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Kissinger agrees with VT – Freeing Russian population in Ukraine avoids disaster

Kissinger urged the US and West to not seek an embarrassing defeat of Russia in Ukraine, warning it could worsen Europe’s long-term stability


…from Newsweek

[ Editor’s Note:  What took you so long, Henry? You should have said this weeks ago. You gave the warmongers free rein to crank the war up to full steam. Now Poland is already moving in, jumping in line ahead of NATO with its Rube Goldberg plot to become citizens of Ukraine.

Then, we have Denmark, seemly bored that international affairs are not going to hell fast enough, and has offered Harpoon missiles to Ukraine to destroy Russia’s Black Sea fleet. That might trigger Moscow slipping a tactical nuke or two into Denmark to return the favor, if it loses any ships.

The recklessness of some of these NATO countries is mindboggling. Maybe all the adult children of Denmark’s legislature should be called as volunteers for Ukraine and sent to the Donbass front to ‘defend Denmark’.

I would have lost a bet that Denmark would not have jumped on the war grifting train, as it has always seemed sensible in the past. On the other hand, one does not expect any reasonable restraint from the US whatsoever.

This Ukraine war has been on a slow burner for some time, and even the UN joined the closet warmonger team by having its Donbass OSCE observer team moonlighting as spies for NATO along the border, while shelling Donbass for eight years, and assisting in the killing of 14,000 ethnic Russian civilians… Jim W. Dean ]

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“Once upon a time, in a far away land.”

First published May 24, 2022

Veteran U.S. diplomat Henry A. Kissinger said Monday that Ukraine should concede territory to Russia to help end the three-month-old war, suggesting a position that a vast majority of Ukrainians oppose.

Speaking at a conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Kissinger urged the United States and the West to not seek an embarrassing defeat of Russia in Ukraine, warning it could worsen Europe’s long-term stability.

After noting that Western countries should remember Russia’s importance to Europe and not get swept up “in the mood of the moment,” Kissinger also pushed for the West to force Ukraine into accepting negotiations with a “status quo ante,” implying that Russia takes on Ukrainian land if it means the war is ended.

“Negotiations need to begin in the next two months before it creates upheavals and tensions that will not be easily overcome. Ideally, the dividing line should be a return to the status quo ante,” said Kissinger, 98, according to the Daily Telegraph. “Pursuing the war beyond that point would not be about the freedom of Ukraine, but a new war against Russia itself.”

“We will be ready to return as soon as Ukraine shows a constructive position and provides at least a reaction to the proposals submitted to it,” General Rudenko said.


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  1. didnt B tell you long ago Heinz?
    never forget where you are comming from.
    you sold out your “native” Fürsten and bit the hands that have fed you….again.

  2. Kissinger is a Neocon through and through but he is an old man and it is anyone’s guess what his motives are for calling for and end to this war. However, if I was betting man I would bet a dime that Biden will never heed Kissinger’s advice because he wants this war to drag on for a long time.

  3. All they had to do was keep the Minsk Agreement and not NATO-ize to ensure Russia’s security. But instead they wanted to become prostitutes to the West and re-live the Cuban Missile Crisis all over again, except on Russia’s doorstep. If the US didn’t tolerate it, why should Russia? If Kissinger can see that then anyone can.

  4. You have not been paying attention, Scandinavia’s Nazi tendencies that have been hiding just under the surface have been carefully drawn out into the open. The long drawn out plan was hatched back in 2007 was put in motion when Bonniers publishing created a Muhammed cartoon competition in the Jyllands Posten directly after a Bilderberg meeting. Then during the AI generated Arab Spring the borders were left wide open accepting all refugees knowing that the social fabric couldn’t handle the volume. Then it was just to sit back and wait until the nice closet racists couldn’t take it anymore. That is why the Danish, Finnish and Swedish nationalist parties are gaining traction because what they are saying is true, we can’t integrate the refugees at this volume. Denmark is the most racist of the bunch.
    Fast forward to the Covid era and the supply chain chaos created by Maersk. With Maersk’s 90% control of oversea shipping they singlehandedly blockaded the entire world with not even one news article published about it. Remember the big mystery no one could figure out why all the cargo ships were sitting 50 miles off the harbors. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    • Ever get the feeling we’re in a big chess match but we’re all only pawns. Only the big players make the important moves.

  5. As much as I hate to admit it, Kissinger has always seen the reality of things. Even while pursuing an ostensibly neocon Zionist agenda. He has the grif sense of a Fiddler on the Roof while still projecting a suave intellectualism. Ultimately, he’s on the list of top 10 dirt bags. But, it always behoves folks to lend an ear to what he says. He doesn’t talk just to make noise like Trump and other mental midgets.

    • he is a worthless – re`’gurge 4 news print… the DRP and RF hav “Z”‘s” army cornered on their real-estate; henry pulling rings out of his pocket -2- kiss ?? psycho-babble-blabber – photo op !

  6. All this shit *** is being handled by the USA for 8 years.
    Each NATO country complies with US orders.
    And the US is following orders from the Khazarians….everything is pristine and transparent.
    And everyone knows it…

  7. “…Denmark has offered Harpoon missiles to Ukraine…”
    I think that was more like Biden telling to Denmark gov…. send our Made in US Harpoon missiles you have there to ukraine right now.

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