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Psychotronic Firewalls against Public Truth

The name of the game is the entrainment of your brain.

Shift to the East

Our illegal, unConstitutional Free Trade Agreements have eroded American sovereignty and resulted in the exportation of most American manufacturing and industry which is producing a shift in economic power from the West to the East.

Power to the American People to Stop Nuclear WW3 in the Middle East and...

It is obvious from the outside that the USA has become the face and fist of the global NWO evil empire. But are the majority of the American People aware of this and more importantly can they wake up out of their stupor to restore some dignity to their country and to the world?

The battlefield America – the battle for a new civilizational state

  By Santiago Sunset for VT Reading this article, some people might say: “So what the f..k want this European anarchist (which I am not; I...

Banksters transforming Baby-Boomers into Baby-Busters

The demise of the Middle Class: Stolen Blind by the Khazarian Mafia Banksters.

Donner Decision: Which is worse – being burnt to death or frozen to...

She knew it was a bizarre question, perhaps a crazed thought; but it had been bothering her ever since George had made his decision – a decision for himself, her, and their three young girls.

Synthetic Reality Nation

There are some stories the Folks who really run things will not allow published in the Mainstream Media and broadcast on the Network News because this truth would quickly erode the Establishment's lies, propaganda and false-narratives which have produced a synthetic, false reality over the last 50 years.

Abraham’s Pharaoh was not King of Egypt

Judaism and its Israelite stories of militant raids are as genuinely Arabian as Islam and its tales of holy wars and jihad

The Academy’s Complicity in the Global War of False Flag Terrorism

I met Dr. Kevin Barrett as planned at a small bookstore near the Notre Dame Cathedral landmark in Paris France.