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The Jewish roots of ‘Takfiri’ culture

The Author revisits Ancient Yemen, the homeland of the Israelites. In the essay, Ashraf Ezzat digs deep into the cultural roots of (religious) extremism and intolerance in both Judaism and Islam.

US concedes Russian ‘constructive role’ in Syria

Jim W. Dean - Assad counterattacks by charging bad faith on those still demanding he step down, when the Geneva mandate was for all opposition parties to be involved, which certainly included him, and he gently reminds us that the Syrian-Russian military progress is "helping" the political process.

RT Documentary Reveals Financial Tracks of Turkey-Daesh Oil Trade

Jim W. Dean - We had been expecting to see a lot more Daesh documents from Syria showing up during the ceasefire confirming the oil trade, supplies and jihadis flowing both ways over the Turkish border, but RT saved the day.

Interview: Kerry-Daesh committing genocide in Iraq, Syria

Jim W. Dean - You just can't make this stuff up. John Kerry takes the stage to try to sell us on America carrying the "anti-terrorism" flag against the evil doers. Sorry John, but you need some new staff if you don't know...

200 Terrorists Take Side of Syria’s Raqqa Residents Rebelling Against Daesh

A source told Sputnik that some 200 terrorists on Sunday supported residents of Syrian city of Raqqa in their fight against Daesh. The U-turn...

US Senate: to Fight Daesh, Should Stop Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism

Watch Ambassador Ford do everything possible to avoid telling the truth. At several points, Ford actually dissembles. The problem is, Ford is considered a "better" US diplomat. This should make you sick.

Russian Warplanes Launch 97 Cruise Missiles on Daesh Targets in Syria

The Russian Aerospace Forces have launched 97 cruise missiles hitting Daesh targets in Syria, the Russian General Staff said on Friday.

Western media complicit in Jakarta terror attacks

Western media ignore most shootings but "splash blood all over the front page of the newspaper and all over the TV screen” when an incident has to with Takfiri Daesh terrorists, attributing their activities to Islam in an attempt to tarnish its image.

UK Air Force Destroys ISIS HQ in Mosul

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The coordinated UK airstrike was carried out on Tuesday from the UK air base Akrotiri in Cyprus in cooperation with the US-led coalition, operating in Iraq and Syria.

Docs Reveal How Daesh Ran ‘Sophisticated Immigration Operation’ With Turkey

Passenger records handed over to the Guardian by Kurdish forces at Tel Abyad have Daesh stamp marks. 'Russia Smashing Daesh While Turkey Attacks Us' –...

Saudi head-choppers are worse than ISIS

The Zionist-dominated Western media is covering up for the Saudi head-choppers.

The Academy’s Complicity in the Global War of False Flag Terrorism

I met Dr. Kevin Barrett as planned at a small bookstore near the Notre Dame Cathedral landmark in Paris France.