This week, Peru’s President was impeached and arrested after he attempted to dissolve Peru’s Congress.  But PERU got rid of its Coup Guy. It was lightning fast and immediate

But in the USA, Coup Guy is free to sell worthless NFTs to the peanut gallery.  He’s still laughing all the way to the crypto bank!  It’s hilarious!


Until your Coup Guy goes to jail, you’re as corrupt as any Banana Republic. Being here in Mexico, we mostly hear from Americans who incessantly bitch that Mexico is corrupt blah blah blah…. really?  This is NOW laughable; a running joke from Merida to Mexico City, from Guadalajara to Tijuana, it’s hilarious because all Mexicans know that their government is corrupt. But Americans?  Well, they are just figuring it out.

I mean, it’s been 2 years and so far, the best the USA can do is a criminal referral to a DOJ that is clearly dodging and hoping Coup Guy just dies first so the public can drop the subject and they can go back to kicking average Joe around to fill its for-profit jails.

Come on!  In an earlier America, he would have been arrested within weeks, tried, and hanged by Friday!



No matter, today, we saw Republican Liz Cheney of the Jan. 6th Committee outline her family’s commitment to the USA as her direct Cheney ancestors fought for the UNION during the Civil War, somewhat like how she’s fighting this new failing Confederacy 2.0 led by Stonewall Trump.

Of course, it strikes me that Coup Guy, or shall I say DRAFT DODGER Sore Loser Coup Guy’s grandfather Friedrich Trump was also a DRAFT DODGER who ran from the German draft.  When Herr Trump returned to Germany thinking it was safe, he was kicked out of the country losing his citizenship; which was to our detriment because he ended up in the USA running a brothel in San Francisco and seeding what would become a family of grifters, racists, bigots and profiteers ending with the ascension of the craziest and dumbest of all, America’s # 1 worst citizen, the newly minted CRIMINALLY REFERRED Donald J. Trump.

Coup Guy Trump is the very first former U.S. President to be labeled and sanctioned as a criminal who openly, in full public view, committed egregious crimes against the United States of America attempting to overthrow WE THE PEOPLE.


So far, Criminal Sore Loser Coup Guy Trump has been the ultimate TEFLON DON replacing the original Teflon Don, the he-finally-died-in-jail Mafia Boss John Gotti.

Former Mafia boss John Gotti and his reincarnated body double Donald Trump, who like Gotti, flaunts the law in public with contempt. Gotti died in prison. Will Trump Gotti suffer the same fate?

Gotti was able to skate from what seemed like 1000 trials and prosecutions before the government finally landed its death blow and sent him into oblivion where he eventually died a forgotten man.

But this feels different.

Like Gotti, Roy Cohn Trained Trump used mob boss tactics to intimidate witnesses. But Gotti never had a Supreme Court Justice in his pocket.  And he certainly did NOT have a direct phone line to the Federalist Society and order up a Federal Judge to delay his court hearings on his lovely classified documents case.

So Coup Guy clearly has people in high places that will protect him. And besides, when was the last time you heard of a “billionaire” going to jail?

NFT Trump For Sale


Now, I just checked with my sources in Vegas and they tell me the con man known as JOHN BARRON, JOHN MILLER, CAROLIN GALLEGO, and DAVID DENNISON legally known as Donald J. Trump, is still a 2-1 favorite to skate on all investigations.

They cite loyalist insiders and paid-off weaklings in power positions will protect him.  Really?  Do they mean people inside the Department of Justice?  Its’ not clear yet!

But it’s clearly in the DOJ’s hands now.

So will they actually follow up and indict this psycho-maniac?  Will the world get a new must-watch Netflix Series “The Trump Trial”?

Or will history show that there was an opportunity to confirm the USA as the true leader in the free world where NO ONE was above the law but gave it up for an NFT Salesman Sore Loser Coup Guy?  Stay Tuned.


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  1. I’m not a “trumpster”, but I’m puzzled by your description of Donald Trump, given all the credible and compelling evidence that the 2020 elections were stolen by the unDemocratic Party. It was so obvious that it was stolen, that the majority of States filed a lawsuit requesting that the SCOTUS use its original jurisdiction to review the evidence. The SCOTUS refused to hear the case, claiming the the States didn’t have “standing.” In this context, calling Trump’s actions a coup seems to be in very poor taste. Lincoln would have called on the Marines for help, to stop the real coup.

    • I assume you mean calling him a “SORE LOSER”! If so, as a former youth sports coach, I always taught my players to win and lose with grace. It’s a key component to GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP and being a team player; working with others in competition but always knowing that we are part of something even bigger than ourselves.

      Unfortunately, that axiom has been tarred by Trump who does NOT believe in such a thing. It’s win or die with him. And sadly his “poor sport” attitude hurt everyone.

      Coach Punish calls that selfish. In fact, for such poor sportsmanship behavior, I would have to CUT player Trump off the team because there is NO “I” in T-E-A-M. On Team USA, one must put the team first. If not, we end up with this lust-for-power international embarrassment. In my judgment, the absolute worst in USA history!

      Now we can disagree on policy, debate, vote, and engage but we don’t always get it our way. That’s part of the deal that we must accept if we are to live peacefully in a Constitutional Republic, relatively free in this unfree world. That’s the bargain. Trump clearly does NOT like it. He’s a zero to me! Not interested in anything he has to offer. My two cents

  2. Trump was correct in saying that the only way he will come back into power is by some sort of unconstitutional coup, most likely brought on by another horrible false-flag event staged by you know who. Americans will be sufficiently terrorized into thinking that a full-on nuclear attack on Russia is the only answer. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  3. On the other hand, Trump was the first president since Kennedy to advocate peace and dismantling NATO. And he got on well with Putin.
    That’s more important than all his shortcomings–most of which Biden shares.

  4. Left out the part about being a serial child rapist (both cross-dressed boys and young girls) who has paid millions if not billions to pay off the families of victims.
    This covered numerous times here on VT.
    Dont hear about it much anymore I guess it is so “over the top unbelievable” that the american public could be so stupid to elect a mafia boss child rapist racist pig as their president and so everyone just dont want to talk about how really stupid dumbed down the US people are.
    If he “blows off” the child rapist charges, then the other “lesser” stuff like criminal tax evasion, or attacking Iran with a bioweapon supplied by Israel that caused a worldwide pandemic (not really “lesser” that!) and all the charges will be blown off too Roy Cohn style, as it has been so far.
    Note how the new president is always much worse than he previous one. I think that is part of a plan to make sure the american people know it does no good at all to vote for who you want to see in office, in fact better to vote for who you do not want, as it makes no difference.

  5. Biden is America’s “Coup Guy”! Trump is just an establishment hack that could not keep his mouth shut. The Jan 6th garbage is a continuation of the Russian influence scam. The war on Russia began several years ago and all this recent crap is a cover up for the international bankers and insurance fraudsters that lurk in the sewers.

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