I have been following the daily events at Qatar World Cup from games to local events in the many locations of Doha and all I see is happiness.

Now come to some pundits like Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio who certainly like so many envious Western journalists spreading lies and falsehood statements of all places on VT when he writes on December 5th “Qatar World Cup: Very Suspicious Flu among Many Soccers. Air Conditioning or SARS-2 Aerosol as in Wuhan Military Games?“.

This lie and false statements are but another assault on Qatar for hosting the first international football event in the Arab and Muslim world.

I have no idea where Fabio got his information and why did Veterans Today publish such an article without doing a thorough investigation of his allegations.

I did not see anyone being rushed to the hospitals, not players certainly not the millions who are enjoying perhaps the best world events, from family and children’s safety to the absence of drunken hooligans, cross-dressing drags queens but wholesome fun for every member of the family.

Knowing the racism in the West including Italy hundreds of thousands of football fans from Africa, Arab countries, and even some Asian and Muslim countries will be denied visas to enter and watch the World Cup.

It will do lots of good to cleanse his soul of racism and falsehood to simply turn his VT and watch not only the games but life in Doha on the happy faces of everyone, with one exception; the Israeli correspondent.

Once again, so far, Qatar World Cup 22 is by far the best-ever event to take place by the testimony of football players and fans. For those envious of such a beautiful event, I say “eat your heart out”. Never seen such wholesome happiness and fun as in these games.

Yes, Fabio is the Qatar World Cup and is the most beautiful, family fun ever enjoyed by football fans. Everyone, with exception of German players (out of the game) and their interior minister all, has honored and respected the values and culture of Qatar.

As an Arab and Muslim, I am very very proud of the masterful and beautiful way Qatar organized the game, let us tip our hats or “ghutra” for them


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  1. The best WC final match ever plated in the best WC Tournament in the history of football! Guess who laughed the last: who else than the Untouchable Messi and Argentina! Simply unbelievable!

    • The English always hated (and fear) Argentina in World Cup ever since what Maradona did to them in 6 seconds like a hot knife through pig fat and England will never have a Maradona or a Messi not in a thousand years only one close was Beckham but he about the super accurate long ball as is within the British style.
      George Best in same leaque of magic as Maradona and Messi – but he Irish, not a Brit and they exiled him to play in USA where they play the “mad hacker” style.
      Now Messi the king and Argentina happiest nation in world hoorah….Feel sorry for France they did great too and almost did it but thats how it goes with God’s Family and Football

  2. One thing about the world cup is everyone eventually loses but for the winner so a lot of sour grapes get more sour but you are right Saminits been a good world cup but the Russian world cup was good too. At least not a lot of political garbage going on then. There was a flu going on in Qatar, affecting French players but their team so deep didn’tatter much. three journalists died perhaps a murder to Grant Wahl US newsman perhaps responsible for defacing Iranian flag,, or was at least suspected of the one responsible.we will never know.

    • I love Argentina football, I love French football I hope everyone wins nobody loses but that’s not real life.
      God Family and Football
      My favorite player of all time George Best
      I consider seriously Pele to be a living God sent from heaven
      Wish Morroco had gone further it would of made so many crazy happy. They looked good, got respect at least.
      Notice the alcoholic countries doing the most whining!

  3. A LOL like Carisio what can he answer? And isn’t T. Aperion of the same ilk?
    That said I do not share this time the author. And if it is allowed I will explain.
    Olympiad comes from “Olympia” and the Olympics for centuries were held in Olympia and on the same days. What De Cubertain revived is what was happening in Greece. Only in Greece every war, like the (world) war of the Peloponnese between Athens and Sparta, and described by Thucydides, stopped and all, really all, Greeks participated in it. De Cubertain’s Olympiad neither stopped the wars nor prevented Russia from being repeatedly excluded.
    But are we talking about Ball here? The World Championship in the same way as the Olympiad is held every 4 years and on the same days or period. What “stinks” to me is that such a championship was also held in Mexico (and in the highlands) and Brazil.
    So why only in Quatar in December?
    If you reason they are rewriting the history of panem et cicensem. Only now they only feed the circensem … while instead of panem between 2030 and 2050 we will (according to them) eat insects and synthetic meat.
    So I propose.
    Why not return to Olympia, which would help uplift the battered Greek people, where balloonists and athletes will still compete every 4 years but under the same climatic conditions?

  4. I don’t expect Mr. Carisio to reply directly to your assertions but suffice to say, the way the Qatar World Cup was politicized is both unfortunate and shameful. Just play the games for Pete’s sake! As you said, the only people who were unhappy with the Qatar World Cup were those who had an axe to grind about things absolutely unrelated to football. That would be first of all, Israel and its Zionist lackeys who want apocalypse NOW!

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