…by Jonas E. Alexis and Henry Makow

Henry Makow has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982 and is the author of best-selling books such as Cruel Hoax: Feminism & New World Order and Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World.

JEA: The West has been playing double standards when it comes to history for years, and representatives of the Allied Forces (what David Irving would call “conformist historians”) think that they have a monopoly on what happened in the past.

Those conformist historians can never universalize their standards precisely because that would put them in hot water. United States generals in particular have never apologized for calling Japanese officials and soldiers “those little yellow sons-of-bitches”[1] during World War II.  They have never said a bleep about murdering Japanese prisoners of war.[2]

Moreover, the Allied Forces have yet to apologize for raping virtually every German woman and for literally torturing German prisoners after World War II.[3]

In other words, the Allied Forces were not driven by what Immanuel Kant would call practical reason at all. The Allied Forces wanted their conquered peoples to conform to what Henry Makow has called a Luciferian ideology, one which is still with us today in politics and the media.

Henry Makow

About 10 million soldiers died in battle on both sides in World War One, one of the costliest wars in history.  The needless slaughter in trench warfare is usually portrayed by the Masonic-controlled media and education system as an unintended consequence.

In fact, these wars are orchestrated by the Khazarian bankers and their Masonic minions to kill Christians in order to degrade Western civilization in advance of the Satanic NWO now clearly manifesting itself. Ritual human sacrifice to their god Moloch may also be a factor.

All wars are designed to enrich and empower the bankers while destroying and demoralizing humanity. Warmongering “patriotism” is a ruse. The sooner gullible non-Satanists stop falling on a sword, the better.

I’m going to focus on the Battle of the Somme, one of the biggest battles of the first world war. My information is based on John Laffin’s British Butchers and Bunglers of World War One, (1988, p. 63ff.)

Both General Douglas Haig, Commander in Chief, Western Front, and his principal co-planner Sir Henry Rawlinson were Freemasons. The Somme offensive (“The Big Push”) was intended to end the stalemate and win the war. The Allies had 700,000 men, a 7-1 numerical superiority. Haig and Rawlinson anticipated losing 500,000 men. 

The plan was simple: to bomb the Germans for five days and nights then walk to the enemy trench and kill the remaining soldiers or capture those who surrendered.

However, after 5 days of bombing, the German trenches and their defenses were barely scratched. The English neglected to reconnoiter or observe this from the air.  The Germans just had to shoot their machine guns, reload and shoot again. The same type of attack continued from the 1st of July until November 1916. Over a million men died; 58,000 on the first day.

On July 1 1916, 11 British divisions attacked on a 13-mile front. By 7.30 am the six German divisions finished breakfast, wiped their faces with their napkins, and carried their machine guns from comfortable deep cellars. They began spraying the attackers who were advancing in neat rows, “to maintain order.”

A German machine gunner wrote, “We were surprised to see them walking, we had never seen that before. The officers went in front. One was carrying a walking stick…When we started to fire, we just had to load and reload. They went down in their hundreds. We didn’t have to aim, we just fired into them. ”

A German officer reported his impression of the attack. “Whole sections appeared to fall. All along the line, Englishmen could be seen throwing their arms into the air and collapsing, never to move again. Badly wounded rolled about in agony, while badly wounded crawled into shell holes for shelter. ”

John Laffin: “Of the 110,000 men who attacked, 60,000 were killed or wounded on this one day. About 20,000 lay dead between the lines. Haig and Rawlinson were directly responsible for the assumption bombardment would cut barbed wire and render the Germans vulnerable.  The Germans lost an estimated 8000 men on July 1. 2000 were taken, prisoner.” (64)

A hospital station dealt with 10,000 casualties in the first 48 hours. A surgeon wrote:  “Streams of ambulances a mile long waited to be unloaded. The whole area of the camp, a field of six acres, was completely covered with stretchers placed side-by-side, each with its suffering or dying man. We surgeons were hard at it in the operating theatre, a good hut holding four tables. Occasionally we made a brief look around to select from the thousands of patients those few we had time to save. It was terrible. (73)

Haig’s chronicler Colonel Boraston wrote that the attack, “bore out the conclusions of the British High Command, and amply justified the tactical methods employed.” (No doubt these men were all Freemasons.)

Laffin writes: “This is an outrageous statement. It is more accurate to call 1 July 1916, as H. L’Etang does, ‘probably the greatest disaster to British arms since Hastings….Certainly never before nor since has such wanton pointless carnage been seen…’ (70)

Laffin bemoans the complete “absence of cleverness” in the military strategy. He emphasizes that “high casualties were a basic rule of the game and simply had to be accepted.” (76)

Who knows how the world would be different if the cream of that generation of Christians had not been trampled into the mud of France in 1915-18?

There is simply no explanation for sending wave after wave of men to their slaughter other than that this was the deliberate goal. Any sane general would have stopped the attack as soon as it became apparent that the strategy was a failure.

Western society is controlled by a satanic cult whose goal is to degrade and exploit humanity.

It’s time we stopped being complicit in our own destruction.

First published in August 2021.

  • [1] See John W. Dower, Cultures of War: Pearl Harbor / Hiroshima / 9-11 / Iraq (New York: W. W. Norton, 2010), 44.
  • [2] See for example Ben Fenton, “American troops ‘murdered Japanese PoWs,’” Telegraph, August 6, 2005.
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  1. Glad this issue is being discussed.
    Between 1930 A.D & 1940 A.D. Census, USA population went down 7 million people. Yet Congress would not help. Suddenly in 1942 & onwards, USA went many billions $’s into debt to rescue Communist Stalin and his murdering, torturing gangs, and in the process deliberately murdered millions of Heroic Germans of all ages and sex. via firebombing almost all cities large and small, straffing refugees & rape, torture, starvation & exposure even after the war. A curse remains on America for doing this. Isaiah 5 is only 1 of them.

  2. @Konehead
    Having said that this is the second time you have responded out of turn either from the area of Russia or Canada …
    In relation to the well-known principle of foraging both sides of the conflict:
    cog on or cog off?
    At the end of I ww three empires disappeared from Europe: the zarist empire at the hands of the October Revolution; the Austro-Hungarian or Hapsburg empire; and the Prussian KaiserReich (let’s add the Ottoman), at the hands of whom?
    Lenin transited German territory if anything facilitated by the Prussian emperor who hoped in this way to free the Russian front with a peace (which there was at Brest Litovsk and was advantageous to the KaisrReich).
    Who, in your opinion, foraged Lenin? Rothschild or the KaiserReick?
    Usually the principle of foraging implies that both sides of the conflict are indebted.
    But neither the USSR or Russia were ever incapacitated by the Banksters, and if Russia was, it was only at the time of Elstin. Putin, if you don’t see it, is at the antipodes of Elstin and Russia immediately found itself in the same Cold War situation but 2.

  3. The well-known banker named Rothschild translated means “Red flag” and it just so happens that the red flag is the symbol of Communism and Socialism. You Americans confuse the top leadership and at least a billion who were and still are there, Communists of whom you think all were and are colluding with the bankers. Not the dead for ideal. Then also about the summits there is something to be said, and ab ovo. You paint Lenin as a Zionist agent or of the bankers (Rothschilds) and prove it by the fact that the corridor to Russia was opened to him by the Germans. But you ignore that the October Revolution struggled to survive because the White army thwarted its establishment.
    You also ignore that financing the Whites was the U.S. and England. And if you put into account that in England the first Private National Bank was founded (Masonic and replicated in your Federal Bank and everywhere else) and the first Masonic Lodge do you or do you not understand the paradox?
    That is, if Lenin was financed by the Banks to bring down the zar how come the Banks then supported the Whites and not Lenin’s Red Flags?
    Either I am missing a cog in my brain or you are missing a cog in your brain.

  4. Under the ‘FLAG’ of Marxist Bolshevik-Communism, what I call, ‘The Jewish Plague’ that, DISEASE of Theirs, that THEY Spread, from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Shanghai, China to Cape Town, South Africa and resulted in the deaths of some 200 million Human Beings in the 20th Century! That IS the “World HOLOCAUST”, done by the JEWS! The close to 200 million Victims, is REAL, not like the Fabricated “6 Million”! Under the ‘Flag’ of Zionism, THEY are still at it!

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