In years past, during the reign of the late Zionist Jewish Emperor, Sheldon Adelson, Republican potential candidates for national office would come to Las Vegas to speak before the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Presiding over as Emperor, Republican candidates would crawl on their hands and knees to reach the Emperor, kiss his ring and seek his donation and support within the American Jewish community. The price for such support is a pledge of allegiance not to the US but to the State of Israel.

With the death of Sheldon Adelson, there is no recognized Jewish Zionist emperor now, though there are many well-known significant contributors to both parties. Such as Tom Steyer, Stephen, and Christine Schwarzman, Miriam Adelson, and Haim Saban but non like Sheldon Adelson.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is seen here pledging fealty to Zionist King Ben Netanyahu (Mileikowsky), a descendent from a Polish European family from Warsaw

Major non-Jewish candidates for national office must secure financial and political support from these potential candidates to make it to the national level.

Now comes Florida Republican governor Ron DeSantis. Unlike the late Sheldon Adelson, who presided over his Royal Court with Republican candidates in attendance. Ron DeSantis stood before the Republican Jewish Coalition as the new God promising what remains of historic Palestine to his audience. He declared the West Bank, i.e., Judea and Samaria, are not Occupied Territories but “disputed territories” and that Arab Palestine is the biblical homeland of the Jews and is a “bonafide” Jewish homeland only for the Jews.

Ron DeSantis added to his bonafide credentials he led the first US delegation to travel to Judea and Samaria and declared,” I don’t care what the State Department says, they have not occupied territory, it is disputed territory you got to your history” to the roar and applause of his audience

Phony Right Wing Christian DeSantis pledges his fealty to ZIONISM

As governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis forgot he is a trespasser on the ancient home of the Calusa Indians, a descendant of the Paleo Indians who inhabited South Florida some 12,000 years ago.

Florida is the “biblical/historical” land of Native Americans, and till now, the Seminole Indians are the natives of Florida, not the transplanted Italian Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis concluded his speech before the convention of the Republican Jewish Coalition by calling on everyone to “put the full armor of God, stand against the left”.


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  1. Once again comes another Zionist stooge. One that the American public will scrutinize, just as they scrutinized Trump. Meaning, not at all. His supposed dealing with the covid BS is his claim to fame, regardless those fine print clauses in said anti-passport legislation…which the Florida public (indeed, the entire country) swoons over. As long as the Israeli connections to these scum are never openly mentioned, they will continue to fool the gullible public. The same public that endorses Israel as our BFF because of the flood of BS we are inundated with. Their ability to baffle with BS was plainly shown with Epstein, with his Cohn connection to Mossad/CIA never mentioned. What will it take for Americans to realize the depth of the trouble we are in? When we are fighting for scraps? Both sides claim patriotism, only they don’t qualify the reality that that patriotism is to Israel first, last and always…we’re an after thought…usually around (s)election time.

  2. The delusional DeSantis belief in Jewish far flung delusive megalomania, let’s be real, and get out of the sensational traverses of ego knowledge and fare flung Jewish political elite, who think they have more smarts than the rest of the goyim masses… To the contrary, the only thing they have is the traditions of a man-made euphoric delusion they have somehow been chose by our Creator, and we all must die or serve the New World Order Neo-conservative Jewish elite!!!! The fact that they can advertise their so-called intelligentsia through the mainstream media they own…is simply the propaganda we all face in our lives every day we allow our minds to be deprogramed by these Judas Goats! The Latter is to fathom any far-fetched auspices of out with the old, and in with some other form of reincarnated pit and pendulum created by the forces of Jewish narrasistic self-love here on planet earth.
    Nuff said about DeSantis, and the Zionist orthodox Jewish mantra and troupe of being the chosen… As well, the yellow brick road of capitalistic imperialist gold, along with Zionist Christians that believe in the SUN god. Of which is all about the Christ conscious and Jewish illusions of humanistic grandeur… too bad the people of this country, for the most part, are still in the dark ages of an awakening that produces a vortex of kicking these lunatics that have no nationalistic love for the Constitutional laws, out of the USofA. The sooner the better and it may be too late!

  3. The hypocrisy of Christianity…The Holographic Lunacy of the Talmudic Rabbis who imagine themselves as gods. “The so-called Chosen” and the lucidity of the fathoming of Christianity as being the dangling participle that answers how Jews, that are not of the real mentality, represented in Christianity’s formula of gods truly loved people… The waring god of the Jews??? Or the Waring god of the Christians… Such perverse counterintuitive dialog. i.e., that this loving god kills to manifest the good, and leaves out the bad and ugly, is a huge farce of logic in the minds of those believers…this is a dualistic and chaotic phantasm created illusionary force that dictates only one relevant connotation to these so called spiritual innate forces… they are psychopaths trying to reason away mans creative delusional innated minds of evil! Pray tell, D M Murdock’s ( ),
    The Christ Conspiracy, lays the ground work for why such lunacy abounds in the political where with all, of how truly delusional the religious factory of lies really is! Superstition and the bolstering cadence of profanities in the so-called imagination of the Gnostics, the Latter, worshiped planets and stars, as well as the old mighty Sun… continued…

    • … is still the function of the rabbis that believe in the Talmud’s esoteric formulas that represent the Kabbalistic-Zoharian superstitions of mental phantasy created and written on paper… the latter lies are believed to be truth, Just as it has been said… “when the printing press was fully engaged in printing lies and the so-called truth…It was as if the lies have been around and read by unwittily naïve readers that these superstitions of ignorance became the logic of reason… of course the truth is a lot harder to digest when the false images of human religious beliefs have been passed down through the ages!
      Joseph Campbell’s book the “Power of Myth”, drives home the delusive dissection of mans ignorance through spiritual speculations further by traditional allegorical myth through the ages… Brother againt brother in a religious farfetched created belief systems that man uses to kill each other on the plain of completely irrational morals! Once I tried my hand at believing I was saved by the infamous saving graces of Christ, but I never really believed it was more than a fantasy driven by historys failure to except that we were all given the spirit of the Creator(S) innate spiritual gut awareness via mother natures atomic structure of Sunlight, and earthly cosmic carbon science, that says we belong to the mother goddess of the planet we inhabit ,right here, in our magnificent Heavens… and its glory and wonders of the universe.

  4. Few know that the so-called “Wailing Wall” that they and all their obsequies subjects pray before for the future rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem is actually part of the Roman fortress Antonia. When Jesus foretold that “not one stone will be left upon another,” He was of course correct. There was a failed attempt to rebuild the Temple under the Emperor Julian the Apostate, miraculous occurrences like fireballs coming from the earth killing many, and repeated earthquakes. The foundation of the original Temple is under the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and it looks like the Israelis may arrange to have it collapse. I’ve heard tunnels have been dug underneath it for that purpose. It’s not a pleasant thought.

    A good article on the error of Christian Zionism is Dr Robert Sungenis, “Catholic Zionism”: Contradiction in Terms. Protestants have almost always been under the influence of Judaism, and many non-traditional Catholics have been mind-controlled into the ideology as well. Traditional Catholics independent of apostate and NWO, Globalist-serving Rome (since the 1958 usurpation of the papacy) follow authentic Catholic teaching, including opposition to Zionism.

  5. Dear Mr. Jadallah,
    what do You expect? Nobody is able to fight against all as…….
    Trump reduced the worldwide crimes of the US military, but he gave them more money for compensation. There are enough Muslims, collaborating with our jewish friends or worse, with the Brits. Qatar hosts a US-, British – and a Turkish military base, which makes it more difficult for the Saudis to keep pressure on Qatar. The only muslim who enforced muslim unity with violence, was Salad ad Din in age of Richard the Lionheart. Some 30 mio. Jews (6,5 Mio. in Israel) are only one tempo in this oriental concerto.

  6. Thanks Tommy..How disgusting can American politicians be. they sell their country for the Benjamins… for every dollar the Israeli lobby and iits supporters donate to members of Congress, these members give and vote billions to Israel when our country and people needs it the most. This alliance between Evangelical Christians/Jewish Zionist originated in the days of Ronald Reagan and Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority. What I don’t understand about this Unholy Alliance is that Zionist Jews know well the objective of Evangelicals is to either slaughter Jews or convert them to Christianity as the price for second coming of Jesus Christ. Imagine Jesus is coming back to see all this blood shed. But then Israel is running all the way to the bank.

    • These so-called Christians seem to forget that Jesus said, “You won’t be able to see the kingdom of God when it comes. People won’t be able to say, ‘it’s here’ or ‘it’s over there.’ The kingdom of God is among you.”

  7. First of all, Sami, I appreciate your fresh perspective here on Veterans Today. Sadly, most Zionists in the USA are so-called Christian. They’ve thrown in with the worst elements of the Ashkenazim who totally dominate the discussion about Palestine in the USA. Ron DeSantis is just the latest Zionist stooge to kiss Netanyahu’s fat ass, and yes indeed it is all about the Benjamins baby.

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