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Growing pattern of election deception inside Trump White House grows

Jim W. Dean - I have tried to kindle the use of the term 'Banana Republicans,' as it fits this situation perfectly.

Ex-DoJ Jeffery Clark stiffs Jan 6 committee, answering no questions behind...

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol warned former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark that it will take more aggressive steps to compel his testimony after he refused to answer questions Friday during a closed-door interview with the panel.

AG Jeffrey Rosen’s Senate testimony on Trump pressure leaked

All the Whitehouse people with knowledge of the overthrow plan and details, their asses are hanging out as co-conspirators.

Jeffrey Clark bombshell shows he worked closely with Trump to overthrow...

Per the NYT, Clark also reportedly told Rosen to declare that the election had been tainted with corruption, and that Trump would install him as AG.

Trump plotted to overturn Georgia election result via Dept. of Justice

Acting AG Rosen had refused to give in to the demand, telling Trump that launching such probes required evidence of election fraud which did not exist