Gamma Radiation in America – An Utter Disaster that is unending

Gamma radiation in America. Facing a dying Nation.

In the End the Gamma radiation and it’s sources Win EVERYTHING.

Worse, it is inevitable and there is no country or group that can do anything about it.

Yes – there is NO solution or fix.

The world population was estimated to be 8 Billion in 2022 by the United Nations.

The radioactive contagion spreads in the atmosphere worldwide in only a few years. Winds and storms carry the tasteless poison around the world in just four days.

Widespread circulation started worldwide 78 years ago.

Long term survival of humanity is not possible. This state of affairs is incomprehensible to most.

However, hundreds of thousands of nuclear scientists,  engineers and office workers at the nine nuclear weapons Labs know.

Governments worldwide institute various schemes to silence those who know.

Awkward, isn’t it?  CPM Numbers tell the sad tale.

Bob Nichols






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  1. SaHiBob,

    No, not really, I’ve written hundreds of articles doing all that. Pick any of them on VT and other fine publications.

    Drop back by when you learn something.


    Bob Nichols

  2. Happy New Year, Bob. We can fix things. We must fix things. I would be happy if they just cleaned up Coldwater Creek in North St. Louis County, MO.

    • Hi JS,

      Wow, JS, your statements that “We can fix things. We must fix things.” is breathtaking in its audacity.

      In my experience with Gamma and other nuclear radiation that is not happening and never will.

      Again, JS, this nuclear situation is not fixable and never will be – just the opposite – the current amounts of nuclear radiation is on track to kill us All.

      My opinion.

      Bob Nichols

  3. A little known and very revealing article, including FOI Act info, on the strategic timing of nuclear detonation “testing” of the USA and USSR (actually for reasons of intimidation, and not against each other!) is “Grave Reasons of State.” You’ll be astounded at their primary motive.

  4. There is an article available online that plainly describes a looming global catastrophe. It’s not CO2 and never was. CO2 comprises a very small percentage of our atmosphere and small changes mean little or nothing. According to the accredited authors the problem is the ozone layer. It was never damaged by CFCs and it has not been fixed (can’t be fixed). Thousands of nuclear and thermonuclear detonations released ionizing radiation into the upper atmosphere that it is literally burning away the ozone. Ozone protects the earth from dangerous/deadly radiation. Such damage has already occurred according to the authors and the signs are all around us. Add to that the Fukushima catastrophe? The writers are not optimistic. Thanks!

  5. Don’t forget who invented all the nuke krap, it was self professed Jews, who hate the goyim since before Christ till now.
    And shit head American self professed Christians worship all their murderous wars over the last 122 years, making excuses for nuking the 2 biggest Christian cities in East Asia, and totally ignoring all the people in America who suffered and died from nuke radiation caused by their beloved nuke bomb testing.

    • I’ve always thought that the word “testing” is incorrect. The bombs are first and foremost “detonations”.

      My opinion.

      Bob Nichols

  6. Why all the confusion about what the radiation gurus count? What is CPM and all the other labels. It all looks like a big scam.
    Back in the early 1960’s there was gamma radiation test done on rabbits, and it was found that cabbage protected the rabbits.
    And why is wild life doing so well around the Chernobyl nuke disaster? Why is the deliberate USA/Israeli sabotage of Fukushima not being discussed?
    USA has been spraying chemicals all over USA for decades. Those guys in Washington appear to be doing it all by design.

  7. — Nice board. Nice numbers… but… and…?
    I do not understand what those data mean that can only be interpreted by a technician or scientist in the field,
    How about being taught the numbers from a blood test? (Yours) and I tell you that the thing is screwed….?
    Well… You will find them interesting, but no more. And you will forget them almost immediately.
    SaHib is right. What’s with all that…?

  8. Care to flesh this out? What isotopes, how much, where? How do you allege they got there? Open-air nuclear testing, dust blown from tailings piles, cremating corpses with plutonium-238 pacemakers or still wearing radium watches, powdered Welsbach gas lantern mantles, burnt americium smoke detectors, what?
    “Number of RAD COUNTS”, whatever that mean (please define), is uninformative.

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