Robert Kennedy Jr: The Only Man for the Job

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the last chance America has to avoid balkanization...


In Old West America, snake oil salesmen would move from town to town selling opiated concoctions that they guaranteed to cure any ailment those who partook of them had. They would stay for a day or two in a town, sell as many bottles as possible, then move on before their customers realized the only thing, they had purchased was a bottle of dreams.

Google and ilk, the latter-day version of these nefarious peddlers, has remained in town for twenty-plus years promising the world the Jetsons and delivering the Flintstones without ever suffering the consequences of their grifting. This is only due to the fact that insane legislation like the Citizens United Decision enabled them to merge with America’s government through their legal purchase of politicians.

A few days ago, the Silicon Valley Bank, where the snake oil salesman keep their assets, finally succumbed to the natural law that nobody rides for nothing. Twenty years of producing nothing but the incoherent words of demented genetic defects like Yuval Noah Harari and Ray Kurzweil caught up with an entire generation of freaks and geeks motivated only by resentment for all that is magnificent in the human race.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. is an American environmental lawyer and author known for his anti-vaccine views. Kennedy is the son of U.S. senator Robert F. Kennedy and a nephew of President John F. Kennedy.

The banks’ money, approximately two hundred and fifty billion dollars, not one cent of it ever earned through producing something, turned out to be just as illusory as Google’s products. Nature had pronounced its verdict. Undaunted the parasites from Silicon Valley rolled out the child-molesting senile relic of political graft they had installed as president. The doddering Joe Biden meandered up to the presidential podium and simply announced that the federal government would assume the bank’s liabilities. He then scurried off, like the geriatric cockroach that he is, refusing to answer a single question. Just like that Silicon Valley was back in business.

Google, whose parent company is called Alphabet Inc. after all the federal agencies it has purchased, like the FDA, the EPA, the FCC, the FBI, the CIA and even Americas vaunted NSA through Operation PRISM, was free to continue in its role as the scourge of the western dream and the enemy of free speech.

There is only one man in the West who can stop this kind of blatant political corruption: Robert Kennedy Jr. In May of 2020 in a short piece titled The way Toward Peace (, we called upon him to step up, very simply because no other man can do the job. Three years later, after watching the pharmaceutical companies dismantle the country he loves while Google rode shotgun he has overcome his understandable reluctance and thrown down the gauntlet.

Both his father Senator Robert Kennedy and his uncle President John F Kennedy were murdered by the CIA. Robert Kennedy Jr. is a courageous man which is more than can be said of anyone else out there with the pedigree he possesses, and he is far more than just the right bloodline.

The ghoulish Andrew Cuomo, his onetime brother-in-law, would never have been governor of NY, had Kennedy as the odds-on favorite run against him for Attorney General of New York. A few years later when Governor Paterson offered him the senate seat from New York, Kennedy turned that down too. That is the problem with politics; the people who should have the job never want it.

On the political battlefield, Kennedy, a renowned trial lawyer amongst his peers, earned more medals than the entire Senate of the United States of America combined. He has worked ceaselessly in the courtroom for the poor, whether they live in the ghettos of New York City or the steaming jungles of South America or Africa, even having spent a month in the maximum-security prison of a South American hellhole.

Everywhere in the world, whether you be Ford Motor Company, the Department of Defense, or Exxon Oil, you have learned to fear the name Robert Kennedy Jr. Throw something in the water you’re not supposed to, you know Kennedy is coming for you.

Kennedy has latched onto the villainous Bill Gates like an enraged Pitbull, when everyone else in the world, outside of Vladimir Putin, genuflects before him. This is a guy who can and will take on the billionaires who have hijacked this country, just like Putin took them on in Russia.

Kennedy is a hero in the Red States for his tenacious fight against Gates and the pharmaceutical companies and he is a hero in the Blue States for his ceaseless defense of the environment.

In an abbreviated resume, Kennedy once sued Westchester County New York to reopen Croton Point Park, which was heavily used primarily by poor and minority communities from the Bronx. (1) He wasn’t done yet either on behalf of inner-city Black people. He then forced the reopening of Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, which New York City had closed to the public and converted to a police firing range. (2) He also led a battle to stop a plan to sell Washington, D.C.’s Kingman Island—a rare piece of National Park Service property in a minority neighborhood—to a private developer. In 2004, Kennedy successfully sued Exxon to clean up a large oil spill on Newton Creek in Greenpoint Brooklyn. (3)

As Jimmy Dore points out in the above interview the democrats will attempt to fix the primary just like they did against Bernie Sanders in 2016. If need be, with Silicon Valley riding shotgun, the corporatocracy will fix the elections just like they did in 2020 and 2022. In Pennsylvania they have proven to themselves they can install a retard into the senate, even writing legislation in his name while he languishes in a mental institution, as long as the legacy media and Silicon Valley cover for them.

There will be, for there must be because it is the only thing the elitist billionaires who own the corporatocracy understand, blood in the streets. But there is nothing in this world worth having if it is not worth fighting for.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the last chance America has to avoid balkanization...


1 – Reed, Susan (July 2, 1990). “Polluters, Beware! Riverkeeper John Cronin Patrols the Hudson and Pursues Those Who Foul Its Waters”. People. Archived October 16, 2017.

2 – Cronin, John; Kennedy Jr., Robert F. (1997). The Riverkeepers: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right. New York: Scribner. p. 304.

3 – Confessore, Nicholas (November 1, 2005). “An Old Oil Spill Divides a Brooklyn Neighborhood”. The New York Times. Archived October 16, 2017.


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  1. Robert Kennedy Jr. very well could be a breath of fresh air for the USA after so many real culprits in the top seat since RR in 1981.

  2. @Wellameena~
    The global elite WERE NOT SO DISCREET at Davos this year. The light is shining upon them – people know their satanic ways to divide now.

    Sunlight makes the best disinfectant.

  3. Robert Kennedy would make a fantastic Democrat nominee. President Trump asked him to be in his administration last term. I do not think Kennedy would EVER be allowed to lead the Democrat party – he has the goods.

    We know who won the last election and he has already established peace in the world once. As a member of President Trump’s team – Kennedy knows where to bodies are buried & could actually FIND THEM TO ARREST THEM.

    • Excuse me if I do not share the rights enthusiasm for Donald Trump OK. His gutting of the unions and neutering of the AFL-CIO made the lockdowns possible. He is the one who originally lionized that mass murdering psychopath Fauci, and then promoted Operation Warp Speed. I find it just as amazing that most on the right can’t see this as I am flabbergasted that those on the left don’t know whether they are a boy or a girl. Robert is not getting in the White House without a war, in the streets, in the intell services and in the military who will have to crush the police that Tucker Carlson is so fond of. Only a Lion talks like this, don’t let his speech impediment deafen you to his roar…

  4. Real polity is secret polity.

    The Rothschild family has a been a power in world finance since the 1700s, emerging from Frankfurt and establishing additional banks in London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples. The family operates according to the Venetian method, not being tied to any particular nation, but to an imperial oligarchy which sees itself above the level of mere nations, viewing them as colonies with no real sovereignty. The empire exists by playing nations against each other, drawing them deep into debt, and taking control over their issuance of money through the mechanism of so-called “independent” central banks. The family was picked up in the early years by a network of Venetian operatives in Germany, including the powerful Thurn und Taxis family of the Venetian intelligence service. This was the source of the Rothschilds’ notorious intelligence and courier network, which allowed them to trade on inside information, in a way that made them filthy rich and gave them the power to defeat their rivals. Behind the Rothschilds, stands Venice. That is crucial to understanding not only their history, but their current operations. The Rothschilds specialize in dirty money operations for this Anglo-Venetian empire, and the Inter-Alpha Group reflects that role. The banks in the group represent the family funds (or fondi) of some of the most powerful families in Europe, and provide a mechanism for those funds to be deployed, hidden from public view.

    • These old families, located in enclaves across Europe, wield enormous power, but do so discreetly, to keep their power and influence hidden from the general public. As with certain insects, darkness is essential to their survival. The founding banks themselves were hardly household names, even in 1971: Williams & Glyn’s Bank of England; BHF-Bank of Germany; Banco Ambrosiano
       of Italy; Crédit Commercial de France of France; Kredietbank
       of Luxembourg; and Nederlandsche Middenstands Bank of the Netherlands. Williams & Glyn’s was a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland, bankers to the opium-running British East India Company, the Venetian- controlled company which became the British Empire (as did Rothschild). These banks all serve as “private bankers,” specializing in managing the fondi of the imperial elite.
      The Inter-Alpha Group is a conduit for these oligarchic families, and their wealth and power. It represents a predatory system which exists by keeping mankind as peasants, to be looted as required, and cast aside when they are no longer useful. It is the face of the enemy.

      Andrei Fursov – Russian historian, sociologist, writer.

    • Andrei takes a lot of things for granted Well, with as much as you know about the occult you should know that. If you think bankers are at the top of the food chain, you might as well just watch Alex Jones. I remember a friend of mine, to say he was highly placed in the NSA would be a dreadful understatement, posting an article on my Open Salon site about how he murdered two Scottish bankers at a meeting on the beach in New England then disposed of their body’s by cutting them up and using them for bait in lobster pots…

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