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By Russia Today

A looming cut to Pentagon appropriations could throw a wrench in US military aid to Ukraine, including artillery and ammunition, Politico magazine reported on Saturday, citing Department of Defense internal documents and officials familiar with the matter.

Congress has until December 16 to pass a full-year defense stopgap bill, known as a continuing resolution, or a CR, as Republicans and Democrats debate appropriations. However, the resolution would cut Pentagon funding by $29 billion, or 3.7%, compared to what the White House requested for the fiscal year 2023, according to the report.

This means that the Department of Defense would have to put a halt to key projects, including aid to Kiev during its conflict with Russia.

Michael McCord, the Pentagon’s chief financial officer, was quoted as saying on Saturday that the US would have problems sending new munitions to Ukraine as the funds marked by Kiev would run out in spring.

Ukraine is in a kinetic fight, and we are their No. 1 helper … If they run out of ammo, they’re in a bad place.

It was said that the slash in spending could also delay improvements for several major weapon systems, such as the M777 howitzer, which is being supplied by the US to Ukrainian troops.

Russia, Ukraine and the West: As winter arrives on the battlefield, what will happen next in the conflict?

Other potential shortfalls described in the documents cited by Politico include delays in the procurement of B-21 Raider nuclear-capable long-range bombers and Columbia-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines.

The report comes after Pentagon officials warned Congress that a curb to funding would be extra damaging this time due to high inflation rates. “The thing that’s unique about this year is that inflation is occurring and is somewhat unpredictable, and a CR locks you into a previous year’s level of funding when prices are increasing,” Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall told the Senate in May.

Last month, the White House requested that Congress approve around $37.7 billion in the additional military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. If greenlighted, it would bring the total amount of funds Congress has earmarked for Ukraine to more than $100 billion in less than a year.


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  2. The Pentagon running out of money? That is the best thing that can happen to not only America but the rest of the world.

  3. Good! Maybe they can have a bake sale to raise more money for war. More likely it will be a redo of 9/11. That will bring 80% of Americans and all of Congress around to funding the new war, which should last about an hour. No more USA. No more Russia. Zionism wins again.

    • By the way, Jonas, have you noticed that since Gordon, Carol, and Jim left VT, many commenters have left as well? I’m thankful that The Intel Drop is alive and well, even though they are now flying with The Saker in Iceland.

    • Tom. The DoD procurement system is the biggest shell game on the planet. To paraphrase Daddy Bush “If the people knew what we were really doing, they’d hang us from the nearest lampposts.” But, they never will know or understand. This monster will never die unless the whole system collapses.

  4. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/12/04/pentagon-industry-struggle-to-arm-ukraine-00072125 Dec 4, 2022.


    MoA…explains it all

    the war is basically a farce…except that people are dying

    Explain why satellites haven’t been destroyed…
    n we have NATO ships (floating coffins)…meandering up n down the english channel
    picking their nose.
    WHY…simple…because they cant fire their weapons because they are all nuclear
    and….are you gonna fire one? and murder your own family.
    i dont think so.
    add to that…the russians know what they are doing and NATO doesnt have the means,manpower and munitions to deliver fckall except a christmas card.

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