Ukrainian Tochka-U Hit Kramatorsk In Another Bloody Provocation. Dozens Of Civilians Killed (Photos 18+)


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

FULL DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

SouthFront: The Russian Ministry of Defence commented on the attack of the AFU on civilians in Kramatorsk, denying all Kiev’s accusations against Russian forces. Here are some details shared by the Russian MoD:

” In order to accuse Russia of an alleged missile strike on the Kramatorsk railway station, the Kiev regime has shared photos of the Tochka-U launchers that took part in the Russian-Belarusian exercise “Allied Resolve-2022” in February 2022 on social networks. Pay your attention that all photos published by Kiev of the exercises “Allied Resolve-2022” do not depict Russian missile systems.

According to updated data, the attack on the Kramatorsk railway station was carried out by a missile division of the Ukrainian armed forces from the area of the settlement of Dobropillya 45 kilometers southwest of the city.

The aim of the Kiev regime’s strike on the station in Kramatorsk was to disrupt the mass departure of residents from the city in order to use them as a “human shield” to defend the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as in many other settlements of Ukraine.

In his turn, DPR Representative Basurin claimed that during the attack on Kramatorsk, the Ukrainian military used a Tochka-U missile equipped with a cluster warhead, about 30 people were killed, and about 100 were injured.

UPDATED: Another video was shared from the spot. In the video, a woman is crying that there were a lot of children killed.


On April 8, a Ukrainian Tochka-U missile hit the railway station in the city of Kramatorsk. As a result, there are civilian casualties.

The head of the Ukrainian Railways, Alexander Kamyshin, reported that two rockets hit the Kramatorsk railway station.

According to preliminary data, about 30 civilians were killed and about 100 other were wounded.

Judging by the footage civilians were preparing for evacuation from the city. On the debris of the rocket, it is written: “(vengeance) For the children”.

Ukraine immediately claimed that the attack was carried out by Russian forces with an Iskander missile with a cluster warhead.

Footage shared from the spot revealed that the strike was carried out with a “Tochka-U” missile which is used only by the AFU.

The Kiev authorities are already lost in their claims. While notorious Mr. Arestovich and Mr. Kirilenko claimed that it was the Russian Iskander missile, President Zelensky then changed his mind and clarified that this was not Iskander, but Tochka-U missile, only the Russian one.

UPDATED: Ukrainian Tochka-U Hit Kramatorsk In Another Bloody Provocation. Dozens Of Civilians Killed (Photos 18+)

Photo No. 1 Rocket of the Tochka U complex, which is in service with Ukraine
Photo No.2 Fragments of a rocket that fell in Kramatorsk.
Photo No. 3 Rocket of the Iskander complex.

UPDATED: Ukrainian Tochka-U Hit Kramatorsk In Another Bloody Provocation. Dozens Of Civilians Killed (Photos 18+)

UPDATED: Ukrainian Tochka-U Hit Kramatorsk In Another Bloody Provocation. Dozens Of Civilians Killed (Photos 18+)

UPDATED: Ukrainian Tochka-U Hit Kramatorsk In Another Bloody Provocation. Dozens Of Civilians Killed (Photos 18+)

UPDATED: Ukrainian Tochka-U Hit Kramatorsk In Another Bloody Provocation. Dozens Of Civilians Killed (Photos 18+)

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation officially removed all Tochka-U missiles years ago, they were replaced by modern Iskanders. Moreover, there is not a single video confirming the combat use of Tochka-U missiles by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or the armies of the DPR and LPR in the Donbass.

Meanwhile, the MSM is already spreading claims about the Russian Iskander missile, blaming Russian forces for another fake massacre of civilians.

The city of Kramatorsk remains under the AFU control. Such a provocation by the Ukrainian side has a number of reasons profitable for the nazi regime in Kiev. The population of Donbass, including Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, is considered disloyal by the AFU, so they can easily be sacrificed. Another media scandal against Russian forces is aimed to pity western allies of the Kiev regime and increase the military supplies to the AFU, as well as assure the European countries that more sanctions are necessary to be imposed against the “cruel” Russian population, despite the fact that these sanctions hurt the population of European countries.

This is not the first case of the AFU strikes on civilians in the Donbass region which deliberately targeted crowds of civilians.

On the morning of March 14, around 11:20 a.m. local time, Ukrainian units struck the center of Donetsk with a Tochka-U tactical missile equipped with cluster munitions. Dozens were killed. The strike targeted the center of the city, where there is no military infrastructure or equipment. Civilians were deliberately chosen as targets. The nationalist units of the Kiev regime, using cluster munitions, sought to hit as many of the city’s inhabitants in the central part of the city as possible.

Dozens of Ukrainian Tochka-U missiles are targeting cities and nearby areas that are under the DPR and LPR control on a daily basis. However, these cases are silenced by the MSM.

Today’s massacre of civilians in Kramatorsk is not an accident, but another case of war crime carried out by the Kiev regime against the population.


Source: SouthFront


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  1. “The tree is known by its fruit,” Gordon. Ukraine didn’t invade Russia; Russia invaded Ukraine to “liberate them from the Nazis.” All Russia has done to help Ukraine with their neo-Nazi problem is to make them into war heroes now.

    Heck of a job, Vlad. All your calculations are right on target. But like Blinken put it, bad information is the Achilles Heel of all autocracies. You saw it right there on camera as Putin, smug as usual, humiliated his own Intel Chief in front of the nation for daring to criticize his plans.

    Is this the gibberish you’ve been reduced to now? After years of rightly outing Trump as Putin’s wrecking ball of everything the West stands for, as hypocritical as that is at times? That the Russians have it better under their system than we do here? Has your jadedness and cynicism gone that far now?

  2. “Vengeance for the children”
    Pretty much lets the cat out of bag for who did this for anyone with half a brain left.
    The missle is “for the children” and aimed right at them.
    ‘Vengeance” added to make it seem Russian missle?
    About as logical as a couple bottles of vodka per day.
    Who would think the Russians would do this?
    Better said, who woulld want people to think the Russians did this?

    • In the West, they will believe! They will believe and there will be even more curses, Russophobia, sanctions, hatred. The average Westerner perceives all this with emotions, not with his head. His head was given to him to eat and smile stupid. And given the fact that the Internet has become blocked and borders, the chances of the truth breaking through are not so great at the moment.
      There, in Berlin, a memorial to the liberator soldier was painted with graffiti. Today in Treptov Park. There are no cameras there. They’ll just clean the paint, but they won’t find the culprits. The Ukrainization of the EU and the USA is in full swing.

  3. Another terrible crime of the Kiev Nazi regime. Everything suggests that Zelensky and his gangsters don’t care about their own people. His owners need a sea of blood, corpses. I’m sure they fired on a tip. There are about 16 thousand striking elements in this rocket. The zone of continuous damage is 7 hectares.

  4. Immediate MSM trumpets this was a russian strike.
    Can you imagine if they even suggested just a little bit it just might be a Ukrainian missle, killing fellow Ukrainians for reasons to keep human shields for the 60,000 Ukraine soldiers surrounded in the city and who refuse to surrender.
    So obvious it was Ukrainian missle fired into trains station to kill those attempting to flee….
    This is that expected big false flag for the masses to consume.
    Ukraine army full of nazi militias, they take orders from no one.
    Zelensky not in loop with nazis they want to kill him if he negotiates or surrenders Ukraine army, he did not “give order” to fire. His job is the theatric cover up.
    Fill the country with nazi militias, arm them with missles and manpads and stuff like this will be happening forever…its been going on in Donetsk for eight years….mainstream narrative on that is there is “no proof” that they are Ukrainian missles killing Ukrainians there too and its all russian propaganda “Putin did it”
    Just a sick world so many people dying for absolutely nothing.
    Satan flaps his wings.

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