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Old Friends: Germany Building Bioweapons in Ukraine-Joint ReNazification

Berlin coordinated its work on biodefense with its US allies, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told RT.

April 13: Russians Capture Ukrainian Chemical Weapons

The Russian military found a drone with liquid containers and sprayers on the territory of one of the military units abandoned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, RT reports. “Presumably, these aircraft could be used to spray poisonous substances to harm both the Russian Armed Forces and the civilian population and farmland,” one of the servicemen told RT.

It Begins: Bioweapon Infected Phony Cash Scattered Over School in...

Inside Ukraine, new strains of TB infection mysteriously showed up near US labs, where ​​​in 2020, counterfeit banknotes infected with the Asian strain of tuberculosis had been thrown out near a school, said the Vice Speaker of the State Duma.

US Deploying Chemical Weapons to Poland for False Flag Ukraine Attack,...

VT has learned that the US, on direct orders from the White House, has begun deploying secret chemical warfare stockpiles from its facility in Richmond, Kentucky to forward areas in Poland for deployment in Kiev or Odessa and to blame Russia, which will assuredly cascade into a full nuclear war. Sourced from highest level intelligence.

US biolaboratories in Ukraine: Americans planned to poison Crimea and its...

Entire groups of infected living organisms were supposed to fall on the Crimean expanses from American laboratories beyond Perekop. This is the conclusion that the Russian defense department made after analyzing the unique trophies obtained as a result of a special operation in Ukraine. The bacteriological attack on the Crimea began even before the start of the current military events.

AI Invents 40,000 Chemical Weapons in only Six Hours

An international security conference explored how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for drug discovery could be misused for de novo design of biochemical weapons. A thought experiment evolved into a computational proof.

Russian Military Has Evidence Ukraine Preparing Provocation Involving Poisonous Substances, MoD...

Sputnik: On Monday, Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia cited a Russian military intelligence report that Ukrainian nationalist fighters transported 80 tonnes of ammonia to the settlement of Zolochev, Kharkov region. The envoy suggested these nationalist forces were preparing a provocation to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons.

Russian Federation Ministry of Defence: Statement by Chief of Nuclear,...

The Russian Federation has repeatedly drawn attention to the biological programmes implemented by the United States Pentagon in the post-Soviet area.

The Secret US Biolabs in Ukraine

On April 23rd the US Embassy in Ukraine acknowledged that there are biological laboratories in Ukraine that are under the control of the Pentagon.