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JEA: E. Michael Jones predicted that Russia will win the war in 2023. Douglas Macgregor has recently declared that Ukraine is beginning to fall. Listen to this carefully:

Do you think Macgregor is right?


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  1. MacGregor is correct, of course. Yet I might take issue with one statement, re: corruption. He mentions USSR and Latin America as being corrupt, but how did we end up with the MIC leech? As yet, no one ever mentions WHO runs the CIA almost as far back as it’s inception. The CIA is worse than simple corruption, they have basically subjugated the entire US gov. How is it that practically every gov agency, as well as the FBI and the entire CONgress, is on board with nearly no detractors? How is it that those that would speak out, are afraid to? Who is this powerful and who is able to deal with these people that present an obstacle? Who has infiltrated every intel agency, the military, controls the MSM and who requires $3.5B in tribute every year? Who sees that only the subservient run for office and only they succeed? Who are those that torpedo any attempt to deprive them of their preferred status? Who has laws passed that repress any dissent or threat to them? We could ask James Traficant, if he hadn’t died in a tractor ‘accident’ on his farm. If this isn’t corruption, what is? A hint? Who has EVER mentioned the KM? Not one person. Now, that’s control!

  2. Here is website shows lots of stuff you will not see on VT, or RT or TheIntelDrop either….(warnews247)

    the two Ukrainian soldiers shot at point blank in a video on this site (you find it) when one would not give up his gun while other was appealing to “not shoot” especially haunts me.

    Lets you see what war in trenches face to face is about which is kill or be killed.

    Have not seen real stuff like this in any other “televised” USA war – Vietnam, Iraq, Syria etc…

    Looked like guy on left might possibly grab the gun of Russian soldier doing the filming I guess why he got shot, or at least try to distract for a second and the other guy who would not give up his gun could the shoot the Russian soldier doing the filming….so they both got shot dead very quickly in split second really no time to think about it.

    They should of waved white flag and threw guns outside of foxhole I guess but no time for that either.

    If I was the Russian soldier doing the filming, I would of been more forgiving, given them some time to come to senses and just hand over their guns and surrender, but then I would of been the one killed too for being the stupid nice guy in this situation.

  3. The price of the Ukrainian human shield was estimated by experts on OSINT (open data intelligence). Based on available information from funeral agencies, extracts from morgues and other open sources, experts estimate the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at 412 thousand killed, about 42 thousand more lost mercenary and volunteer units from other countries.

    Judging by the increasing supply of weapons, Europe and the United States are ready to continue this war to the last Ukrainian. Well-organized propaganda does not allow ordinary citizens of Ukraine to understand the fact that they are used only as a tool in the confrontation between Russia and the West. The words of the Kiev Defense Minister only confirm the fact that for the country’s authorities, the AFU fighters are cannon fodder.

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