’s the lady asking for help on a sidewalk, after a fighter jet launched rockets into the buildings and many civilians were blown to pieces on 02/06/2014

  10. ‘The BBC has recently reported that Russia “has launched a devastating attack on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million people,”
    Can anything be more ludicrous? Stupid britishers. Democracy condemned to death Socratis, Christ, brought to power bolsheviks, Hitler, and Jewish clown Zelensky wnich is more of an ape than any ape.
    Level of democracy should correspond to the level of culture. The Banderites banned Russian language, they are against culture. They are marching with torchs, demonstrating mental development of the times when fire was invented and do not hesitate to set on fire their own house.

    “Difference of languages compels humanity to go to the truth as if by different routes, illuminating it from different viewpoints, and it serves as a guarantee for the most complete achievement of the truth.”
    (V.Bogoroditsky, russian linguist, member of Saint-Petersberg academy and Paris linguistic society.)

    • Don’t confuse The British with the KAZIs that control and manipulate the ZOG

      Most of the informed and well read Brits who have done their research are on the side of Russia

    • Funny how the Liberals are so antigun here and America yet are all for arming Ukrainians. Here where they once told us to “punch a Nazi” are now basically telling us to hug a Nazi.🤣

    Safe passage routes end in death, and not at the hands of Russian forces…Graphic content…

    I’m Rootin for Putin!

    BDS 2022

  12. Great stuff this woman traveling to the front, talking to the long beseiged prople. The Russians being their liberator!!! Hopefully their nightmare over…

  13. Russia-China-Iran are at home in evidential objective reality. (God given reality, if you like.) Behaviour in Reality is more significant than what occurs in the Imagination.

    The mind of the USA is enclosed entirely within a perception managed bubble, where political dictat is the supreme authority and overrides evidential objective reality. Here, what occurs in the Imagination is more significant than behaviour in Reality.

    • The power of marketing and mass media over a populous that doesn’t think for themselves. In a word,…laziness.

    • And laziness leads to stupidity. Americans believe almost everything they see on a flickering screen as predicted by Marshall McLuhan.

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