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Did Emergent BioSolutions Sabotage Efforts to Vaccinate Against COVID-19?

The Baltimore plant that recently had to scrap up to 15 million ruined doses had flouted rules and downplayed errors.

Europe’s Suspension of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine: For Science or Politics?

Germany’s decision set off a domino effect of defections from the vaccine.

U.K. Authorizes Covid-19 Vaccine From Oxford and AstraZeneca

Britain on Wednesday became the first country to give emergency authorization to the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford

Covid Vaccine producers announce plans to test combination vaccines using Russia’s...

Jim W. Dean - The biggest concern is that the vaccines are not producing a high antibody protection in seniors.

‘Mistakes’ Can Be Advantageous

AstraZeneca probes 'mistake' behind 90% COVID-19 vaccine efficacy

Russia offers Sputnik-V vaccine to the world

Jim W. Dean - If this first Russian vaccine works well, and with other vaccines following, governments can better plan their anti-Covid strategies.

Europe places first vaccine order for 400 million doses

Jim W. Dean - China is once again running circles around the US on how quickly it is moving to contain the new Covid infections in Beijing.