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How Abraham Accords Got the Middle Finger at Qatar World Cup

The outpouring of support for Palestine expressed by Arab fans possibly made it clear to them how badly Kushner miscalculated when he and his father-in-law, former president Donald Trump, persuaded some Arab rulers to sign cooperation deals with Israel that discarded Palestinian rights.

Despite All the Pundits, Qatar World Cup Mondial Is the Best...

I have been following the daily events at Qatar World Cup from games to local events in the many locations of Doha and all I see is happiness.

update – Grant Wahl Deceased of an Aneurysm after a Mysterious...

On the cover image the two reporters suddenly died Khalid al-Misslam and Grant Wahl by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio UPDATE ON DECEMBER, 14, 2022 Soccer journalist Grant...

Qatar World Cup became Journalists’ Tomb! Third Sudden Deaths: British Roger...

Introduction by Gospa News Editorial Staff VERSIONE IN ITALIANO The Qatar World Cup is becoming a mysterious tomb for sports journalists. Three journalists died suddenly while covering...

Qatar World Cup: Very Suspicious Flu among Many Soccers. Air Conditioning...

Qatar World Cup: Very Suspicious Flu among Many Soccers. Air Conditioning or SARS-2 Aerosol as in Wuhan Military Games?

Qatar Doesn’t Have Enough Genders to Host a World Cup

How can you have a World Cup without public sodomy?

NEO – Afghanistan: The USA’s Illusory Achievements

Jim W. Dean - Here we are again playing 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' children's blame game on a 20 year war with three presidents, where the Trumpers' goal is to stick Biden with the turd sandwich.

NEO – Middle East States are bringing their rivalries to Africa

Jim W. Dean - It looks like geopolitical 'whack-a-mole' is here to stay.

NEO – Why is Saudi Arabia approaching Qatar and Turkey?

Jim W. Dean - While Erdogan tries to hustle the emirs and the princes, they are attempting the same with him.

Qatar makes peace between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, for now

Last week the ultra-Orthodox joined in with the anti-Netanyahu protests in front of his house, and were welcomed by the younger secular crowd.