What Rosen told U.S. senators: Trump applied ‘persistent’ pressure to get Justice to discredit election

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: We had been looking for some Senate hearing leaks, but not too much as to undermine the integrity of inquiry. There is nothing major in this that we have not seen, but we carry it today because the quotes are sworn testimony.

The biggest item here is Rosen describing Jeffrey Clark’s efforts as “inexplicable”, a carefully chosen word by the top Justice Department official.

It is stating for the record Rosen’s opinion on the invalidity of Clark’s actions in a non-prejudicial way, with Rosen knowing that come trial time Clark’s legal defenders will be trying to make a case that Rosen ‘misunderstood’ what Clark wanted to do and why.

But that will come undone with Clark’s direct testimony, his draft letter waving the green flag to have the DoJ tell the various states that they had a green flag from the DoJ to throw the election over per the reasons stated in the letter.

Clark jumped off a cliff with that move, as with Rosen refusing to sign the letter, Clark was toast. If Rosen had, then his butt would have been on the gallows.

And the backup plan to just put Clark in as DoJ after firing Rosen, Trump’s White House attorney certainly would have advised him that Rosen’s deputy would have been making notes on the Trump call of “just leave the rest to me and my R friends in Congress.”

It would be two DoJ witnesses against one if Trump claimed he said no such thing, or spun it like ‘he could do such and such but never said he actually would’.  If McGhan was listening on the call, he must has messed his pants, as he was smart enough to know what a disaster that was.

All the White House people with knowledge of the overthrow plan and details, their asses are hanging out as co-conspirators. And even worse, we know they had a whole series of conspiratorial actions in play, with lots of paper and witness testimony… Jim W. Dean ]

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Jeffery Rosen

First published … August 12, 2021

President Donald Trump’s last acting attorney general has told U.S. senators his boss was “persistent” in trying to pressure the Justice Department to discredit the results of the 2020 election.

…According to a person familiar with the testimony, Rosen’s opening statement also characterized as “inexplicable” the actions of his Justice Department colleague, Jeffrey Clark, who was willing to push Trump’s false claims of election fraud and whom Trump considered installing as acting attorney general to replace Rosen.

“The president was persistent with his inquiries, and I would have strongly preferred that he had chosen a different focus in the last month of his presidency,” he said in his opening statement, according to a person familiar with the testimony, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the closed-door session. “But as to the actual issues put to the Justice Department, DOJ consistently acted with integrity, and the rule of law held fast.”

…Clark had at some point connected with Trump through a Republican congressman from Pennsylvania. Rosen learned after the fact that Clark, his subordinate, had met with Trump at the White House to discuss pursuing claims of voter fraud.

Rosen said he cautioned Clark that such communication was inappropriate and told him not to do so again, according to the person familiar with Rosen’s testimony.


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  1. When the police kick in our doors for whatever suspected crime is the flavor of the month, they do not say , Hey that is inappropriate, and pleased do not do that again. There is one law for the people and another for the “privileged”, who are supposed to be our servants. This is treason against the people.

    But here, it looks as though DOJ officials at the top are not mandated reporters if they witness crimes by officials. It would seem to me, that any DOJ employee should be sworn as mandated reporter to instantly report witnessed crimes or suspicion of crimes to a judiciary committee of the legislative branch. Not 8 months later.

    • When out of the blue, two jetliners supposedly fly into steel skyscrapers turning four of them into piles of rubble and molten steel, one would think that an evidence-based investigation would be initiated that would determine who were the perps. Instead, it was known with hours that 19 Arabs were responsible, and their pictures were already available to be plastered all over the MSM.

      “It would seem to me, that any DOJ employee should be sworn as mandated reporter to instantly report witnessed crimes or suspicion of crimes to a judiciary committee of the legislative branch.” I completely agree David.

    • One of the reasons for the delay as a past crime is often followed by more that are ‘in progress’ so the Feds do not want to put the perps on notice, and especially destroy evidence. Particularly with conspiracy charges you want a good trail of behavior to have a solid case. As for Trump, we are looking at a HUGE net of people, including a number of Congressmen that were in it up to their eyeballs. It will take 200% solid evidence to get them convicted as this is uncharted territory on this scale. And for guys like Mike the Pillow, if one of his scams is exposed, he will just event an new one to replace it, as the suckers are like robin babies with their mouths permantly open. For the Feds to lose some of these cases would be a disaster, as that waves the green flag for more to jump onto the the TrumpRep bandwagon because they have outsmarted the system.

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