By Sami Jamil Jadallah, Fairfax, VA, USA

Never in the history of World Soccer has there been such a relentless, well-funded hateful, and envious campaign as with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

This hateful campaign by mainly the US, France, and Britain mainstream media is nothing more than a campaign of hate, racism, envy, anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim campaigns, and assault on the small but big player on the world scene, the State of Qatar.

It is so ironic that this hateful campaign was not only an ongoing campaign of doubting the integrity of the selection of Qatar as a host, but it peaked a few weeks before the opening.

True, FIFA is a corrupt organization, with many of its officers worldwide indicted, arrested, and jailed for corruption and abuse of power.

But in the case of Qatar, it never proved any claims of corruption or bribery. In over 12 years, not a single issue of bribery has been verified by international courts, especially in Switzerland, the headquarter of FIFA.

What this hateful and racists campaign is all about; in summary,

• Qatar is a small country, and these games are too important for a small, albeit Arab and Muslim country to host.
• Many, with the well-shared number of 6,500 migrant workers, died building the stadiums. A never proven figure to become an agreeable number by publications such as the Guardian, New York Times, and the mainstream French Media was the agreed number.
• Qatar, as a conservative Muslim country, does not legitimize LBGT rights and does not allow sexual and intimate touching of parties in public. Intimate kissing or touching in public is offensive to many. It is their cultural values and norms, and they are entitled to it.
• Qatar does not allow the consumption of alcohol in public and sports events, as is the case in the US, England, France, and other countries.

Let us now address these accusations and tell those bastards who are part of the campaign a few facts about their history:

• In building the Panama Canal, more than 30,000 died, and in making the railroad, more than 107,000 died.
• In building the Suez Canal, 120,000 people died.
• In the US, more than 2.5 million enslaved people died in Middle Passage, while ten million died from exploitations by White Settlers and enslavers, and tens of millions died during the voyage to the US.
• France killed 170,000 Viet Minh during its Indo-China Occupation, while the US killed more than 3 million Vietnamese during its War on Vietnam.
• During King Leopold II (1885-1908), over 10 million Congolese died from cutting off their hands and genitals.
• During the US campaign of the Iraq siege of Saddam, more than one million babies died of malnutrition and lack of medical care.
• During the US Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than one million died, destroying both countries with some 80 million people.

My message to these pundits is to shut the F-CK up and look at your history of hate, racism, and colonial wars. If one does not enjoy a good game without being drunk, that person has a problem.

As for LBGT issues, let us keep in mind till recently, sodomy was a criminal felony, and Black and White marriage was illegal and punishable by jail. So please don’t teach us your mentally and ethically corrupt morality. As an Arab and a Muslim, “We Are All Qatar”

Ps. It is so ironic that we do not see or hear or read the outrage over Israel’s 12 years of the siege of Gaza, the many thousands killed by Israel, and the tens of thousands of homes, hospitals, and schools destroyed. Silence of Israeli crimes is not an option. More to come.


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  1. Excellent piece.
    Westerners can’t tolerate the fact that a Muslim country is going to host probably the most spectacular world cup event in history. This very idea and Qatar’s strong warning against some stipulated Islamic rules/norms set their asses on fire. How excruciating! A little pay-back time, losers! The Muslims should show the middle-finger to this cowardly, hypocritical, so-called ‘civilized (!?)’ West. Nobody in Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East believe them anymore on anything.

  2. Hi Sami
    American football:
    Play starts with a player bent over with his butt high in air.
    This player grasps a brown colored lopsided blob,
    while the blob-grabber waits directly behind him, with the blob-grabber resting with his hands on the bent-over players butthole (how every play starts)
    Seems like a subliminal message here not sure what it could mean eh.
    Maybe its the most gay sport in the world?

    So then the blob-grabber grabs the brown blob and he can then pass it to a “wide reciever”
    Or pehaps to his favorite “tight end”
    Sometimes the tight ends becomes a wide recievers and vice versa.
    By the way having sex with farm animals is perfectly legal in most states of the USA
    and that is not gay either.

    • Hi Rana
      Thats the idea!! And its all true what I wrote.
      It is disgusting sport to the rest of the world , (American football) and then they have gall to complain about world cup in Qatar not being “gay” enough that was my point.
      Saudis looked great against Argentina!
      I love argentina soccer too (what we call it in USA) but Saudis did great and happy for them.
      A match between Iran and USA or Saudi Arabia will be fun. Wish Russia was in tournament….

  3. “It is so ironic that we do not see or hear or read the outrage over Israel’s 12 years of the siege of Gaza, the many thousands killed by Israel, and the tens of thousands of homes, hospitals, and schools destroyed.”

    Very true, Sami. Problem is, there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. Both major parties are controlled by the same evil cabal that brought us 9/11 and all the Middle East wars of this century. I laugh when one candidate for president or the other try to outdo each other in who can be the most Zionist.

  4. — “In Rome, that of the Romans” — You cannot go to a country to practice, impose and promote your sexual aberrations. LGTBQ+ is that. If you invite a person who defecates on the floor to your house, you will not accept that they do so in your living room. (if he tries to do it, you kick him out). Qatari perverts (there are some…) cannot practice their perversions in Qatar. They go to Europe, where “anything goes”, in the name of “diversity”. (The only thing that a Qatari will not do in Europe is have sex with a pig (in Europe, the USA, etc… it is “tolerated”) And, as the icing on the cake, the perversion of the children. (And if you oppose, you go to prison. ). I am not Arab, nor Muslim, I am Christian, Argentine, Patagonian, and that is what I see from this corner of the world. — A hug Jamil. —

  5. Defending a country that lives in the Stone age? Ridiculous! Not surprising though considering VT’s shift to the right wing over the last couple of years.

  6. Frankly, I do not understand why “horny” Muslims or Arabs need to travel to Europe or Germany for “sex” when it is freely available in some countries in the Gulf…

  7. In the US all hell broke lose when NC failed to address the issue of “toilets” for the different variety of genders and many media, sports and organizations boycotted NC. When it came to Palestinians under Israeli Occupation, media, state legislatures under pressure from Pro-Zionist organizations passed laws making it illegal for any one to boycott Israel for the its siege of Gaza, killing thousands, destroying tens of thousands of homes, up-rooting and burning of century olds olive trees, by Israeli settlers. I guess putting more than 2 millions under siege for over 12 years is not an issue to bother with but not giving school children choice of toilet is something more important than human lives,

  8. Since the start of the building the entire infrastructure of Qatar to prepare for the World Cup 2022, Qatar passed many legislation which are revolutionary for any Gulf states, and made protections of migrant workers a key issue moving forward. No one can deny there was abuse and misuse. Keep in mind it took us decades to even start providing legal protection for our own migrant workers especially those working on farms in California and Florida.

  9. Dear Mr. Jadallah,
    my home spot is Germany. I do not feel well with all those desert religions like Islam, Christianity or Judaism. As a Pagan i respect all cultures in their homeland, not in my country. I spend my life to throw these satanic desert-religions out of Germany. Strict moral standards always cause problems. You can see it in Thailand or in the Netherlands or Germany. All 3 countries are flooded with visitors, who we can call sex-tourists, mainly from abrahamitic countries where prostitution is more or less forbidden. I have no problems with gay people, as long as they do not ask for a special treatment. The 2 greatest visual artists, Leonardo & Michelangelo were gay. Gay people get abused or instrumentalized by the QT+ movement, which does not stand any reality-check. When the male or female german team-captains wear the Rainbow-flag, this is a great filth, a disgrace. These athlets are simply stupid. They discredit the majority of straight people, who are not represented with the Rainbow flag. With a country’s colours all citizens are represented. The discrimination of straight people is unbelievable, a shame.

    • The woke fascists or feudalists, as You wish to call them, are going to set history running out of order. More than 90% of the Europeans lived, after the crusades, in serfdom. The differences between serfdom and slavery are neglectable. The first guy, who abandoned serfdom in Europe was Frederik the Great on prussian king’s land after the 7-years-war. In Britain the last serfdoms were closed around 1850, in Russia around 1860. The city of Hamburg established an insurance im the 17th century to buy slavehunted seamen back from Arab or Jewish slave traders, who enslaved more than 1 Mio. Europeans. African warlords hunted slaves, too, and sold them. The biggest rogue-state in human history was Britain, caused more than 20 holodomors with more than 80 Mio. victims. Now the US are the biggest rogue-state and every US-mercinary, like You, is a war criminal serving on foreign soil, where GIs have nothing lost. For Your files, You forgot the US-Philippine-war, with more than 1 Mio. victims.

  10. Excellent article. I also think the west is furious because chinese engineering firms got massive contracts in Qatar

  11. These stadiums were built enslaving people from Bangladesh and other nations in that area. Promising them a good wages, omitting he heat alone could kill them. Whilst the male elite walk around in fancy dresses. Yes we had documenatries in the Netherlands about such enslaved indivicuals, young men, that died far away from their families. In Islam there is no Force is one of the principal advices in the Quran. Yet people coming to watch the football are constantly being forced and harassed for their western customs and traditions. That is no way to be a rolemodel to show their society is more enlightened, cohesive or democratic. Which the true advises in the Quran are. Advises how to form an equal society and to fight all tyrants or oppressors.

    • So, Qatar is not allowed to impose their mores on your poor oppressed soul, but you can force them to accept whatever behaviour you feel is allowable in whatever moral system you hold to?
      Can you say: ” bigot”?

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