According to Carmine Mino Pecorelli, a maverick journalist with excellent secret service contacts, publisher and editor of OP an acronym for Political Observer but also ordre public or public policy doctrine, a weekly magazine, a sort of VT ante litteram in the Italian 1970s announced on the Ides of March 1978 a very serious event due to all the effects it would have had all over the World would have occurred in Italy.

Aldo Romeo Luigi Moro was an Italian statesman and a prominent member of the Christian Democracy. He served as prime minister of Italy from December 1963 to June 1968 and then from November 1974 to July 1976.

Such as the assassination of Caius Julius Caesar that happened on the Ides of March (March 15th) of 44 B.C.

In fact, this event of which Pecorelli must have heard rumors spread by Italian services or military was delayed for some technical reason and took place the day after on March 16th, 1978.

On March 16th, 1978, the day when the Italian designated Premier Honorable Aldo Moro should have formed an Italian Government with the Christian Democratic Party, to which he belonged, for the first time in the history of Italy, and in the history of a Western NATO Country, allied together with the Italian Communist Party, his car and the cars of the escort agents were stopped by a commando action in the center of Rome, all the escort agents were killed in seconds by terrorist killers who wore official uniforms of Italian Air Force officers and Moro himself was kidnapped unharmed and transported to an undisclosed location.

Although the presence of a certain number of armed red brigadiers during the commando action has been proven, it seems that they only served to block the Moro and escort cars as they were not adequately trained in the use of weapons in a commando action, while the massacre of the escort agents and It happened by a single ”very efficient” killer who killed them all in seconds with a machine pistol.

This foreign killer and unrelated to the RB who arrives at the scene of the massacre on the back seat of a motorcycle and has never been identified would have come by plane from Libya the day before (the ides of March!) and left for Paris on the same day of the massacre shortly after of it.

Do you want to know something which is really unbelievable but is true?

At the slaughter place, there were agents and cars of the Italian secret service who witnessed all that slaughter and didn’t act in defense of Italian police agents under attack and will deny their presence on the spot!

They call it NATO loyalty of the Italian military.

This operational and special part of the plan seems to have been organized by former rogue CIA agents: Edwin P. Wilson e Frank Terpil.

A few days earlier Aldo Moro met US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in NYC who warned him against forming a government together with the Communists and threatened his life, too.

The terrorists who kidnapped Moro self-defined themselves in their bulletins pro-communist revolutionary Red Brigades. Somehow quoting perhaps and/or referring to the communist partisans of WWII.

According to Pecorelli, Aldo Moro’s kidnapping had been organized by a “lucid Superpower” and was inspired by the “logic of Yalta”. Pecorelli’s name was on Licio Gelli’s list of Propaganda Due high-rank masonic members, discovered in 1980 by the Italian police.

One year after Moro’s kidnapping Pecorelli was killed in his car we still don’t know by whom and why.

Long before, 55 days after the abduction of Moro on the occasion of his release also Moro was murdered.

Everything is still uncertain about Moro’s kidnapping and later killing of Aldo Moro: the identity and even the number of terrorists, the identity and even the number of killers, the place where he was held prisoner, and above all the identity of the instigators of this kidnapping and murder. Cui prodest?

There are many truths about it.

There is the official truth, the governmental and judicial truth which has since then been propagated by the mainstream media for conciliatory pedagogical propaganda purposes despite being full of contradictions and omissions.

There is also the truth of the parliamentary commission of inquiry that in my opinion is better than the first but not entirely satisfactory, which is also a bit tamed version of the events.

And finally, there is the truth of many free-lance private detectives which is the freest from any political compromise, instances of social, political, and Atlantic pacification, judicial and military discipline, and loyalty to NATO and the US, and which have reached an agreement on a common version.

The researcher most involved in this investigative work was Senator Sergio Flamigni a truth seeker who committed forty years of his life to documents collecting about this event and all events related to it making himself the richest archive on this subject in Italy and writing various books on this subject.

This affair it was all a very sophisticated CIA covert false-flag operation of which the members of the Red Brigades have been accomplices and jailers perhaps murderers of Moro perhaps not.

In the end, they were patsies of the history of this event.

At this point, it must be said that in the days of the honorable Moro’s kidnapping, the US State Department sent an expert CIA agent negotiator: Steve Pieczenik.

He mistreats the US ambassador in Rome Richard Gardner and the CIA station master, accusing them of sleeping all day long and of inefficiency not producing any useful information about Red Brigades in addition to those coming from the Italian Agencies; it becomes clear that Pieczenick is much more than a consultant.

He is a Proconsul sent to the periphery of the Empire.

In fact, he supports the Italian Minister of the Interior (sort of Italian FBI among other duties) Francesco Cossiga as a staff but I would say better as the decision maker and in fact, he manages the Moro kidnapping crisis.

“The decision to have Moro killed was not taken lightly. We discussed it for a long time because nobody likes to sacrifice lives. But Cossiga kept his course and thus we arrived at a very difficult solution, especially for him. With his death, we prevented Berlinguer from reaching power and thus avoiding the destabilization of Italy and Europe.’

Thus spoke in 2006 Steve Pieczenik, the US state councilor, called alongside Francesco Cossiga to resolve the crisis condition, in an interview published in France by the journalist Emmanuel Amara, in the french book ”Nous avons tué Aldo Moro”.

Even earlier on March 16, 2001, in a previous statement released to Italy Daily, Pieczenik himself said that his task on behalf of the Washington government had been «to stabilize Italy so that the DC would not give in. The fear of the Americans was that yielding of the DC would bring consensus to the PCI, already close to obtaining a majority. In normal situations, despite the many government crises, Italy had always been firmly in the hands of the DC. But now, with Moro showing signs of breaking down, the situation was at risk. The decision was therefore taken not to deal. Politically there was no other choice. However, this means that Moro would have been executed. The fact is that he wasn’t indispensable to the stability of Italy.

From the point of view of an Italian statesman: The honorable Giovanni Galloni, deputy high magistrate and Minister of the Italian Republic stated that hat during a State Visit to the USA in 1976 he was reminded by a US statesman that, for strategic reasons (the fear of losing the military bases on Italian soil, which were the first line of defense in the event of an invasion of Europe by the Soviets) the United States was opposed to a government open to communists like the one Moro was aiming for:

So, the entry of the communists into Italy in the government or in the majority was a strategic question, of life or death, “life or death” as they said, for the United States of America, because if the communists had arrived in the government in Italy surely they would have been kicked out of those bases and they couldn’t allow this at any cost. Here the divisions between doves and hawks occurred. The hawks ominously claimed that this would never be allowed, no matter what, so I saw behind this statement coups d’état, insurrections, and things like that.

A Special Authors Addendum to
The strange case of the kidnapping and later killing of Aldo Moro Italian Premier

My version of the strange case of the kidnapping and later killing of Aldo Moro Italian Premier is not the official version of those facts but my personal elaboration of the truth built on the work of many freelance private detectives which freer from any political compromise, instances of social, political and Atlantic pacification, judicial and military discipline and loyalty to NATO and US. Mainly the contribution of Senator Sergio Flamigni.

Then at the end of the XX century the communists too will also go to the government and run it just as a majority force (the first D’Alema government was the government of Italy from October 21st 1998 to December 22nd 1999)

But this will only happen after the fall of the Berlin Wall, after the end of the Soviet Union, and above all after the Italian Guillotine, the Overthrow of Italy’s First Republic that is, the end of the political system that had governed Italy from its Liberation from nazifascism in 1945 until Operation Clean Hands, the first post-modern coup d’etat in the world in 1994.
In between, there was also the fact that after the end of the Soviet Union the communists of the PCI repented to have been communist (What proof of a strong character!) and formed a new party which will be left-wing yes but no longer communist and in the end, it will be called Democratic just like the one in the USA.

The judges of Milan of Operation Clean Hands accused all Italian parties of corruption except the Communist Party (which in fact was corrupt, too) overthrowing the Italian political system, practically giving away the majority to the communists, then later against them but Berlusconi will arrive.

Don’t ask me why Milan judges closed their eyes in front of the corruption of the Communist Party. I don’t know and I don’t understand it till now. And moreover, I don’t understand why Italians accepted this false narrative. Operation Clean Hands wasn’t Clean at all. Instead, it was very Dirty. Pro those that used to be called communists and now they weren’t so communist anymore.

Certainly those judges and later the former communists now Democrats had the support directly or indirectly of US President Bill Clinton who at least would have not vetoed this Operation.

In any case, the ex-communists of the Alema government will pay the US a very high price/moral toll for going to the government.

In fact, Italy had never entered into war since 1945 and this would also have been prohibited by its Constitution (article 11 where it is written that Italy can enter the war only for self-defense.) D’Alema transgresses this prohibition and NATO bombers departed from Italian Air Force Bases in the Kosovo war.

Apart from the fact that this initiative was unconstitutional and that D’Alema’s fault (not recognized) is called High Treason, unfortunately, this transgression will represent a dangerous warmonger precedent for the future…

see also:
Stanton H. Burnett and Luca Mantovani, The Italian Guillotine: Operation Clean Hands and the Overthrow of Italy’s First Republic


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