GOP Backed Christian Texts: Slavery was ‘Voluntary’- a form of ‘Immigration’

Guardian analysis finds that private schools, especially Christian schools, use textbooks that tell of a version of history that is racially biased and inaccurate

'Swimming lessons?'

Guardian: One history textbook exclusively refers to immigrants as “aliens”. Another blames the Black Lives Matter movement for strife between communities and police officers. A third discusses the prevalence of “black supremacist” organizations during the civil rights movement, calling Malcolm X the most prominent “black supremacist” of the era.

Legislatures and boards of education around the US are currently engaging in acrimonious battles about how issues of race and equity are taught in public K-12 classrooms – the latest culture war in a decades-long fight around whose stories and contributions get highlighted in school. But largely left out of this conversation has been the education provided in private schools, thousands of which have quietly been excluding diverse voices and teaching biased versions of history for years.

While public school textbooks suffer from their own blindspots, a Guardian analysis has found that private schools, especially Christian schools, use textbooks that tell a version of history that is racially biased and often inaccurate. These textbooks, used in thousands of private schools, many of which receive tens of thousands of dollars in public funding every year, whitewash the legacy of slavery, frame Native Americans as lesser and blame the Black Lives Matter movement for sowing racial discord.

This Guardian analysis comes as backlash around anti-racist education in public schools has reached a fever pitch. About half of states have enacted or are looking to enact restrictions on discussions of systemic racism. In Florida, for example, the state board of education…read more..


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  1. As a Christian I have always believed that every religion should be taxed. I am also not aware of any Christian denomination that is based on logic and morality. The Ten Commandments went out of style a long time ago.

    • Religious extremism is a byproduct of religion in every place. Thus, it is a consequence of freedom of religion. The bargain was for churches to stay out of politics. They broke that deal and it has been war ever since. Constant war. That is not checks and balances, it is called slaughter of millions. They crave blood.
      What we see very consistently, is the largest socialism contract in the US goes to churches. And yet they decry socialism. Churches profit the most from immigration, while decrying immigration, and lobbying to have more simultaneously. The “against” posture is for political benefit, and the lobbying posture is for profit.

  2. It continues today, with church based immigration resettlements. They determine where they go, and get paid while using volunteers to do all the work. This places at risk minorities in the hands of people whose entire approach to them is assimilation and indoctrination.
    Not to mention a handy thing when the farmer friend of the Bishop needs people to pick his cabbages, because he is to cheap to pay regular wage. One phone call is you need for farm labor, immunity documents and birth certificates, money washing, and extensive political influence all the way up and in the USSC. Churches and Crowns need to be reined in. Enough is enough.

    • This will never happen as long as Zionism owns both political parties in the USA; the Dems by AIPAC, and the Repubs by Likudniks and so-called Christian Zionists. Remember, David, Zionism is an apocalyptic death cult. It’s all about domination and exploitation from the git-go. Just like the scorpion told the frog as they both were drowning in the river, “I can’t help it. It’s in my nature to sting you.”

    • Less than half of US people are religious. We have tolerated it , but they are pushing all the wrong buttons, and the number of people who would like to see the books (the ones with money) is rising exponentially. Taxing the churches would pass a ballot referendum in many places.

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