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How Abraham Accords Got the Middle Finger at Qatar World Cup

The outpouring of support for Palestine expressed by Arab fans possibly made it clear to them how badly Kushner miscalculated when he and his father-in-law, former president Donald Trump, persuaded some Arab rulers to sign cooperation deals with Israel that discarded Palestinian rights.

Despite All the Pundits, Qatar World Cup Mondial Is the Best...

I have been following the daily events at Qatar World Cup from games to local events in the many locations of Doha and all I see is happiness.

VT RADIO: VT’s Senior Editor Dr. Kevin Barrett Talks Middle...

Host Johnny Punish welcomes VT Senior Editor Dr. Kevin Barrett to talk about Morroco, World Cup, The Middle East, and Democracy.

VT RADIO: Team USA Insults Iranian Nation at World Cup...

Host Johnny Punish asks Dr. Barrett "why the contempt?".

Qatar World Cup Getting Smeared by a Well-Organized, Well-Funded Racist Attack...

VT's Sami Jadallah explores the historic relentless, well-funded hateful, and envious smear campaign against the FIFA World Cup in Qatar