Imran Khan gained confidence from this week’s organised and well-planned military assault when the army and police failed to apprehend him. A large integer of Khan’s supporters approached him unarmed as helicopters hovered over his home and thousands of foot troops launched a ground assault.

This was a major oversight made by Sharif’s coalition administration, and it set the stage for its defeat in the upcoming elections. Prime minister Sharif has shown that he would use any means necessary to maintain his position of authority, despite the fact that the public does not back his government. In order to defeat the Tehreek-e-Insaf party, the opposition parties were compelled to create a coalition.

Due to the massive success of Tehreek-e-Insaf, the People’s Party, a fierce rival of Muslim League Nawaz, has to get together with the political groups. These parties feel at a loss because Imran is the first charismatic leader who gained widespread support within the country, and abroad.

The former prime minister’s government was overthrown by the military in a white-collar coup last year. Shahbaz Sharif, the brother of Nawaz Sharif, who headed the Muslim League, formed a coalition government with other political parties to replace it. The boss is Nawaz and the military helped them to become parts of a vulnerable coalition. The head of the People’s Party, Bilawal Bhutto, serves as the government’s minister of foreign affairs, along with representatives from other parties.

Despite leaving the legislature last year, Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party saw a rise in support as a result of the Sharif-led alliance government’s ban on Khan’s public gatherings. In his open talks, Imran was charged with attempting to topple the government. Mr. Khan was hurt in the meantime during an armed assault while they were in a large gathering. The Tehreek-e-Insaf party did not assign responsibility for the assault to anyone, but some party members did. Despite this, Mr. Khan continued to hold his meetings and brought attention to Pakistan’s issues and the weakening of the government, which was unable to rescue the nation from its economic woes.

Because Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders speak against corruption and present their issues in the language of the people, the groups included in Sharif’s administration do not see any possibility of success in his presence. The majority of his party’s leaders are young individuals who, thanks to Mr. Khan, rose from Pakistan’s lower classes. However, his party also has some significant figures who are former politicians and attorneys who can assess the complexity of the problem and find a workable answer.

He has therefore been able to win the support of the general public by developing solid party plans. Now, these parties are attempting to use their influence within the government to depose or imprison Imran Khan, who will be elected to the parliament in the upcoming elections.

The majority of Pakistanis, however, are aware that Mr. Khan is not only opposed to conflict, but also has sound economic plans to combat hunger in the nation, which could prevent the nation from experiencing economic failure. However, Imran’s supporters in Sharif’s coalition administration see this as his demise, and they plan to have him arrested.

If Mr. Khan is taken into custody, civil conflict in Pakistan may break out and militants in Pakistan may succeed in their objectives. The issue with the civil war is that as the country splits into different sections, militants could gain access to nuclear technology, endangering the entire region.


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  1. PM Imran Khan is one of the most sincere and honest leader the nation has ever seen and he is determined to stamp out corruption by these psychotic generals. His removal at the hand of the army generals by political manipulation have received full support of the international establishment. Despite the brutal crackdown torture of ordinary civilians and citizens, the silence of the so called Human Rights, Amnesty n sundry is deafening.
    Its the Pakistani citizens, who detest these vile psychopath army generals, and have protected Imran Khan from any harm, including the attempt on his life by these army generals.

    It’s the GHQ that has become a viper’s nest and needs to be cleaned up.

  2. Actually its the Zionist controlled Pakistani army that has been hired guns for international establishment and has hijacked the nation, acting no different from a colonialist occupying force. The army’s top brass are some of the most vile and corrupt psychopaths who have funneled billions upon billions of nation’s wealth into foreign banks, and have murdered and brutally tortured anyone exposing this criminality.
    Arshad Sharif an investigative journalist was killed in Kenya by this same group of army psychopaths, for bringing in details of the mass theft and larceny by these generals. Ordinary citizens who have dared to speak out against this monstrosity have been brutally tortured and their bodies have been dumped in public, as a telltale foreboding consequences and in the process terrorizing the whole nation.
    These army generals come from humble backgrounds and at the end of their career become billionaires from loot and plunder of the nation. Recently retired army general, a true psychopath, Qamar Bajwa grew up in homelessness and is now living like billionaires overseas. In the process bureaucracy, judiciary and all the other institutions have become highly compromised and conniving partners to this grand theft of the nation.

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