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John Kerry: “Select Group of Hos” at Davos Is “Extra-Terrestrial”

Kerry noted that many of the ET prostitutes are non-binary.

Ukraine War Report by Russian Command, May 26

Rocket troops and artillery hit 62 control points, 407 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 47 artillery and mortar units.

Kissinger agrees with VT – Freeing Russian population in Ukraine avoids...

Jim W. Dean - The recklessness of some of these NATO countries is mindblogging.

The current international politico-military situation and its development trends

The Russian special military operation was a moment of truth for the Russian world in defending its right to an independent existence in the face of aggressive globalism, embodied in American hegemony, NATO expansion, and LGBT propaganda. It has also become a point of no return for the "collective West."