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US tells rebels ceasefire deal grants them right to self-defense against...

Jim W. Dean - US special Syrian envoy Michael Ratner's letter to the moderate opposition groups warning that those who continue to work with al-Nusra will face "dire consequences" is a strong hint that they will get bombed if they do so. The new deal has some teeth in it.

Damascus in peril: rebels eye the Syrian capital and CIA pays...

Russian Presidential press secretary Alexei Gromov, in a press conference in Moscow revealed that majority of defecting Syrian army officers who escaped to the neighboring Jordan, have been trained by CIA agents to be later infiltrate Syria again, through southern province of Suweida, hoping to reach Damascus countryside, opening the way to capture Capital Damascus, the golden apple.

Iran Demands Russia Shoot Down Israeli Jets Attacking Damascus

  Iran has joined many in Syria, demanding Russia respond more aggressively to not just Israel but Turkey as well. Sources close to the Assad government...

Ceasefire in Damascus suburb extended for 48 hours

Jim W. Dean - These ceasefires continue to bring the usual claims by the opposition of Damascus violations which are made because they are angry at being bombed for attacks on civilians themselves.

Iran has prevented ISIS from taking over Baghdad and Damascus, president...

By Rudaw ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani lauded Iran's actions in the Middle East,  claiming that Tehran has prevented the Islamic State...

Syrian Army Not Returning Fire at Russian Request After Damascus Shelled

The Syrian army, following a request from the Russian center on reconciliation, did not return fire after Damascus was shelled Saturday from the regions...

US Backed Terrorists Profiteering in Madaya, Press Blames Damascus Government

As a UN humanitarian convoy reached the besieged town of Madaya; the rebels are still controlling most of the town’s resources and sold them food at “inflated prices,” according to escaping residents.

Assad makes surprise Christmas visit to Damascus church (PHOTOS)

Corporate media almost never covers stories like these, which would include Syria's Muslim imams praying in Christian churches as a show of solidarity against the US coalition supported terrorists