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In Video: U.S. Journalist Interviewed Civilians In Bomb Shelters In Mariupol

Journalist Patrick Lancaster speaks to the families hiding in bomb shelters in Mariupol. The video shows local civilians who were deceived by soldiers of the Azov regiment.

Testimony: Massive Bioweapons Production Facility Under Steele Plant, Doomsday Race Weapons

by Peter Haisenko Anderweltonline.com - Why is the fighting in Mariupol so dogged? Why did the missile attack on the Kramatorsk train station disappear from...

Kramatorsk: Ukrainian Claims of Russian ‘Missile Attack’ on Railway Station Provocation

Sputnik: Ukraine’s military hit the train station from Dobropilya settlement, located 45 kilometers away with Tochka-U ballistic missiles, said the Russian MoD, and the purpose of Kiev’s attack on the Kramatorsk railway station was to disrupt mass evacuation of the human shield residents.

Ukrainian Tochka-U Hit Kramatorsk In Another Bloody Provocation. Dozens Of Civilians...

The attack on the Kramatorsk railway station was carried out by a missile division of the Ukrainian armed forces from the area of the settlement of Dobropillya 45 kilometers southwest of the city, with the aim of disrupting the mass departure of residents from the city to keep them as “human shields” to defend the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

60,000 Nazi Troops Trapped in Kramatorsk, Fear they will Slaughter Local...

The Kiev regime wants to repeat the bloody Mariupol scenario in Kramatorsk.