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US Dusts Off WMD Lies, This Time Aimed at Russia

The US is once again waving around accusations against its adversaries of preparing to use “chemical weapons.” This time, the accused is Russia amid ongoing military operations in Ukraine.

April 13: Russians Capture Ukrainian Chemical Weapons

The Russian military found a drone with liquid containers and sprayers on the territory of one of the military units abandoned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, RT reports. “Presumably, these aircraft could be used to spray poisonous substances to harm both the Russian Armed Forces and the civilian population and farmland,” one of the servicemen told RT.

Ukrainian Nationalist Units in Odessa Now Wearing Russian Uniforms

Ukrainian military men dressed in Russian uniforms for the purpose of provocation seen in Odessa - First Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN.

Busted Buchka: Ukraine Crisis Actor Waves at Camera While Playing ‘Road...

The truth is that Russian troops left Bucha as part of a regrouping a few days before the “victims of the occupation” were discovered. The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not immediately realize this and for almost three more days they covered the city with artillery, under which civilians could well have fallen.

False Flag: Watch NATO’s Fake Corpse Express in Bucha, Ukraine

NATO and Twitter want this passed around. We are only too glad to help except with a tad of debunking as well.

Witness Describes How the NATO Lie Machine Staged the Mariupol Hospital...

Listen to Marianna Vyshemirskaya tell about how the new “White Helmets” used her to stage a fake Russian bombing…one they staged themselves with their own explosives just like done in Syria with Israeli help over and over and over…bombs, gas, no gas, kidnapped kids and doctors at gunpoint.

Azov Executed Dozens of Mariupol Police for ‘False Flag’ Videos to...

TsargradTV: Maxim Pavlenko said that the nationalists from Azov * shot down entire district police departments for the sake of staged videos.

US Deploying Chemical Weapons to Poland for False Flag Ukraine Attack,...

VT has learned that the US, on direct orders from the White House, has begun deploying secret chemical warfare stockpiles from its facility in Richmond, Kentucky to forward areas in Poland for deployment in Kiev or Odessa and to blame Russia, which will assuredly cascade into a full nuclear war. Sourced from highest level intelligence.