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Report: Call to Address Human Rights Violations by Houthis in Yemen

Leaving out Saudi and Israeli carpet bombing of civilians as a 'problem' seems a bit one sided.

Houthi missiles and Kamakazi drones retaliate on Saudi targets

On the night of December 7, Saudi citizens did not sleep well, as the country suffered an intense air attack of unprecedented scale from neighboring Yemen.

Houthi peace talks with Saudis exclude former Hadi regime

Yemenis loyal to former President Hadi are deeply sidelined by Saudi Arabia's direct talks with Houthis.

Zarif: I’m ready to visit Saudi Arabia to settle differences

Iran has been stating it was open to talking to any and all regional neighbors to deescalate tensions, provide their own security for the Persian Gulf, and get foreign forces out of the area.

Breaking: Yemen and Saudi Arabia in direct peace talks

Jim W. Dean - We shall pray for peace to end the long suffering of the Yemeni people. The Houthis hopefully will be smart enough to make their tormentors pay for rebuilding what they destroyed.

NEO – Stepping Back from the Brink of War in the...

Jim W. Dean - While heads of state enjoyed their few minutes of limelight at the UN podium last week, the Persian Gulf continued to sizzle.

Breaking: Hurrah for the Houthis! Saudis say they want truce

Jim W. Dean - The idiots thought they would crushed the Houthis with their push-button war toys and rag-tag mercenaries, but found that their fake militaries were just that.

Houthis release interviews with captured Saudi soldiers

Jim W. Dean - I suspect that many of these prisoners are going to end up inside the Houthi forces in a strange twist of events.

Houthis capturing Saudi equipment and ammo to continue fighting

Jim W. Dean - Morale is high with the Houthis, as their tactics are working, and they have no fear of the Saudi army or its hired fighters.

Saudi Army Suffers Major Defeat by Invading Yemeni Tribesmen -(beware, graphic...

The spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces highlighted that almost 200 Saudi troops lost their lives as a result of the operation in Najran.

France, Britain and Germany waffling on JCPOA promises to Iran

Jim W. Dean - This week the Europeans gave up the ghost on living up to their trade commitments under the JCPOA.

FFWN: SAUDI ARAMCO UP IN FLAMES! with guest commentator Barrie Zwicker

Leading Canadian media critic Barrie Zwicker takes on 9/11 and other taboo topics.

Yemen offers Saudi Arabia peace, but SA bombs them in response

Saudis themselves don't believe fiction of Iran's role in Aramco attacks: FM Zarif ...from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... September 22, 2019 - Iran has...

Will Yemeni David defeat Saudi Goliath?

The Saudi Goliath has grown to such grotesque proportions due to an excess of oil money, not growth hormone, but the result is the same: Saudi Arabia is a clumsy overgrown giant with acute vulnerabilities...

Civil War in Yemen

KSA should be advised to give peace a chance. The UN must step in to broker peace and earnestly work towards a negotiated settlement between the Hadi regime and the Houthis.

Yemen Houthis strike airport and power station in Saudi Arabia

Ansar Allah does have more than enough capabilities to overcome the Saudi air defense.

Details of Yemen cruise missile strike on Saudi control tower

The last thing that the Saudis would show is a photo of a destroyed control tower. We may get lucky and one of the commercial satellite companies might leak a photo, but don't hold your breath.