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Trump Reveals “Absolute Proof Election Was Stolen”

“The bottom line is, I stole this election fair and square!"

Trump Didn’t Delegitimize this “Election”—We Did (UPDATED WITH “RED SHIFT” STATS)

The MSM is scratching its collective head over yet another epic polling fail.

FFWN: Exposing “Borat’s Holohoax” with E. Michael Jones

Is there such a thing as Jewish privilege? And should we pay Mike Jones a nickel every time we use that expression?

Trump to Dead Supporters: Vote Early and Often!

Trump calls on the deceased community to swing the election in his favor.

The Grass Electoral College: Ignore the Parties and Choose a President...

At the moment we have two candidates, Trump, age 74, and Biden, age 77, whose inability to unite a nation has already been on display for years.

Phil Giraldi takes on the Kremlim boogeyman merchants

Jim W. Dean - I have to ask you all when is the last time you have read anything about investigation of electronic vote flipping?