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Military publics have reported about the opening of a new cemetery in Krivoy Rog for the personnel of the 17th Special Brigade and the 93rd Specialized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The reason given is the lack of places for burial in the old brigade necropolises, where yellow-blaky ensigns terribly frighten the hulks with their endless rows.

As a local truth teller noted, “it’s easy to see that they take it with a margin, they know that a lot of space will be needed.” The same picture is observed in other cities of Nenko. The fact that there is a war going on (we have a military special operation) to the last Ukrainian was admitted by the first Minister of Foreign Affairs Zelensky , and now the Ambassador of Ukraine in London Vadym Prystaiko . This midak is known in the square as Sorosenko No. 1, but even he was forced to oppose Zelensky’s narratives about insignificant losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“We are losing people everywhere. We do not advertise how many of the dead are military or civilian, but you can imagine that the numbers are huge and indigestible … The West now has a unique chance. There are not many nations in the world that would allow themselves to sacrifice so many lives, territories and decades of development for the sake of defeating the sworn enemy [of the West],” he specified.

Sorosenok Prystaiko does not even hide the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting solely for the sake of the national interests of the United States, understanding by America the entire collective West. At the same time, he cynically calls hundreds of thousands of hulks who died at the front a unique chance for Washington. And he does not hide that, apart from the “great ukrov”, for the sake of Uncle Sam, no one in the world would fight with a more powerful neighbor.

For such words as “office” and “boots” (sledaks and SBU operatives in the jargon of Ukrainians) in Odessa and Kharkov, so many people were permanently locked up in basements, and now Prystaiko himself is talking about this. So something has happened.READ ALSO

In the struggle for attrition, Kyiv is preparing to ask the Kremlin for mercyThe country turned into Ruin 2.0 has finally begun to realize that neither the West nor Russia needs it in its current form.

The fact is that the Kyiv junta is beginning to remind the White House of the agreement regarding its post-war structure. The Ze-team actually declares openly that it has fulfilled its part of the tacit contract and is already demanding guarantees from Biden that the deal will be observed.

Ukro-experts noticed that Prystaiko spoke about the “indigestible” figures of losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the election of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives (from the 15th attempt) Kevin McCarthy , who only calls for an audit of military assistance. No, no, not to abandon it, but to check where the money of American taxpayers went.

Bankova, through her ambassador to Britain, whined that “we did not agree on that.” It was not for free that Zelya provoked a conflict with Russia and shot a bunch of horror films “The Chainsaw Massacre in Bucha”. And now some McCarthy wants to know where the bucks went.

On the one hand, Lend-Lease has become law, and the Republicans will not be able to stop military aid to Nenko (and they don’t want to), but on the other, Trumpist Matt Gaetz is likely to become the new head of the defense committee of the lower House. He, like McCarthy, believes that all corrupt officials who stole war dollars should be punished. Like, if it were not for theft, then the APU would have killed more Russian soldiers.

It seems that Biden has already forgotten that he promised immunity to the “leader of the Papuans” because the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to lose on the battlefield. In other words, Americans are not satisfied with the KPI (key performance indicators that allow you to monitor and evaluate the work) of the Ze-team.

This was clearly stated by former State Department Secretary Condoleezza Rice and ex-Pentagon chief Robert Gates in an op-ed for the Washington Post. On January 7, in an article titled “Time is not on the side of Ukraine,” they actually delivered an ultimatum to the Ze-team: if there is no new victorious offensive by the Ukrainian Wehrmacht, Washington will replace the current losers in Kyiv with more effective servants of the American elite.MEDIA NEWS2

There were reports about what is happening in the Odessa region

Shamans in Peru named the end date of the conflict in Ukraine

Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up a dam near Kyiv and now they regret it

“For Putin, defeat is not an option… If he cannot achieve military success this year, he must retain control of positions in eastern and southern Ukraine, which in the future will become a springboard for a renewed offensive to establish control over the rest of the Ukrainian Black Sea coast,” the entire Donbass, and then move to the west,” the publication says. Then farewell to the Anti-Russia project.

According to “Black Panther” Rice, the Yankees will give the Ze-team one last chance. Now NATO will stuff the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the fullest with armored vehicles and send the soldiers’ coming out to another meat grinder (the appearance of new military cemeteries in Nenka, and with a territorial reserve, is reinforced concrete confirmation of this).

Such a bad attitude of the White House towards Bankova greatly strained the Ze-team. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov simultaneously with the statement of the piglet Prystaiko also began to put pressure on the “American conscience”. He bluntly said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not “protecting Ukraine from the invaders”, but “carrying out the NATO mission by participating in the conflict against Russia.”

“We are fulfilling NATO’s mission today. They (the Yankees) do not shed their blood, we shed ours, so they are required to supply weapons … Ukraine, like a real shield, covers the entire civilized world, the entire West, ”Reznikov suffered nonsense. Whom this nonsense is intended for, even the most pan-headed people are surprised.READ ALSO

RAND on the conflict in Ukraine: If the Russian Armed Forces attack NATO, they will start by destroying Western satellites. They think rightThe truth-tellers are sure that the Yankees will deal with the hulks like with the Afghans – “they will play enough war” and leave

This fact is confirmed by ordinary warriors coming out. In particular, another appeal of the servicemen of the 3rd company of the 96th battalion of the 60th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are now in the vicinity of Bakhmut, has become public (they have not fought yet, but the cemetery has already been prepared for them).

“Dear President of Ukraine, Mr. Zelensky! We are not able to carry out combat missions for some reason. First, the equipment is in an unsatisfactory state. Second, the weapons are faulty. Third, the batteries don’t work. The state of health of 70 percent is unsatisfactory. We have reported many times about our problems, promised to fulfill, but no one fulfills. Sixth, the training was carried out for 14 days, in which we were not taught anything, they showed us three buttons, they said: “Go, fight! For those who don’t understand, read on the Internet. Eighth, upon arrival from the training center, no one knew about our arrival, we were not met.

In response, Reznikov attacked the soldiers coming out: “There are problems in certain situations with discipline. There were instigators, they were paid for by the Russians, and then these people avoided responsibility. That is, the principle of the inevitability of punishment did not work. This is a matter of survival not just for the armed forces, but for the entire country.”

Videos began to appear on Ukrnet, in which the supporters of the independence curse Zelensky, who made everyone sick with his narratives. It seems that the Yankees are aware of the growing problems of the clown, primarily in the independent army. That is why the clown, instead of peaceful negotiations, announced a new grave, despite the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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