VT Radio: Urgent U.S. Border Crisis Solved by VT’s Mark Dankof

Are you sick of this border crisis? Ok then listen up because Punish and Dankof solve the problem!


Host Johnny Punish welcomes the effervescent Mark Dankof.  Unlike the U.S. Congress, together they are able to resolve America’s border crisis in 15 minutes using simple solutions, logic, and common sense.

Listen as they go deep into the issues dodging all the pitfuls and getting to the truth of the matter!

Mark Dankof:  Was the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle. He was an elected delegate to Texas State Republican Conventions in 1994 and 1996 and entered the United States Senate race in Delaware in 2000 as the nominated candidate of the Constitution Party against Democratic candidate Thomas Carper and Republican incumbent William Roth.

Mark is the host of The Dankof Report for the Republic Broadcasting Network and the London version of The Dankof Report heard on the first Tuesday of each month for ACH and broadcast by RBN, Rense Radio, Free Speech Radio, and EuroFolkRadio.


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  1. The migrant crisis will never be addressed until the chosenite power is neutralized. Their wealth gives them the power to do almost anything they want, and they want to bring their unholy order out of chaos, which they call “healing of the world.” The power of Satan is behind their power, and both Satan and his human agents, according to God’s plan, are to be crushed under the virginal heal of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The correct translation of Genesis 3:15 is “she will crush your head.” She is also the “woman, clothed with the sun…” in Revelation 12. The 1917 Message of Our Lady of Fatima, and her subsequent revelations to the visionary Sr Lucia (“disappeared” by the Luciferian Cabal around 1960) is crucially important to know.

  2. Being as how Zionism is a suicidal death cult that wants Apocalypse now, it doesn’t make much sense to worry about what side of an imaginary line in the desert human beings happen to find themselves on. The chosenites who centuries ago occupied Turtle Island and who now occupy Palestine, are constantly on the march and don’t give a fig for the whole idea of borders. Their thinking is that somehow, they will be raptured out of the awful mess they’ve made of things here on the planet Earth, while the rest of us are turned to cinder cakes. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  3. It has been said by ‘well informed insiders’ that the U.S./ British Armies are training large numbers of young men of fighting age in Albania, Iraq, Afghanistan, who later turn up as UN ‘refugees’ primed to kick in doors when the time comes.
    “Extreme right wing racism” or valid concern?

    “The Prince, the Judge and the Paratrooper: Germany’s Foiled Far-Right Coup
    Claudia Wallner and Dr Jessica White
    12 December 2022

    The recent raids and arrests in Germany illustrate some of the trends we have seen in extremism in the last few years, including the transnational connections of groups and narratives and the involvement of current and former members of militaries and police forces in far-right extremism and terrorism.”
    During the Covid-19 pandemic, this movement – including several of those detained last week – became increasingly intertwined, both operationally and ideologically, with anti-vaxx groups and Covid-19 deniers. At the same time, the suspected terror group, under the alleged leadership of Prince Reuß, also appears to have taken inspiration from QAnon conspiracy theories, which emerged in the US and revolve around the idea of countries being governed by a ‘deep state’ that is run by malicious elites.”
    Claudia Wallner is a Research Fellow and Associate in RUSI’s Terrorism and Conflict research group.

    • “Lucrative Business: Albanian Criminal Exploitation of the UK Asylum System
      Grace Evans
      8 December 2022
      The Problem is Policy, Not Policing
      It is time that the UK realised it cannot stop the inevitability of human movement, and instead focused its efforts on settlement schemes available to a wide range of migrants.
      Grace (she/her, they/them) is a Research Analyst in the Organised Crime and Policing team at RUSI.”
      Extract from RUSI website.

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